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page 76 REVIEW / SPRING 2011 7NEWSWith help from a £3,000NADFAS/Cockpit Arts Award, 24-year-old designer-maker AlexBishop will be creating newSelmer-Maccaferri-style guitars,progressing the traditional designin a way that he hopes will inspirenew music. Selmer-Maccaferriguitars are specialist instrumentsused to make Gypsy Jazz/Swing,Manoucheor Django-jazz. Most ofits leading players are members ofRoma families. The award will helphim set up in business and will payfor a studio at the Cockpit Artscommunity in London.I am trying to ascertain whopainted the window (seen beingrestored below) in StanstedChapel, Rowlands Castle, West Sussex. We believe it mayhave been James Pearson(1740-1838) in about 1818and I wonder if anyone has thisinformation? He paintedwindows in Brasenose CollegeChapel, Salisbury Cathedral andSt Botolph, Aldersgate. Lord Bessborough in his bookThe Enchanted Forestthinks itmay have been Pearson, as hepainted the window in DenhamPlace, Lewis Way's family home. My thesis is on The ReverendLewis Way (1772-1840) and hewas the one who commissionedthe window to be painted.Kathleen Emerson NB Both Joseph Backler andJames Edwards have beenmentioned as potential artists,though any other informationreaders have would be gratefullyreceived. The east window hasrecently been restored and willbe open to the public from April( please!NADFAS travel affiliate Voyages of Discoverywas awarded Best Niche Cruise Lineat the2010 British Travel Awards, with an impressive34 per cent of votes. The awards are voted forby the public and Voyages of Discovery said it"is proud to receive this prestigious awardwhich recognises our unique,discovery itineraries". (Turn topage 56 for our feature onCopenhagen, one of Voyagesof Discovery's excitingitineraries for 2011)Best Cruise forLETTERSNADFAS award helps guitar-makerThe Patricia Fay Memorial Fund has been given a boost of£1,500. Christopher Chavasse, a personal friend of PatriciaFay and honorary legal advisor to the Association in its earlydays, whose late wife Audrey was on the original committeeof the Chiltern Society, has donated £1,000 to the Fund. As an Honorary Liveryman of The Worshipful Company ofGrocers, he has been able to augment this with a further£500 donation from the latter. NADFAS is extremely gratefulto Mr Chavasse and The Worshipful Company of Grocers fortheir generosity and contribution to the work of the Fund.PFMF receives £1,500 boostCORRECTIONLast issue we gave incorrectdates for the Art InActionevent. It is in fact 21-24 July.National Chairman Gri Harrison has been in touch withthe Chairman of ADFAS (Australian Association ofDecorative & Fine Arts Societies) following the recentstorms and floods to offer a message of support from all NADFAS members during this difficult time. SUPPORT FOR AUSTRALIA MEMBERS

THE COURSELandscape is such a populartheme in Western Art it is hard toimagine a time when it did notexist. Yet artists have struggled tomake it a valid subject. HenryFuesli grumbled that Constable'spaintings made him want to run forhis great coat and umbrella! In theMiddle Ages it barely featured;during the Renaissance it was merebackdrop. But Dutch, British, thenFrench, artists brought landscapeinto its own: idealised, pastoral,romantic, impressionistic, rural, and sublime! We will explore thedevelopment of Landscape in Artby artists determined to 'Frame theView'. The course includes a visitto Compton Verney, which has tworelevant exhibitions for us.THE TUTORNADFAS-accredited lecturer LynneGibson is a freelance lecturer andartist. She specialises in talksEVENTSEventsA round-up of upcoming National Events Farncombe Study Weekend 8NADFAS REVIEW / SPRING members are invited to attend the following courses, led by NADFAS-accredited lecturers, at Cotswold-based cultural retreat Farncombe Estate, 9 to 11 September 2011covering Critical and ContextualStudies in Art (Understanding Art)and in teaching Drawing andPainting. Following a Fine Artfoundation at Reading University,Gibson's initial degree was in FineArtand Education at SussexUniversity. Her MA in Language,The Arts and Education, 1991,Sussex, was a mixture of ArtsTheory and Practice,led byProfessor Peter Abbs. Shealsoholds a certificate in Printmakingfrom Brighton University. Gibsonhas devised courses for the ArtNational Curriculum and has beeninvolved in in-service training forteachers, and has lectured to PGCEstudents, undergraduates andstudents in Continuing Education atSussex and Bristol Universities. She has also lectured for ARCAcolleges, and given talks for theNational Trust. Her etchings andpaintings have been exhibitedwidely.THE COURSEThe Arts and Crafts movementarose in the 19th century as areaction to the perceiveddegradation of society by theprocesses and products of theindustrial revolution. Its prophets,including Ruskin and Morris,proposed a revival of traditionalcraftsmanship and a home liferooted in domesticity. In their wakea legion of conscientious artisans,architects and garden-makersgenerated a style which madeEngland famous and whose legacylives on in conservation practice.The Arts and Crafts House and Garden with Steven DesmondFraming the View: Landscape and Art with Lynne Gibson