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19TH CENTURY ART INFRANCEDate:3 October 2011 EUROPEAN ART 1900-1945Date: 24 October 2011 POST WAR TOCONTEMPORARY ARTDate:21 November 2011 ART AND ARCHITECTUREALONG THE SILK ROADVenue: Birkholme Manor, CorbyGlen, Grantham, Lincs NG33 4LFTutor: Angela SmithCost:£17.50 per dayContact: Maureen Slipper,Tel: 01780 444657FERGHANA AND SOGDIANADate:19 September 2011The focus will be on the art andarchitecture of the Ferghana Valleyand the ancient kingdom ofSogdiana in central Asia. Sitesdiscussed are Samarkand,Tashkent and Bukhara, whichunder Samanid rule in the 9thcentury became a centre for post-Islamic Persian renaissance.INDIAN ART ANDARCHITECTUREDate: 27 October 2011 Indian Art and Architecture - thelegacy of Buddhism and Hinduismon the visual arts in India duringthe 'Golden Age' in the firstmillennium. We will consider theKushan Empireduring which timeBuddhism spread and then thepromotion of Hinduism from about320 by the Gupta dynasty, whichinaugurated an era of great artisticand scientific flowering.INTRODUCTION TO HISTORYOF ARTVenue: Sutton Cheney VillageHall, Sutton Cheney, NrNuneaton, Warks CV13 0AG Tutor: Angela SmithCost: £18 per day Contact: Maureen Slipper,Tel: 01780 444657The following are the final twostudy days in the series of 10 thatNADFAS REVIEW / SUMMER, ART AND TRAVEL INTHE 18TH CENTURYDate:26 October 2011Venue: Culford School, nr BurySt EdmundsTutor:Ian KellyCost: £23 (inc. light lunch)Contact:Angela Payne,;Tel: 01359 244244Ian Kelly takes us on a journeyfrom Venice to St Petersburg viaParis, London and Rome,recreating the travel experiences oftwo of the most influential foodwriters of the Georgian period -EDUCATION: COURSESMarie-Antoine Carême andGiacomo Casanova. AN INTRODUCTION TOHISTORY OF ARTVenue:Idle Valley Rural Learning Centre, Retford DN22 8SGTutor: Angela SmithCost:£18.50 per dayContact:Maureen Slipper, Tel: 01780 444 657The following are the fifth and sixthstudy days in a series of 10 thatcomprise An Introduction toHistory of Art.ROCOCO AND NEO-CLASSICISMDate:19 October 2011VICTORIAN ART AND DESIGNDate: 18 November 2011AN INTRODUCTION TO HISTORY OF ARTVenue:The Priory Centre,Colgrave Sreet, Lincoln LN5 8BWTutor: Angela SmithCost: £18.50 per dayContact: Maureen Slipper,Tel: 01780 444657The following are the last threestudy days in a series of 10 thatcomprise An Introduction toHistory of Art.AreaCourses... across the country during summer 2011 and beyondEAST ANGLIABelow: The Ancient Mausoleum in Samarkand (Art and Architecture Along the Silk Road)EAST MIDLANDS

comprise An Introduction toHistory of Art.EUROPEAN ART 1900-1945Date:18 April 2012POST WAR TOCONTEMPORARY ART Date:16 May 2012 THE ISLAMIC WORLD ANDITS ART AND ARCHITECTUREDate: 20 October 2011Venue: Foakes Memorial Hall,Great Dunmow CM6 1DGTutor: Sarah SearightTime:10.30am-3.30pmCost:£25 (including coffee anda light lunch)Contact:SAE to DavidHattersley, 22 Malvern Drive,Woodford Green, Essex IG8 0JWE-mail: The day will cover an introductionto Islam, origins, history anddevelopment, before introducingthe art and architecture of themedieval Islamic world. Travelacross the Middle East, as well asto Andalucia and Central Asia,looking at buildings and art objectsand their decoration. We finish witha look at the 'Travels of LapisLazuli', from Afghanistan all overthe ancient and medieval world, asstone and as paint. Do pleasebring your own lapis trophies. Please contact the Study CourseOrganiser (SCO) to book on therelevant course. Please send acheque made out to GreaterLondon Area NADFAS and send aSAE to the SCO of each course.No refunds are given except inexceptional circumstances, unlessthere is a waiting list. Tickets canbe sold by the member concernedDOGS, DRAGONS ANDDEVILS - AN INTRODUCTIONTO HERALDRY AT KING'SCOLLEGE CAMBRIDGEDate:27 September 2011Venue:King's College, CambridgeTutors:Chloë Cockerill and Liz Hodder Time: 10.30am-3.45pmCost:£34 (inc. tea/coffee andbiscuits). Sandwich lunchavailable at extra costContact:SAE to Marian Griggs,Blakes, Toot Hill, Ongar CM5 9PU.E-mail: marian.griggs@gmail.comThe day will take place at King'sCollege, Cambridge. The lectureswill introduce the heraldry that is allaround us, not only in countryhouses, cathedrals and castles, butalso in our towns and villages. TheRoyal Arms appear on the outfitsof our sporting heroes, in ournewspapers and passports, andcouncils display their arms on theiroffices and vehicles. There will be avisit to King's College Chapel,looking at its history, architectureand 16th-century glass.TREASURES OF HEAVEN -SAINTS, RELICS ANDDEVOTION IN MEDIEVALEUROPEDate: 30 September 2011Venue: British MuseumTutors:Curators of exhibitionTime:11am-3.30pmCost:£21.50 inc. timedadmission to the exhibitionContact:Mrs S Mills, Homeclose,Raleigh Drive, Claygate, Esher,Surrey, KT10 9DEThis major exhibition bringstogether for the first time some ofthe finest sacred treasures of themedieval age. It features over 150objects drawn from more than 40institutions including the Vatican,European church treasuries,museums from the USA andEurope and the British Museum'sown pre-eminent collection.It was during the medievalperiod that the use of relics indevotional practice first developedand became a central part ofChristian worship. Relics wereusually set into ornate containersof silver and gold known asreliquaries, opulently decorated bythe finest craftsmen of the age.The earliest items on display date from the late Roman periodand trace the evolution of the cult of the saints from the 4thcentury AD to the peak of relicveneration in late-medieval Europe. This exhibition offers the perfectopportunity to glimpse the heritage of beautiful medievalcraftsmanship that was lost to thiscountry for centuries.THE HISTORY OF LONDONTHROUGH ITS ARTISTS &CRAFTSMEN PART III - THE LATERSTUARTS AND THE DAWN OFTHE AGE OFENLIGHTENMENTDay 1: London Maps andPanoramas - 3 October 2011Day 2: Nicholas Hawksmoor -17 October 2011Day 3: Samuel Pepys and the Pool of London - 7 November 2011Day 4: Canaletto in London - 14 November 2011Day 5: Grinling Gibbons - 5 December 2011Day 6: London Squares 17th century - 9 January 2012Day 7: Hogarth (Part 1) - 30 January 2012EDUCATION: COURSESAbove: Discover the richness of art and architecture in the medieval Islamic world (Essex Area) REVIEW / SUMMER 2011 ESSEXGREATER LONDON