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TRUSTEE ELECTIONSFollowing Trustee Elections at the AGM, the NADFAS board isas follows (l-r):MEDIA AWARDSThis year's Media Awards, announced at the AGM, set the bar even higher,with National Chairman Gri Harrisonapplauding the quality of entries. "The task for judges was not easy thisyear," she said. "The number of entriescontinues to rise and we are seeing a lot of digital submissions. We had a glimpse of the future in that onenewsletter submitted was only available in digital format - going out to members by email." The results forthis year's competition are listed belowin reverse order:PRINTED MATERIALRunner up:Peterborough DFAS andCosta del Sol DFASWinner:Liverpool DFASWEBSITE ENTRIESRunner up:Dulwich DFASWinner:Exmoor DFASDIGITAL ENTRIESRunner up:Newbury DFASWinner:Dorking REVIEW / AUTUMN 2011 A BIG THANK YOUNADFAS extends its gratitude toScotland and Northern Ireland Area andits Societies for organising a fantasticprogramme of events at this year's AGM.Thanks in particular go to the 2011AGM Chairman, Susan Zuill, and herCommittee: Jennifer Harding-Edgar,Elizabeth Black, Midge Connell, MaryCallander, Lilian Fleming, ShelaghTownsend-Rose, Fiona MacSporran,Morison Zuill. According to NationalChairman Gri Harrison, the Scottish andNI Area and the AGM Committee"provided a memorable experience andgave a classic demonstration of howthings should be done thanks tometiculous planning". Thanks must alsogo to all those who set up the array ofvolunteer stands on behalf of ChurchRecorders, Heritage Volunteers, YoungArts and Church Trails; their efforts weremuch appreciated. We are most grateful to Turcan Connellfor its sponsorship of the fantasticevening concert at the Signet Library.important to identify areas of the countrywhere no NADFAS Society exists orwhere Societies have long waiting lists.NADFAS Chief Executive David Bellreiterated this, saying: "It's time to invest in the future and be moreproactive in finding gaps and making the most of opportunities."The Chief Executive also updatedmembers on a number of online projectsincluding a scheme that has madeextracts from the Church RecordingIndex available on the NADFAS website. In his closing speech, he thankedeveryone for attending, and offered this parting thought: "NADFAS reallymakes a difference and thanks to thededicationand passion of all of youhere, it will continue to do so for yearsto come."Proceedings were wound up with a reminder from Gri that next year marks the 10-year anniversary of "newNADFAS". She said: "It will be a goodtime to review our achievements andexplore how we can build further on our success." NADFAS's 2012 AGM takes place on 9 May 2012, at Kensington TownHall, LondonGri HarrisonNationalChairmanNigel YallopNational ViceChairmanChris RobinsonHonTreasurer (co-opted)Danny Bonwitt(re-elected)Liz Knox(re-elected)Jill Makepeace-WarneMiles RobertsJune RobinsonKate SiebertHeather SpencerJanet ThomsonSally Wykeham(new Trustee)Susan Zuill(new Trustee)Colin Winchester has retiredLeft: The electedTrustees, namedabove

AGM ACCOUNTS26NADFAS REVIEW / AUTUMN annual review Drawing from his recent AGM presentation, NADFAS Treasurer Chris Robinsonoffers a summary of the Last year I said that despite the theneconomic outlook we were wellplaced for the future, as we wereexpecting to have a financial result for2010 which was much better than ourbudget. This turned out to be the case,and instead of a small deficit, we had asurplus of over £90,000. This was dueto the considerable increase in bookingsmade with our Tours affiliates, whichresulted in our Tours income more thantrebling. As a result, our reserves endedthe year further above our target, andthis has enabled the Trustees toauthorise both some one-off expenditure,and to waive monies due from Societies.INCOMEIn 2010 the General Fund's income was£1.54 million - an increase over 2009 ofmore than 12%. Our income (as shownin the left-hand pie chart on page 29) isstill dominated by subscriptions,advertising and tours commission.'Tours income trebles'The key points of interest were that: our income from affiliation feesincreased by 2.1%, as once again we had a small increase inmembership, which is a lot better thanmost similar organisations;advertising income in the Reviewwasbroadly in line with 2009 at £182,000;tours commission income more thantripled to over £200,000;investment income also started torecover. It increased by 20% from lastyear's low, to £20,000; andfollowing the continuing reduction in the number of lines that theNADFAS Shop holds, its sales fell by11% to £28,000.EXPENDITUREWe continued to keep a tight controlover costs which increased from £1.38million in 2009 to £1.43 million. This,together with transfers to designatedfunds of £18,000, gives a totalGENERALDESIGNATEDTOTALTOTALCONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF FINANCIALACTIVITIES (INCLUDING INCOME AND 2010201020102009EXPENDITURE ACCOUNT)FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2010£000£000£000£000INCOMING RESOURCESIncoming resources from generated fundsVoluntary incomeSubscriptions and fees from membersGift AidDonations, legacies and other similar incomeEducational course fees and eventsActivities for generating fundsTrading subsidiaries' incomeOther incomeInvestment incomeBank interest and investment incomeTOTAL INCOMING RESOURCESRESOURCES EXPENDEDCosts of generating fundsCosts of generating voluntary incomeGift Aid -Societies' administration costsTrading subsidiaries expenditureFundraising tradingEducation courses and eventsCharitable activitiesSocieties and Area grantsEducation VolunteeringMembership servicesGovernance costsTOTAL RESOURCES EXPENDEDNET INCOME/(EXPENDITURE) BEFORE TRANSFERSTRANSFERSGross transfers between fundsNet incoming/(outgoing) resources before other recognised gains and lossesOTHER RECOGNISED (LOSSES)/GAINSGain/(loss) in the value of investmentsRealisedUnrealisedNet movement in fundsRECONCILIATION OF FUNDSTotal funds brought forwardTotal funds carried forward1,051.2 24.1 1,075.3 1,051.7 -112.3 112.3 94.5 2.3 20.1 22.4 8.5 22.8 173.5 196.3 177.8 445.9 -445.9 307.0 -8.4 8.4 8.5 20.2 12.1 32.3 29.1 1,542.4 350.5 1,892.9 1,677.1 -34.5 34.5 30.3 -138.3 138.3 119.9 433.3 -433.3 443.4 5.1 -5.1 5.3 212.0 96.7 308.7 273.5 245.5 19.9 265.4 267.2 387.8 95.9 483.7 381.8 146.3 -146.3 144.6 1,430.0 385.3 1,815.3 1,666.0 112.4 (34.8)77.6 11.1 (18.4)18.4 --94.0 (16.4)77.6 11.1 ---(13.2)49.0 42.9 91.9 134.0 143.0 26.5 169.5 131.9 1,130.6 1,676.2 2,806.8 2,674.9 1,273.6 1,702.7 2,976.3 2,806.8