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70NADFAS REVIEW / SUMMER NEWS?STAMFORD DFAS Over 150 members joined tocelebrate the 20th anniversaryof the Society in November,including David Brown (above)and many founder members.The occasion began with alecture by David Bostwick onThe Dissolution of theMonasteries and our CulturalHeritage, followed by lunch.?SOUTH WEST SCOTLANDDFASNADFAS National ChairmanGri Harrison was welcomedwith a stunning lecture byColin Bailey on The Art ofChristmasby South WestScotland DFAS at its 20thanniversary meeting on 14December. Afterwards, therewas a seasonal drink,followed by a lunch that wasattended by over 70 membersand guests. Pictured with GriHarrison are Lady MelanieLandale, SWSDFASChairman; founder-memberBrigit Fleming-Smith; andElizabeth Black, Scottish Area Chairman.ANNIVERSARIESIntrepid NADFAS groupexplores the palaces ofRajasthanTwenty-three intrepid explorers went on the first-ever NADFAS trip toIndia, from 5-18 February 2011. Led by lecturer Oliver Everett, they wentto palaces, forts and temples in Rajasthan, finishing with a dawn visit tothe Taj Mahal. They had dinner with the Maharani of Bikaner; stayed inspectacular heritage palaces and fort hotels; and rode camels into thesunset in the Thar Desert. The journey was immaculately organised bythe travel firm Indian Odyssey, while information from Oliver putRajasthan, its rulers, buildings and culture into their historical context.Last August, Leatherhead DFASprovided funding under its YoungArts umbrella to the Brain InjuryCentre of The Queen ElizabethFoundation so it could purchase aCanon 450D Digital SLR Camerathat was needed by the ArtDepartment. During September,Claire Bonfield and Joel Morrisonfrom the Brain Injury Centreattended external short coursesstudying studio photography atSCOLA in Sutton. They were ableto use this camera on the courses,and all clients at the Centre will beable to use the camera in futureprojects. On 18 November, ChrisEvans, the outgoing Chairman ofLeatherhead DFAS, accompaniedby Membership Secretary WinnieBenford and Kevin McCarthy,Leatherhead DFAS web designer,formally presented the camera to Claire and Joel at the BrainInjury Centre with the comment:"Given the work we are doingmainly with adults in the area ofeducation, restoration andpreservation of our nationalheritage, we have felt highlyprivileged to have been workingwith such talented and motivatedyoung people here at QEF."Below (l-r): Joel and Clairereceive the camera fromoutgoing Chairman Chris Evans Leatherheadfunds cameraat brain injurycentreGirls from Chester see theirroundabout creationsbecome a realityThe design brief was unusual: create an installation for a well-knownChester roundabout as a gateway to the city, but for a group of Year 8and 9 girls from Christleton High School in Chester, it was just thechallenge they needed. The girls worked with local sculptor StephenBroadbent to create suitable maquettes using card, wax modelling clay,foam and wire.These designs were photographed then, using a computer, 'dropped'onto an image of the roundabout in question. With great excitement, thestudents were subsequently able to view which designs met the brief interms of symbolism and practicality. This was a most effective YA enterprise, using creativity alongsidemodern technology. Chester DFAS were happy to be involved andprovide these talented girls with the opportunity to work with a respected,contemporary sculptor with design and technology at his fingertips. REVIEW / SUMMER 2011 71SOCIETIES/AREAS NEWSChipstead DFAS Special Interest DayChipstead DFAS recently held a Special Interest Day on the History of Clocks and Watches, given by NADFAS-accredited lecturer Dr Colin Lattimore. The Mayor of Reigate, Cllr David Pay, was also present as he is a clockexpert who runs a repair workshop locally. As well as Mayoress Barbara Pay, the Society was pleased towelcome East Surrey Area Chairman Lyn Slade. Members brought in timepieces for Dr Lattimore to examine.Pictured (l-r): Lyn Slade, NADFAS East Surrey Area Chairman; Tom Coningsby, Vice-Chairman ChipsteadDFAS; Dr Colin Lattimore, NADFAS lecturer; Colin Coxall, owner of the lantern clock (pictured), theMayor of Reigate & Banstead Borough Council, Cllr David Pay; the Mayoress, Barbara Pay and DianaBowes, Chairman Chipstead DFAS?VALERIE CARBONI Valerie was a founder of the North Kent Evening DFAS (later re-named Bromley Evening DFAS),became Chairman and thenPresident of the Society for 10 years. Valerie had been a keenswimmer, tennis player and played Bridge. Sheenjoyed adult educationclasses in a variety ofsubjects and passed O-LevelItalian after her marriage toher beloved Mario. They were married for 44 years and had two sons and five grandsons. Valerie loved music and art and took a BirkbeckCertificate in the History of Art. She travelledextensively and particularlyenjoyed many NADFAS tours organised by her own society. Valerie was a Study Course Organiser, initially for NADFAS and latterly forthe London Area; manypeople will be grateful to herfor the inspiration andenjoyment that she brought to these days.She was valued as a friend by many people: she was an efficient organiserin a friendly and helpful wayand had an infectious smileand chuckle. Valerie will be missed by all her family and manyfriends.OBITUARIESSuffolk ChurchRecord gets amemorable serenadeThe Southwold DFAS Church Recorders Grouppresented their latest Record to the Parish of St Andrew,Westhall, Suffolk, last autumn on the occasion of theparish's Harvest Festival. On Harvest Sunday morning,members of the Recording group and the DFASCommittee joined the locals and their priest, the Rev.Paul Nelson, and found themselves in the midst of acornucopia of produce, including a live chicken in acoop. Towards the end of the lively service, the chickenfound its voice and there was a memorable last hymnaccompanied by a chicken soloist and much laughter.