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NANCY GROVESis anarts journalist and regularcontributor to TheIndependentand theGuardian. She has aMaster's in ClassicalHeritage from BristolUniversity. On page 36,Nancy relays her visit tothe refurbished AmericanMuseum in nearby Bath.NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FOREWORDDECORATIVE & FINE ARTS SOCIETIESNADFAS House, 8 Guilford Street,London WC1N 1DATel: 020 7430 0730 Fax: 020 7242 0686Email: (search 'NADFAS') Royal Highness The Duchess of GloucesterNational Chairman:Gri HarrisonChief Executive:David BellPresident:Christopher Lloyd CVOVice Presidents:Martin Drury; Philippa Glanville;Desmond Shawe-Taylor; The Rt Hon, Rt RevRichard Chartres DDFSANADFAS REVIEWEditor:Danielle Green (Tel 020 7430 0730)Assistant Editor: Laura AdcockArt Director:John Paul YettonArt Editor: Jane Jackson Editorial Director: Glyn Wilmshurst Publisher: Judith Quiney, NADFAS Enterprises (020 7430 0730)Advertising Sales: Judith Quiney 020 7430 0730, Barr, PublishingOrigination:DL Repro LtdPrinting: BGP© NADFAS 2011COVER IMAGEBlack Billed Cuckoo.Original drawing by JohnJames Audubon. Engravedby Robert Havell. Aquatintfrom 1828. The AmericanMuseum in BritainNADFAS Reviewis published quarterly andcirculated to its membership (ABC audited). Theclosing date for editorial for the September 2011issue is 1 July 2011.The views expressed in NADFAS Revieware notnecessarily those of the Chairman, Trustee Board or theEditor. Every effort has been made to check theaccuracy of the information in NADFAS Review. Howeverneither NADFAS nor NEL can accept responsibility forinaccuracies or omissions. Articles, photographs,drawings etc in NADFAS Reviewmay not be reproducedwithout the written permission of the Chief Executive ofNADFAS. The Association accepts no responsibility forgoods and services advertised in NADFAS Review,whether the advertiser be a member or not.Advertisements are published for convenience ofmembers and members choosing to buy or sell throughthe medium of this magazine do so entirely at their ownrisk. © NADFAS 2011LEGACIES: With your will you can help NADFASfurther in its unique work as the leading ArtsEducational Charity. Remember, donations toNADFAS are tax-efficient, being free ofinheritance tax, and every sum, no matter howsmall, is welcome. For more information contact:David Bell, NADFAS House, 8 Guilford Street,London WC1N 1DA Average Net Circulation Jan-December 2010, 77,453ABC AUDITEDIhave found myself sending messages of support on behalf ofNADFAS twice this year to Societies on the far side of the world. Thefloods in January impacted on member Societies of the AustralianAssociation, and then came the terrible news of the Christchurchearthquake in February. Members of our Society in Christchurch havebeen affected in ways it is difficult to comprehend, and our thoughts goout to them as they start the painful process of rebuilding the lives oftheir families and community.On a lighter note, I was delighted to meet members from across thecountry who attended our National Event in Oxford in April. The dayfocused on a visit to the Ashmolean Museum's inspiring new galleries,and with a lecture plus lunch and tea in different colleges it was indeeda special event.It was also good to meet those of you who came to this year'sDirectory Meeting in Kensington. Most Societies sent representatives,and the presentations from new and established lecturers were proof, ifthat were needed, of both the excellence of our lecturers, and thebroad range of specialist subjects they cover. With nearly 300 lecturers now in the NADFASDirectory and over 4,000 titles related to the decorative and fine arts, this represents anunmatched resource.By the time you read this our AGM will have taken place in Edinburgh, and will be fully reported in the Autumn Review. At the time of writing it is gratifying to know that many Societieswill be there, and the events planned by the energetic 2011 AGM Committee in Scotland aremostly fully booked. Our President, Christopher Lloyd, as well as three of our Vice Presidents will be with us inEdinburgh, and Christopher will be signing copies of his new book - see page 28 for more details.At the AGM we will hear about the work of our volunteers and young people who've beenhelped by our grants. On page 24 you can read about some of those young people, and in theVolunteer Supplement you will find examples of the current work of Heritage Volunteers, ChurchRecorders and Young Arts, as well as an update on the growing number of NADFAS Church Trails. I hope this will inspire more of you to become involved in these activities through your Societies.It's enriching, rewarding and it's the way we as an Association can make a difference to thepreservation of our artistic heritage for the benefit of future generations - and that seems to mepretty important at this time of cutbacks.Gri Harrison National ChairmanCHRISTOPHERLLOYD is President ofNADFAS,Trustee of theArt Fund, and a Governorof Gainsborough'sHouse at Sudbury.Turn to page 28 for asnapshot of hisfascinating new book, In Search of aMasterpiece.MARK BILLSis Curatorof Watts Gallery and wasformerly Senior Curator ofPaintings, Prints andDrawings at the Museumof London. On page 42,the NADFAS-accreditedlecturer gives a taste ofwhat to expect when theWatts Gallery reopens inJune after REVIEW / SUMMER 2011