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64NADFAS REVIEW / SPRING latest special deals available to readers of the ReviewCruising andCruise ShipsThe 2011 edition of Cruising andCruise Shipsis now in its 26th year of publication. Internationally recognised as the definitive and best-selling cruise guide, it is written by cruise-guru Douglas Ward, theworld's most highly regardedexpert on cruising. At-a-glance charts compare themajor cruise lines for cabinfacilities, food and service.Authoritative and unashamedlyfrank, it has one single aim: to help you identify the cruise that is right for you. Fully revised andupdated for 2011, it features hard-hitting, ship-by-ship reviewsof 285 cruise ships, including Oasisof the Seas, the biggest cruise shipever launched.Whether it is your first or 50thcruise, this essential guide willanswer all your questions in detail,leaving you more time to enjoyyour cruise.RRP is £16.99, but NADFASmembers can buy it for the special price of £14.99 with freepostage in the UK. To order your copy call NadfasEnterprises on 08430 600025.Alternatively, you can orderonline at hunting for antiques is your passion, then look no further. The AntiquesDealers Fair Limited are delighted to offer NADFAS Reviewreaders twotickets for the price of one for entry to both the Luxury AntiquesWeekend at Linden Hall (11-13 March) in Northumberland and theBotleigh Grange Antiques and Fine Art Fair (20-22 May) in Southampton.The Linden Hall event offers the opportunity to source antiques andfine art from 24 of the UK's top dealers. TheBotleigh Grange fair has 25 exhibitorswith a variety of specialisations,including objets d'art, oriental rugsand jewellery.Simply bring this article from themagazine to either fair to qualify,or ring 01797 252030inadvance to be sent a ticket. orwww.botleighgrangefair.comfor more details.Left: Large repoussé charger, c1899,by James Smithies (1861-1941) The BADA Antiques Fair isan annual showcase for over100 members of the BritishAntiques Dealers'Association. It takes placefrom 23-29 March at theDuke of York Square, offSloane Square, LondonSW3. Visitors can expect tosee for sale a variety of top-quality furniture, paintings,silver, jewellery, ceramics,glass, clocks, textiles and more. Readers can take advantage of atwo-for-one ticket offer; £10 for two, to include a copy of the BADAHandbook and two re-entry passes. (Normal admission £10 single;£15 for two). This offer is available at the ticket desk at the BADA Fairon presentation of this page. For more information, see ad on page23, visit call 020 7589 6108.Left:A late-Elizabethan oak armchairAbove:Studio Interior, Carlos Nadal 1917-1998Boutique-style antiques fairsBADA Antiques FairLOVER: Portraits by40 Great ArtistsJulietHeslewood,NADFAS-accreditedlecturer, arthistorian andauthor ofMother:Portraits by40 Great Artists, brings together acollection of portraits of artists'lovers, through history to thepresent in her new book, LOVER:Portraits by 40 Great Artists.To obtain a copy ofLOVER:Portraits by 40 Great Artistsat a20% discount with free UK p&p(£10.40), call 01235 827702 andquote ref 46LOND or visitwww.franceslincoln.comandenter promotion code LoverFeb11. REVIEW / SPRING 201165Hands-on historyMore than 100 Volunteers attended the Heritage Volunteer day in London, an exciting biennial event that allows like-minded people to meet and exchange ideas, and find out more about this important NADFAS roleHV CONFERENCEThe Heritage Volunteer Day on 20 October was held at theNational Portrait Gallery. We were privileged to have our Patron, HRH The Duchess of Gloucester, visitfor the morning. She was greeted by Gri Harrison, NADFAS NationalChairman and David Bell, NADFAS Chief Executive.Volunteers from all over the countrywere present. They had come to find out about different aspects ofvolunteering, to meet and to enjoy the day. Before the arrival of her RoyalHighness', Andy Ellis from the PublicCatalogue Foundation invited theaudience to participate in the testing of a pioneering website called YourPaintings Tagger. When it is launchedlater this year it will show all 200,000 oil paintings that are owned by theBritish public.Following Andy's talk, The Duchessheard NADFAS Vice President PhilippaGlanville speak about volunteering and the relationship that curators,property managers and conservatorshave with volunteers. Philippa has worked with HeritageVolunteers over many years and iscurrently engaged in setting up a projectat Belmont House (see page 26), whereshe is a trustee. Heritage Volunteers,mostly from Faversham DFAS, are now working on the costume collection atBelmont. They were trained by textileconservator Zenzie Tinker and one ofher team, to handle costumes and tomake basic padded hangers and Tyvekbags for the men's suits and uniforms.They are also undertaking some simplecatalogue work. Later, after anothertraining session, they will move ontomore complex hangers and storagemethods for more fragile costumeincluding uniforms with damaged linings,women's costume and costumeaccessories. Since 2004, HeritageVolunteers have also been helping to conserve some 5,000 -mainly 19th century -volumes in the library at the house. After the talk there was a chance forthe Duchess to meet Sandy Nairne, theDirector of the National Portrait Gallery;his deputy, Pim Baxter; Andy Ellis;Philippa Glanville and the members ofthe Heritage Volunteering Team. Her Royal Highness said she wasimpressed with the great variety ofprojects that NADFAS HeritageVolunteers work on and the skills thatthey demonstrate. John Watkins, Head of Gardens and Landscape, English Heritage, gave a fascinating talk in the afternoonabout restoring part of the gardens atKenilworth Castle, as well as a tip neverto get involved in a television programme!Overall, the feedback from themembers was that the day was "veryinteresting and was delivered veryprofessionally". Reflecting on Philippa Glanville'spresentation several people commentedthat it was interesting to learn about theother side of volunteering - what it islike from a curator's perspective.Looking back, Caroline Egan,Heritage Volunteers Chairman, said:"Organising the HV Day can be a bitnerve-racking - is everyone going tomake it on the day? - but it is soworthwhile and at the end of the day I felt immensely proud of all that hasbeen achieved." Above:NADFASHeritageVolunteers withHRH TheDuchess ofGloucester(centre) next to Gri Harrison,and David Bell(far right)