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SOCIETIES NEWSThe Big Draw at the British MuseumLast October, the British Museumshed its more dignified personaand opened its doors for its BigDraw Day, which for several yearshas been funded by London AreaNADFAS. Each year, the BritishMuseum themes its day to a majorexhibition or project, and the GreatCourt, nearby galleries andworkshops fill up with people of allages who have come to draw. Last year marked the success ofthe BBC series A History of theWorld in a 100 Objectsandexamples of these became theinspiration for the differentworkshops. One workshop paidhomage to Durer, painstakinglySocieties NewsA snapshot of Society and Area activities across the country66NADFAS REVIEW / SUMMER looking at a leaf and not yourpencil, while journalist AlastairSooke talked with Sylvette Davidwho, as a beautiful young girl withhair tied in a pony tail, inspired anageing Picasso to paint some ofhis most memorable portraits. Thetheme for The Big Draw this year is'The Drawing Age' and as usual,this major annual event of the'Campaign for Drawing' takesplace during the whole of October.See formore details. The Big Draw inspires all ages(Photos © Benedict Johnson)The committee of Welwyn GardenDFAS took an outing in January tothe newly refurbished headquartersof St John Ambulance in St John'sGate, Clerkenwell. The trip was made even morespecial when a text message en-route confirmed that Dr ChrisLund, Vice Chairman and Studycreating a gigantic mural of surelythe most colourful rhinoceros everseen. On the other side of theCourt families painted umpteen fishto populate a huge representationof Hokusai's Great Wave which layspread out on the floor. Lecturesand demonstrations were also partof the day, with studio room artistand inspirational teacher CliffWright demonstrating how to drawA Grand start for Burghley DFASNew Society Burghley DFAS welcomed Gri Harrison to preside over theInaugural Meeting in November. Guests and up to 100 members, themajority of whom are new to NADFAS, enjoyed a lecture on 'The GrandTour' by Tom Duncan. In renovating The Brewhouse at Burghley, LadyVictoria Leatham, a previous Director of Burghley Enterprises Ltd and apast Vice President of NADFAS, sought to encourage local organisations.Recognising the potential for a new society there, BDFAS ChairmanAnnette Beeton and the provisional BDFAS committee established the352nd and newest NADFAS society there. The committee are delightedby members' feedback, and are looking forward to a varied lectureprogramme and summer visits to The Garrick Club and Hardwick Hall.Welwyn Garden's a surprise during REVIEW / SUMMER 2011 67SOCIETIES NEWSIn November, 35 members ofArden DFAS spent a fascinatingand informative afternoon lookingat Birmingham's two cathedralsunder the guidance of RichardTaylor, author of How to Read aChurch(one of NADFAS'srecommended reference books forChurch Recorders and compilersof Church Trails) and, morerecently, writer and presenter ofthe BBC Four series, Churches:How to Read Them.Richard's enthusiasticpresentation led the group to seewith fresh eyes the stunningarchitecture and magnificentBurne-Jones glass of St Philip'sand the exquisite details of thePugin-designed Catholic cathedral,St Chad's. Attention was paid tothe history of the buildings and tothe significance of their imagery,symbols, colours and attributes.TV presenter reads two cathedrals with Arden DFASAn amazing project at Acorns Children's Hospicefor the Three Counties in Worcester has beenrealised thanks to help from City of WorcesterDFAS. The hospice works with young people agedfour to 20 with life-limiting and life-threateningconditions. Ros Lindop, the CoWDFAS Young Artsorganiser, liaised with the hospice and mural artistAdrienne Craddock last summer to work with thehospice children and their siblings. Two largemurals were made over a three-day period, takingtheir individual capabilities into consideration, andthe finished pieces were mounted in the outdoorrecreation area. So great was the positive effect onthe young people that one of them intends to enrolwith the Open University to study Art. CoWDFASwill fund a different project at the hospice this year.Worcester's mural projectstimulates art interestDay Organiser, had been made aKnight of The Order of St John.Upon arrival he was presented withhis Knights Cloak displaying alarge Maltese cross on oneshoulder. Chris joined St JohnAmbulance as a young boy andhas been a serving member for 58 years. committee gets St John visit