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72NADFAS REVIEW / SUMMER NEWScopy dates fornadfas review2011Autumn 2011:01/07/11Winter 2011:12/09/11Spring 2012:09/01/12Summer 201223/03/12If you are sending in newsitems for NADFAS Review andyou are able to email them,please send them sent separatelyshould be clearly labelled. Also, please avoid sendingphotos embedded in textdocuments as we are unableto use these.If text was previouslyemailed, please send a copyfor reference.We still welcome stories fromSocieties and members whodo not have access to email.We apologise to Societiesthat have sent in stories thatdo not appear on thesepages. We welcome allsubmissions but due to anoverwhelming amount ofentries we are not always ableto publish all of them. For abetter chance of seeing yourstory in print, photographicquality is key. Ideally, photosshould be emailed as jpeg ortiff files at print-quality highresolution (300dpi).Many stories about Society activities are still being sentwithout accompanyingphotos. We encourage readersto always send in pictures.They make for a nicer lookingmagazine and give your storya much better chance of being featured. For details ofpicture specifications, pleaserefer to the information at thebottom of this page.Truro teams with NADFAS to make a splashNADFAS and Truro DFAS weredelighted with the success of theirsponsorship of SPLASH, theCombined Truro Schools Art Event for2011. With Year 8 students from allseven participating secondaryschools, the event involved hundredsof people. A variety of creativeadventures took pupils out of theclassroom and off to a Fish Market, oraboard a trawler, or down the river ona boat to a class in Falmouth ArtGallery. There were workshops intextiles, recorded sound, samba, webmaking and dance. The eventculminated in an enormous exhibitionin the Truro's Lander Gallery that wasvisited by many hundreds of people.The standard was astonishingly highand the massive scale of this wasonly possible as a result of sponsorshipfrom the Truro DFAS and the PatriciaFay Memorial Fund from NADFAS.Some 40 members of BDFAStoured Jordan in March, visitingcities and sites of historicalinterest, including Amman, Jerashand magical Petra. The group hada wonderful holiday that none willever forget, encompassing desertforts, caravanserai, retreats andchurches. They saw every type oflife and scenery in Jordan, even tofloating in the Dead Sea. Thecontrasts of visiting a MiddleEastern country to a more usualEuropean one, was remarkable. Dorcas Cresswell, Chairmansaid, "It just showed that whateverage we were, not even nearbywars were going to put BreconDFAS off having 'the holiday of alifetime.'"Before the trip, His ExcellencyMr Majed Al Qatarneh, who is the Jordanian Charge d'Affaires and currently acting Ambassador,was invited to the Welsh borderhome of Visits Secretary JaneMoyle to speak to the group abouthis country.His Excellency, accompanied bythe Cultural Attache, gave a mostinteresting and informative talkabout modern-day Jordan, while atthe same time placing it in itshistorical context. After the talk,almost an hour passed by veryquickly as members askedquestions about religion, politics,the role of women, populationstatistics, economics, resources,Bedouin tribes, and food. HisExcellency answered all questionsfully, sometimes raising a laugh. Atthe end, booklets and CDs werehanded out to the group for furtherbackground reading.Left: His Excellency Mr Majed AlQatarneh gave an informative talk Above: BDFAS members learntmuch about Jordanian culture Jordanian Charge d'Affaires meets membersof Brecknock DFAS REVIEW / SUMMER 2011 73SOCIETIES/OVERSEAS NEWSOverseasNewsSpanish youngstersbenefit from Costadel Sol donationThe Costa del Sol DFAS has donated ?750for the purchase of art materials to ADIMI, alocal Association in Mijas, Costa del Sol.ADIMIwas formed by the parents of youngpeople with all levels of disability. Theircurrent activities include ceramics, painting,theatre, speech therapy, reading, sport andswimming.Support from various charities has enabledthe building of a new Day Centre for theseyoung people. Scheduled to open this year,the purpose-built centre will provideprofessional medical staff and resources formuch needed activities, including a modernArt room.The Society's current Newsletter coverfeatures a painting of a mother and childrelaxing. It was painted in acrylic by 13 youngpeople aged between 16 and 33 years, andis hanging in the main office of ADIMI in Mijas.Other pictures shown were also painted bystudents within the ADIMI art class.?GRAMPIAN DFASGrampian DFAS always holds a very successfulfundraiser, but this year theevent was given a particularlyexciting edge becauseGDFAS was celebrating its21st birthday. The main attraction at thisyear's event was the raffle ofa stunning pendant (picturedabove), designed specificallyfor GDFAS by Edward Slater,a graduate of Gray's Schoolof Art, Aberdeen. Edward nowworks for the prestigiousQueen's jewellers, Garrards,so there was great demandfor the piece. While buying their raffle and lucky dip tickets, GDFAS members thoroughlyenjoyed a glass of bubbly anda piece of the delicious 21stbirthday cake. Thanks to the greatgenerosity of members on thenight, over £800 was raised,much of which will go to alocal charity.ANNIVERSARIESTruro's young artistsreceive RBA titles When Truro DFAS Young Arts sponsored India Bunce andChloe Northover to submit pieces to the RBA at the MallGalleries, nobody expected the wonderful response the girlswould receive when their work was selected and exhibited.Chloe Northover showed a Self Portrait, while India Bunce(pictured) had a Self Portrait (below) and a portrait of hersister, Minnie. The two young artists found themselvesheaped withenthusiastic praise asthey were eachawarded the title RBAScholar. In addition,India Bunce receivedthe inaugural JohnIngram MemorialAward for her portraitof her sister, Minnie.Family and artteachers from TruroCollege found it anunforgettable momentwhen President of theRBA James Hortonsought them out tocompliment them.Stirling to hold members' exhibitionStirling DFAS will be holding a Members' Art Exhibition from28 June to 2 July in Holy Trinity Church Hall in Stirling. Afterthe Private View on 28 June at 7.30pm, the exhibition will beopen from 10am to 8pm on the Wednesday, Thursday andFriday, and from 10am to 5pm on the Saturday. Admission isfree. The Society hopes this celebratory event will showcasethe work of its members in the arts and crafts, feature itsvolunteer groups and spread the word about NADFAS. BRIDFAS usesquince harvest tohelp charityA bumper harvest of quinces locally inspireda member of the Osnabrück BRIDFASCommittee to use the fruits to goodadvantage.Attractive little pots of quince preservewere produced and offered for sale after the Society's November lecture inOsnabrück. Members were delighted by the chance to buy such unusual Advent presents andChristmas stocking fillers, and in a very shorttime the last pot had been snapped up. All the proceeds were passed on to a local cancer charity organisation,Osnabrücker Krebsstiftung.