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page 76 REVIEW / AUTUMN 2011 71SOCIETIES NEWSArts winners at Warminster DFASWarminster's June meeting was ajoint lecture and exhibition. OurYoung Arts winners of the PatriciaBam Memorial Award displayedsome of their extensive A-levelwork for members to enjoyalongside the excellent lecture onSickert and the Camden HouseGroup by Julian Halsby.Rachel Spano from KingdownSchool amazed members with herportraits of her mother and herschool's Gardener. She is taking ayear off to do commissions beforestarting a Foundation course atCity of Bath College of Arts in 2012.Cassie Allen, studying atWarminster School, leans stronglytowards design and showed athemed display based on Alice inWonderlandcombining paintingand photograpy. She starts aFoundation Course at FalmouthArts University College, hopefullyleading to a three-year course inGraphic Design. Certificates andcheques were presented byPresident Marjorie Badley.One of last year's award-?ENGLEMERE DFASEnglemere DFAS, the eveningSociety in Ascot, welcomedNational Chairman GriHarrison to join in its 10thanniversary celebrations, at St George's School. Over 70 per cent of themembership enjoyed achampagne reception beforeproceeding to the SueCormack Hall where theywere addressed by GriHarrison; Denise Topolski,Young Arts Chairman; and Barbara Donovan,Honorary Founder Chairmanof the Society. Gri Harrison said thatNADFAS continues to flourishand urged members tosupport Young Arts, CR,Church Trails and HeritageVolunteering as well as attending the monthly lectures. The evening's lecture, whichfocused on Mozart's opera,Magic Flute, was delivered byJonathan Hinden who was formany years the PrincipleCoach at Glyndebourne Opera.Jonathan gave an extendedlecture using a grand piano to illustrate the plot and theprincipal characters. Pictured below with GriHarrison is Society ChairmanMichael Shirley.ANNIVERSARIESGrantham and District DFAS Young Arts project for2010-2011 was based on The Luttrell Psalter, one ofthe finest treasures of the British Library. It wascommissioned by Sir Geoffrey Luttrell, Lord of theManor of Irnham between 1276 and 1345.Thanks to funding from the Patricia Fay MemorialFund, GADDFAS and local sponsorship, children atIngoldsbyPrimary School were introduced to thePsalter by handling a facsimile copy given to JuneGraveson, the East Midlands Young Arts Representative,and watching a film based on its depiction of rural life.This was followed by bi-monthly workshops in whichthe children made paper, experimented withcalligraphy; made books from the paper; and paintedBabewyns (an old word for the wonderful monstersthat appear in the Psalter). The final session was avisit to Irnham Church to make a brass rubbing andto follow the NADFAS Church Trail, which washanded to the Rector and Church Wardens that, Emma Hutchinson, fromKingdown School, was declaredan RBA Scholar having won two ofthe 20 places offered by the RBAto NADFAS-sponsored students,to show their work at the RBAexhibition at the Mall Galleries inMarch. WDFAS hope to entersome Warminster students' workagain this year.Above:Rachel Spano's portraitof her school's GardenerGADDFAS introduces school children to Psalter

72NADFAS REVIEW / AUTUMN NEWScopy dates fornadfas review2011/2012Winter 2011:12/09/11Spring 2012:09/01/12Summer 201223/03/12Autumn 2012:29/06/12If you are sending in newsitems for NADFAS Review andyou are able to email them,please send them sent separatelyshould be clearly labelled. Also, please avoid sendingphotos embedded in textdocuments as we are unableto use these.If text was previouslyemailed, please send a copyfor reference.We still welcome stories fromSocieties and members whodo not have access to email.We apologise to Societiesthat have sent in stories thatdo not appear on thesepages. We welcome allsubmissions but due to anoverwhelming amount ofentries we are not always ableto publish all of them. For abetter chance of seeing yourstory in print, photographicquality is key. Ideally, photosshould be emailed as jpeg ortiff files at print-quality highresolution (300dpi).Many stories about Society activities are still being sentwithout accompanyingphotos. We encourage readersto always send in pictures.They make for a nicer lookingmagazine and give your storya much better chance of being featured. For details ofpicture specifications, pleaserefer to the information at thebottom of this page.Northleach's road to DamascusTwenty-one rather apprehensivemembers of Northleach DFAS set outfor Syria at the beginning of April. Thetour was not without its adventures.From Bosra's basalt theatre theyappeared on Syrian TV news as apropaganda item; were on the edgeof a sandstorm at Palmyra; werenearly blown off Krac de Chevalier;joined the shepherds, sheep and adonkey at Apamea in beautifulevening sunlight and ended at thebasilica where Simeon Stylites satatop a pillar for 40 years. Back inDamascus the agent provided gifts attheir last supper in a revolvingrestaurant and presented the Societywith a volume of magnificentphotographs of the Arabian horse.On the coach from Heathrow thegroup heard that the Foreign Officehad just advised against travel toSyria. How lucky!After four years of hard work,members of the Royal LeamingtonSpa Church Recorders' Grouppresented the completed StNicholas, Kenilworth ChurchRecord at a dedication service inthe church. The congregation wasmost appreciative and Rev RichardAwre thanked everyone for theircontribution to the heritage of St Nicholas. While the church wasbeing recorded it was burgled withthe thieves entering by breaking astained glass window. Luckily thiswindow had been recorded andthe detailed description of ittogether with excellentphotographs were most helpful tothe glass restorers. Below:Rev Richard Awre withAngela Watkins and ElizabethHunter, Chairman of RLSDFASRoyal Leamington Spa saves the dayNorth Wilts YoungArts mosaic dayMembers of North Wilts YoungArts Group spent a happy andproductive day making mosaicpanels under the guidance of localartist Anita Andrews. JuneGraveson, member of the YoungArts Team based in London, andthe East Midlands Area YARepresentative, was a welcomeand enthusiastic visitor, who spokehighly of the children's wonderfulwork, and said the day showedhow worthwhile Group events are.