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Places are still available onstudy courses led byNADFAS-accreditedlecturers at Cotswold-basedcultural retreat Farncombe Estate,as featured in the Spring Issue ofNADFAS Review.COURSESFraming the View: Landscapeand Art with Lynne GibsonLandscape is such a populartheme in Western Art it is hard toimagine a time when it did notexist. Yet artists have struggled to make it a valid subject. HenryFuesli grumbled that Constable'spaintings made him want to run for his great coat and umbrella!In the Middle Ages it barelyfeatured; during the Renaissance it was mere backdrop. But Dutch, British, then French, artists brought landscape into its own: idealised, pastoral,romantic, rural, impressionistic and sublime! We will explore thedevelopment of Landscape in Art by artists determined to 'Frame the View'. The courseincludes a visit to Compton Verney,which has two relevant exhibitionsfor us.The Arts and Crafts House andGarden with Stephen DesmondThe Arts and Crafts movementarose in the 19th century as areaction to the perceiveddegradation of society by theprocesses and products of theindustrial revolution. Its prophets,including Ruskin and Morris,proposed a revival of traditionalcraftsmanship and a home liferooted in domesticity. In their wakea legion of conscientiousarchitects, artisans and garden-makers generated a style whichmade England famous and whose legacy lives on inconservation practice. This coursewill review the sources, effects and limitations of these big ideas by discussing a range ofhouses with their contents andgardens. It will include a visit toRodmarton Manor, a keyrepository of these ideas.Medieval English Craftsmen:Ways of Looking at their Workswith Tim PorterThis course looks at the elite of themedieval workforce - those whodid the stone-carving and thestained glass, the woodwork andthe wall-painting. Their legacy lieshalf-forgotten in hundreds of ourold churches, seriously in need ofre-evaluation. This course focusesour eyes on great works that areso often taken for granted. It aimsto develop our understanding ofhow and why they were made,what influenced their style andform, and to make connectionsbetween different works andmedia setting them in context. Avisit to several local churches willallow the course to ferret these outwhile looking at items from thisgreat legacy.For full details see NADFASReview Spring 2011. To book, ask for a waiting listplace, or for more informationcontact Mandy Morrison on0333 456 8580EVENTSEventsA round-up of upcoming National Events Farncombe Study Weekend 9 to 11 September 20118NADFAS REVIEW / SUMMER onwardsArrival and Registration6.00pmBar opens. Free welcome drink.7.00pmSupper8.15-9.30pm1st Course Session11.00pmBar closesSaturday8.00 - 9.00amBreakfast9.30 - 11.00am2nd Session11.00pmCoffee/Tea break11.30-12.45pm3rd Session1.00-2.00pmLunch; bar open2.10pmBuses depart for visits4.15pm approxTea at visit location5.30pm onwardsArrive back at Farncombe6.00pmBar opens7.00pmSupper8.15-9.45pmRecital11.00pmBar closesSunday8.00-9.00amBreakfast9.30-11.00am4th Session11.00amCoffee/Tea break11.30-12.45pm5th Session1.00pm  Lunch2.00pm onwards    Students depart, unless staying for Sunday night.Places still available:Framing the View: Landscape and Art with Lynne GibsonMedieval English Craftsmen: Ways of Looking at their Works with Tim PorterWaiting list only (fully booked):The Arts and Crafts House and Garden with Steven DesmondThe per-student price for the weekend is £261.50 single and £241.50 shared, including tuition, accommodation, transport, visits and the recital. We would also like to offer NADFAS students the opportunity to extend their stay in this lovely and fascinating area. Any student wishing to stay on for Sunday night will be welcome to do so at special rates as follows: Bed and Breakfast: Single £37, Double and Twin £32 per person. For dinner, bed and breakfast, subject to at least ten people booking it, Single £53, Double and Twin £48 per person. Bookings should be made by 9 August 2011. REVIEW / SUMMER 2011 9EVENTSExclusive Evening For NADFAS Members atGoldsmiths' Fair 2011 26 September 2011Following on from the successof last year's evening atGoldsmiths' Fair, NADFASmembers and their guests areinvited to attend the opening nightof the prestigious 28th Goldsmiths'Fair, on Monday 26 September, inthe historic Goldsmiths'Hall, in theCity of London. With wine and canapés servedthroughout the evening, memberscan enjoy the unique experience ofadmiring and buying stylish andelegant jewellery, as well as originalsilver directly from some of thecountry's leading and up-comingdesigner-makers. And with pricesranging from approximately £50upwards and a whole range ofstyles from the classic to theinnovative - there really issomething for everyone.In many respects Goldsmiths'Fair echoes NADFAS ethos ofeducation and conservation -aside from being an opportunity tobuy fantastic jewellery and silver,the Fair is a means of educatingthe public about the traditions andskills of the silversmith, and indoing so conserves the craft forfuture generations. The line up of skill and virtuosityat this year's Fair is as exceptionalas ever and 10 young graduatesare living proof that there is a newgeneration of exciting new talentemerging. For example, silversmithJemma Daniels has already receivedseveral awards for her sculpturalbut infinitely functional silver pieces,while Frances Wadsworth-Jonesproduces distinctive and playfullyprovocative jewellery. Several ofthe young designers who madetheir debut at the Fair last year areback, having grown in confidenceand skill over the intervening months.Notable among these are jewellersJessica Poole and Shivani Patel,and silversmith Edward Mahony.At the other end of thespectrum, a number of Britain'smost acclaimed and establishedmakers are represented such asScottish silversmith GrahamStewart and Worcestershire-basedMartyn Pugh who has exhibited atevery Goldsmiths' Fair since itbegan in 1983. Look out for thelikes of Barbara Christie, UllaHörnfeldt, Leo de Vroomen andAlison Bradley in the jewellerysection. In total there will be 22new exhibitors at this year's Fair -so plenty of new talent to seek out.The designer-makers also enjoythe interaction of the Fair - jewellerJane Sarginson remarked after lastyear's NADFAS evening: "It was apleasure talking to so manycharming and well-informedpeople. It is extremely encouragingwhen people are genuinelyinterested in your work and askquestions about the skills andtechniques you use." In fact, oneNADFAS member subsequentlycommissioned jeweller Jane todesign and make a pair ofdiamond earrings for his wife as aruby wedding anniversary. The participating designer-makers come from all over thecountry and hence the Fair is agreat way of getting to knowjewellers and silversmiths who liveand work locally. Many would bedelighted to welcome NADFASmembers into their workshops andsome might even be prepared tocome and give illustrated talksabout their work. NADFAS Chairman Gri Harrisonsaid: "The evening is a wonderfulopportunity to enjoy a private viewof this prestigious Fair where thework of outstanding contemporarycraftsmen is on display in theelegant setting of Goldsmith's Hall."Aside from being a remarkableshowcase of creativity and talent,the Fair is also hugely fun -another quality close to the heartof NADFAS. NADFAS EVENING ATGOLDSMITHS' FAIRMonday 26 September 20116.30pm - 8.30pmAt Goldsmiths' Hall, Foster Lane, London EC2V 6BNEntrance £15 per person including a Fair catalogue.White wine and canapés servedthroughout the evening.To book places please call thePromotions Department atGoldsmiths' Hall on 020 7367 5907 or