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page 76 REVIEW / SPRING 2011 71SOCIETIESNEWSBath Evening DFAS is in the process of completing itsfourth CCT (Children's Church Trail). The threecompleted trails offer an alternative look at three quitedifferent churches: St Michael's Without and St Marythe Virgin in the City of Bath, and one in the Wiltshirevillage of Box, St Thomas a Becket. Bath Evening DFAS thanks local primary schoolsfor their role in the pilot trials and also Sarah Harris of the NADFAS National Church Trails Team for herinvaluable help. The final trail, at St Swithin's in Bath, is expected tobe finished around Easter. The team found the CCTexperience enjoyable, very rewarding andexceptionally informative.Bath Evening DFAS declares Church Trails great funLogo forms basis forMayford's symbolic workMayford DFAS supported an art project at New HawCommunity Junior School in Addlestone, Surrey, with agrant towards the funding of ceramicist Sadie James,who worked with the children to produce an artworkbased on the school's new logo (itself inspired by oneof the pupils). All the children in the school submittedtheir ideas for symbols and words they associate withtheir school. Staff worked with Sadie to choose someappropriate images to adorn the tree, which is thecentral part of the logo.Children then worked with Sadie to make clayshapes which were pieced together like a giant jigsawto form the finished ceramic. The pieces were glazedafter firing and the final artwork (pictured left) was then assembled in the main school corridor in theautumn term.?SANDERSTEAD DFAS Woldingham School was thesetting for a lunch celebrating30 years of SandersteadDFAS. During the receptionand after lunch, the memberswere entertained by the StAndrew's School Jazz Group.A donation of £100 was madeto school funds.?WEY VALLEY DFASWey Valley DFAS enjoyed twocelebratory events during2010 to mark the 21stanniversary of the Society: a lunch in May, followed by a dinner and musicalentertainment in September.At the summer event, twophoto albums (compiled byJudith Jessett) recording theSociety's history were also on display. Denise Topolski,West Surrey Area Chairman,was a guest at the dinner and Sally Hinton, the currentChairman, spoke of themembers' pride in the Societyand their gratitude to LadyFord (Valerie) (who sadly diedlast year) and her fellowpioneers who founded WeyValley DFAS in 1989. ANNIVERSARIES

72NADFAS REVIEW / SPRING NEWScopy dates fornadfas review2011Summer 2011:25/03/11Autumn 2011:01/07/11Winter 2011:12/09/11Spring 2012:09/01/12If you are sending in newsitems for NADFAS Review andyou are able to email them,please send them sent separatelyshould be clearly labelled. Also, please avoid sendingphotos embedded in textdocuments as we are unableto use these.If text was previouslyemailed, please send a copyfor reference.We still welcome stories fromSocieties and members whodo not have access to email.We apologise to Societiesthat have sent in stories thatdo not appear on thesepages. We welcome allsubmissions but due to anoverwhelming amount ofentries we are not always ableto publish all of them. For abetter chance of seeing yourstory in print, photographicquality is key. Ideally, photosshould be emailed as jpeg ortiff files at print-quality highresolution (300dpi).Fifteen pupils from Year 9 atWilmslow High School were thrilledto attend a print workshop led byAnn Bridges on the theme of'Icons', funded by WilmslowDFAS. The subject had beenchosen by the staff to link in withthe curriculum and the youngstershad made preparatory drawingsand were ready with ideas. Theyhad to reduce their icon down to a simple, single image, then theshape was cut out and printedseveral times in different colours indifferent positions onto one squareof paper. The layers of translucentinks gave richness to the picturesurface. The pupils printed upframes for their most satisfyingimages and arranged them withscript and other shapes andpictures onto one large displaysheet. All agreed this was a mostsatisfactory project, which will be included in a school exhibitionnext spring.Photo:Ann Bridges and theYear 9 pupils, together withElizabeth Black, Chairman ofWilmslow DFASWilmslow funds iconic experienceMany stories about Society activities are still being sentwithout accompanyingphotos. We encourage readersto always send in pictures.They make for a nicer lookingmagazine and give your storya much better chance of being featured. For details ofpicture specifications, pleaserefer to the information at thebottom of this page.Members' talentsshown at BlackmoreBlackmore Vale DFAS decided to open thisyear's lecture season with an exhibition ofworks of art by their talented members. Thepictures, sculptures, needlework, painted chinaand other works provided by 26 members wereshown on 6-7 October at nearby GuggletonFarm Gallery, Stalbridge, and the idea proved agreat success.Saffron Walden DFAS, aided by a grant fromthe Patricia Fay Memorial Fund, was delightedto sponsor an apprentice, Josh Brogan, tolearn the traditional art of pargetting. Thisparticular craft was chosen because manybuildings in and around the town areembellished with decorative plasterwork.During his apprenticeship, Josh, a 23-year-old with a passion for plastering, learned avariety of techniques under the watchful eye ofhis mentor, Bill Sargent, a highly skilled MasterPlasterer. Josh was taught how to slowly, andpainstakingly, build up decoration until a 3Dpargetted image or frieze is produced. Joshproved a talented and industrious apprentice.The Society is delighted that with its help, hehas progressed in his ambition to become askilled craftsman.Saffron Walden's apprentice eyes plaster decoration