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St Luke's School in Redbourn caters for children with learning diffi culties and draws its students from all over Hertfordshire. Harpenden Evening DFAS donated funds that enabled the school to obtain the services of sculptor Philip Melling. The plan was to make a spiral form of sculpture with animal shapes, chosen and made by the students, welded into the frame. The completed artwork is now displayed on the wall adjacent to the school entrance. The HEDFAS Young Arts representative, Diana Godden, and Chairman Colin Robinson visited the school to see the work in progress. Diana said: "The staff at the school were immensely appreciative of our donation and we could see how much the students were gaining from it. They will see the fruits of their labour every day at school."In October, National Chairman Gri Harrison came to lunch with the Vale of Aylesbury DFAS committee to meet its Founder Chairman Diana Good (pictured with Gri Harrison) and to catch up with Diana's daughter, Nicky Bancroft, with whom she had been at school. Diana was a friend of the late Patricia Fay who started Chiltern DFAS, the fi rst Fine Arts group. Some 45 years ago Diana was persuaded by her to start up the second Fine Arts group - now Vale of Aylesbury DFAS.Borders DFAS Church Recorders are celebrating after completing their latest Record - at Jedburgh Old and Trinity Parish Church on 6 November. Pictured (left-right) are: Violet Hobbs, Church Recorder, recently retired; Chairman Clova Reid; Mary Balfour, leader of the Church Recording group; Minister Graham Astles; and Joan Stafford Badger, Church Recorder.Societies NewsA snapshot of Society and Area activities across the countryAnimal magic for Harpenden Evening DFASOne for the Record at BordersA fi ne lunch in the Vale of Aylesbury After two years' work, Haslemere DFAS's fi rst Church Record was presented to the new Rector of Haslemere, the Rev Mary Bowden, at her fi rst service in St Christopher's church on 18 September. A special service was attended by the regular congregation and many visitors, including the 15 HDFAS Recorders. Also present were Dr Roger Allen, West Surrey Area Chairman; Barbara Naylor, West Surrey Area Representative for Church Recording; James Edwards, Mayor of Haslemere; Roscelin Rees, HDFAS President; and Penny Davidson, HDFAS Chairman. Refreshments and a celebration cake were provided by the church for all to enjoy afterwards. St Christopher's is a listed Arts and Crafts building, with a beautiful harmonious interior. Its architect, Charles Spooner (a disciple of William Morris), designed most of the furnishings although many of them were not put in place for some years.Haslemere fi nishes Record 66 NADFAS REVIEW / SPRING 2012 NEWS

Medway DFAS has, for the last two years, sponsored Robert Roach, a promising young student who is studying the BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design at UCA Rochester. The bursary has helped with the cost of travel and the cost of purchasing specialist materials. Robert said: "I plan to do the BA in contemporary photography at UCA Rochester in the hope of becoming a fashion photographer for magazines like Vogue. I would like to thank all at Medway DFAS for their help and encouragement."Sparkenhoe Arts Society raised £2,250 for the charity Pass It On Africa during a magic evening with NADFAS-accredited lecturer and Magic Circle magician Bertie Pearce in November. Members so enjoyed his lecture on Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion earlier in the year that they invited him back for their latest Young Arts project: to raise funds for an arts and crafts facility in Busumbala in the Gambia. The facility is intended to support up to 65 children a year, many of whom are orphans or victims of abuse. Here they will learn different skills, including Bath Evening DFAS has been welcomed back to the top picture gallery of Holburne Museum after four years' absence at the Guildhall, during which the museum has undergone a £10m extension. State-of-the-art projection equipment, new chairs and a lift now make lectures a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. The October lecturer, Dr Celia Fisher, joined members in celebrating the occasion together with Ann Hopkins-Clark, the Chairman at the fi rst meeting 20 years ago, and Dr Philip Jones her most recent successor. Seen in the photograph are (from left) Ann Hopkins-Clark, Dr Philip Jones, Rosalind Macdonald, Dr Celia Fisher, Alastair Cowan (Treasurer) and former Programme Secretary Olive Turner.Wilmslow DFAS travelled by coach over to Normandy and the Loire Valley during the second half of September 2011. This was a week's holiday organised by member Stephen Swinfi n in conjunction with Tailored Travel. The weather bathed all the sites in glorious sunshine. What better way could there be to see Rouen, Tours or Honfl eur? The fl owers and vegetables in the gardens of Villandry, Valloires and Giverny A Vogue ambition Sparkenhoe supports Africa charityWelcome return to the HolburneWilmslow DFAS discovers French majestytraditional African arts and crafts, which will enable them to earn a living while also helping to ensure that local African arts and crafts skills are passed down to the next generation. To learn about Pass It On Africa, or to make a donation, visit with colour. The Chateaux of Chenonceau and Beaumesnil hovered imperiously over their watery moats. Those of Amboise, Angers and Azay-le-Rideau reminded the tour of the opulent life enjoyed by French nobles. The Abbeys of Fontevraud and Le Bec were pristine examples of past and present monastic life, whereas that of Jumieges was a majestic ruin. NADFAS REVIEW / SPRING 2012 67 SOCIETIES/AREAS NEWS