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Nearly 50 members of Brecknock DFAS (pictured) visited the secret WW2 code breaking HQ of Bletchley Park on 20 October. The mother of Chairman Dorcas Cresswell, Betty Morgan - who is now 89-years-old - was also invited because she had been a code-breaker there from 1941-1944. Bletchley Park welcomed her with a VIP reception and she is in line to receive a national medal. Everyone was also surprised to fi nd TV cameras and reporters, who fi lmed her day and parts of it were broadcast on local TV and radio.Betty said the work was hard, but it was all made worthwhile when she was present the night the code was deciphered that told of the whereabouts of the notorious killer ship, The Bismarck. Within two days, it was at the bottom of the sea.Visits Secretary Jane Moyle said: "We all left with a feeling of awe, humbleness and gratitude at having met this wonderful lady, who had been part of another generation to whom we all must feel so grateful and whose efforts saved our country and gave us happy and free lives."North Powys Church Recorders Group presented the Record for St John the Evangelist Pool Quay to the vicar and churchwardens at a service on Sunday 25 September. A short time before Recording began on the church, there was a burglary, and the safe and the contents were stolen from the vestry and have not been recovered. Jean Wynne-Griffi th, Group Leader of the North Powys Church Recorders, said: "At the presentation, the vicar, the Revd Michael Powell, announced that our Record is to be used as the replacement for the Church in Wales Terrier and Inventory compiled in 1996 as required for all Welsh churches. The authorising body for our Record to be used is the Representative Body of the Church in Wales in Cardiff. Our Group is very pleased that the work of the Church Recorders is valued in this way and that we have been of such practical service to the church. By their request we will also be providing them with a disc." Surprises at Bletchley Park for Brecknock DFASNorth Powys puts St John on Record East Surrey members enjoy mosaic morning ? DFAS THE HAGUEDFAS The Hague celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011. The Society marked the occasion with the return of its inaugural speaker, Janusz Karczewski-Slowikowski, whose lecture The Golden Age of English and Dutch Furniture was specially created for the event. National Chairman Gri Harrison, Chairman of the Mainland Europe Societies Billy Dawson (both are pictured below with The Hague DFAS Chairman Jane Choy), and many founding members travelled to The Hague to attend. ? ASHDOWN FOREST DFASOn 13 October 2011, Ashdown Forest DFAS celebrated its 40th anniversary with a lecture from Bertie Pearce entitled Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion. The lecture was followed by a celebration tea. The event was attended by Lyn Main, future Area Chairman of Sussex Area. National Chairman Gri Harrison sent a letter of congratulation, which was read to members by the Society's Chairman, Bridget Barber.ANNIVERSARIESSymphonies in Colour; Byzantine and Italian Mosaics was the title of the lecture morning presented by NADFAS-accredited lecturer Jane Angelini to members and friends of East Surrey Area. The 200 members who attended the talk were treated to a history of the mosaic as an art form, ranging from the work of the Byzantine craftsmen in the Middle Ages to the mosaic art as seen in the churches in Rome and Venice in Italy, and Palermo in Sicily. The two informative and entertaining lectures were illustrated by beautifully detailed slides showing the various locations where mosaics could be found across Europe. The study morning enabled NADFAS members and friends from the 15 Societies in the East Surrey Area to not only enjoy an excellent and informative lecture session, but also to meet each other socially over coffee and biscuits in between the lectures.Moreover, inspired by Jane's presentation, East Surrey Area has arranged an eight-day trip to Sicily in late NADFAS REVIEW / SPRING 2012 71 SOCIETIES/AREAS NEWS

A group of 28 members of Stratford-upon-Avon DFAS experienced a very successful six-day tour at the beginning of September 2011. The tour of the city on the fi rst day took in the main sights such as The Winter Palace, the Peter and Paul Fortress and the magnifi cent Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood (pictured) built on the site of Tsar Alexander II's assassination. The treasures of the Hermitage Museum - including the Diamond Room with its breathtaking gems, the Russian Museum with its 400,000 works of 10 centuries of Russian art, and the astonishing contents of the Yusupov Palace were just a few of the highlights of the trip. Everyone enjoyed the visits to Catherine's Palace at Pushkin with its famous Amber Room and to Peterhof, the summer palace of Peter the Great with its beautiful gilded fountains. Warm, sunny weather completed a wonderful trip.Stratford-upon-Avon DFAS Many stories about Society enjoys St Petersburgactivities are still being sent without accompanying photos. We encourage readers to always send in pictures. They make for a nicer looking magazine and give your story a much better chance of being featured. For details of picture specifi cations, please refer to the information at the bottom of this page.We welcome all entries from members and would like to receive more updates about Societies to help us fi ll capacity. We apologise to those that have sent in stories that do not appear on these pages; for us to be able to reproduce your story in print, photographic quality is key. Photos should be emailed as jpeg or tiff fi les at print-quality high resolution (300dpi / 1MB or more).copy dates for nadfas review 2012Summer 2012 23/03/12Autumn 2012: 29/06/12Winter 2012: 10/09/12Spring 2013: 08/01/13If you are sending in news items for NADFAS Review and you are able to email them, please send them to: sent separately should be clearly labelled. Also, please avoid sending photos embedded in text documents as we are unable to use these.If text was previously emailed, please send a copy for reference.We still welcome stories from Societies and members who do not have access to email.Exploring St Nicholas Church, Linton in Kent, while compiling a Church Trail, members of High Weald DFAS came across a brass plaque inscribed in Victorian Gothic script. It commemorated the grand reopening of the church after its restoration by the Ladies Louisa and Elizabeth Cornwallis of Linton Park at their expense. The Archbishop of Canterbury preached at the service, 140 children were given a feast at the school, the 50 workmen involved in the rebuilding were treated to lunch at the Bull Inn (still standing) and a cricket match was held on the Cornwallis' grounds. The year? 1861 - exactly 150 years ago. What better reason to celebrate that anniversary and the launch of the Church Trail could there be? An exhibition of the rebuilding and reopening and a special service were arranged, with invited guests including the Archdeacon of Tonbridge.Church Trail leads to anniversary celebrationsPhoto: Children follow the TrailPhoto (l-r): Brigitte Parr, Pat Bird, Michael Beach, Marilyn Moore, Revd Martin Wright and Michelle HoadA Church Trail at St Mark's Church, Reigate, has been created by members of Reigate DFAS. The trail is a Young Arts project and is aimed mainly at accompanied children aged eight to 12. Michelle Hoad, Brigitte Parr and Marilyn Moore celebrated the handing over of the Trail that they created, with the Revd Martin Wright. Pat Bird acted as the link between the church and RDFAS, and Michael Beach, who is Chairman of RDFAS, also attended the ceremony.72 NADFAS REVIEW / SPRING 2012 NEWSReigate hands over new Church Trail