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page 76 REVIEW / AUTUMN 2011 73SOCIETIES/OVERSEAS NEWSOverseasNewsGibraltar DFAS getsNADFAS statusGibraltar DFAS was delighted to receive aspecial visit from National Chairman GriHarrison to welcome GibDFAS as a fullyinaugurated member Society of NADFAS.The Society currently has 73 members, of arecord young average age. To mark the occasion GibDFAS ChairmanClaus Olesen arranged a visit to TheConvent where members of the Committee,April lecturer Leslie Primo, and MainlandEuropean Area Chairman Billy Dawsontogether with Gri, were invited to meet withthe Patron of theSociety, HisExcellency, Sir Adrian Johns,The Governor of Gibraltar. Right:Gri Harrison,Sir AdrianJohnsand lecturer Leslie PrimoA member of Pewsey Vale DFAShas played a major role in re-creating an authentic 17th-centurycostume for The Merchant's Housein Marlborough, Wiltshire. Thehouse was rebuilt in the 1650sfollowing a fire that swept throughthe town, and is now run by aTrust and is open to the public.Pewsey Vale DFAS is alreadyproviding volunteers for the projectto cover the dining chairs withTurkeywork. Angela Munn,Heritage Volunteer organiser at theSociety was asked to create anauthentic costume of 1690 thatwould have been worn by the wife of Thomas Bayly, the silkmerchant who lived in the house at the time. Researching the project tookalmost a year to ensure that thefinished costume was accurate inevery detail. Four volunteers thenspent six months constructing thecostume in which every item washand-made, as it would have been300 years ago. The costume wasfirst shown to the public at theMerchant's House Open Day inMay 2011 and will eventually be onpermanent display. Pewsey Vale DFAS gave adonation to the project, and thevolunteers Margaret Matthews,Maggie Lyon-Dean and SandraJones, contributed to this work. Top:Angela Munn and one of the Merchant's Housevolunteers at work Right: The completed costume De la FronteraDFAS prize-givingSpanish Society De la Frontera DFAS held itssecond successful Young Arts project thisyear. Six schools within the local areaparticipated and 30 artworks were submittedand displayed at the Municipal Gallery in SanRoque. From these entries, two wereselected for prizes. The winner of the main ?500 prize waschosen by a panel of judges, includingheadmasters and art teachers - who werenot allowed to vote for their own pupils -and three renowned local artists. The secondprize of ?150 was based on members' votesusing images posted on the DFAS De laFrontera website. The prize-giving was heldon the final evening of the week-longexhibition and was a fabulous event withmembers, proud parents, local dignitariesand local TV all in attendance. Re-creating 17th-century fashionin Pewsey Vale Dove Valley completesChurch RecordThe Record of the small, stone-built church of St Margaret,in the village of Carsington, Derbyshire was presented at theSunday service on 6 March 2011. Thirteen Recorders fromDove Valley DFAS compiled the Record over two years, andmost of them attended the service and joined thecongregation for coffee and biscuits afterwards.