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Hattersley, 22 Malvern Drive,Woodford Green, Essex IG80JW, An illustrated introduction to one ofthe major documents of earlyEnglish culture. Not only does itcontain some of the first originalcompositions in English prose, itsnarrative art also provides an OldTestament of English history. Weshall explore its literary history withexamples drawn from its greatscope in the light of Anglo-Saxonart and culture.Please contact the Study Course Organiser (SCO) to bookon the relevant course. Whenbooking please send a chequemade out to Greater London Area NADFAS and send astamped self addressed envelopeto the SCO of each course. Norefunds are given except inexceptional circumstances, unlessthere is a waiting list. Tickets canbe sold on by the memberconcerned.PATRONS AND PATRONAGE:RUDOLF II OF HAPSBURGDate:17 February 2012Time: 10.30am-3.30pmVenue:Art Worker's Guild, 6Queen Square, London WC1Tutor:Clare Ford-WillePrice:£30 (inc. coffee & biscuits)Contact:Di Lines, 32 LawnCrescent, Richmond TW9 3NS,dlines@onetel.comRudolf II was Holy Roman Emperorfrom the age of 24 in 1576 until hisabdication in 1612. He was one ofthe greatest patrons and collectorsin the history of European Art.From 1583 he transferred his courtfrom Vienna to Prague andattracted to his service alchemistssuch as John Dee, astronomerssuch as Tyco Brohe and Kelperand artists such as Hans vonAachen, who with many othersmade Prague a "Parnassus of the arts". His interests in the arts werewide-ranging from new depictionsof the natural world in the works of artists such as Jan Bruegheland Roelant Savery to the20NADFAS REVIEW / WINTER ARCHITECTURENOW & THE ARCHITECTUREOF THE OLYMPICSDate:30 March 2012Venue:Yehudi Menuhin Hall,Stoke D' Abernon, Cobham,Surrey KT11 3QQTutor:Anthea StreeterPrice:£16.50 (inc. coffee/tea andbiscuits) Contact:SAE to: AnnHollywood, 'Kames', 34 ParkRoad, Limpsfield, Oxted RH80AW or Anthea Streeter's first lecture willbring members up-to-date with EDUCATION: COURSESthe architectural scene in Britain today. Many of the buildings are those which haveeither won or been shortlisted for the annual RIBA Stirling Prizesince it was inaugurated in 1996.Among the projects which havecaught the public's imaginationrecently are Foster & Partners'distinctive 'Gherkin', Stirling Prize winner in 2004; and theScottish Parliament building,winner in 2005. The second lecture will look at the newstructures for the Olympics, suchas Zaha Hadid's Aquatic Centre atStratford's Olympic Park, designed by leadingarchitects. This lecture sets these buildings in the context ofboth their other work andprevailing trends in architecturetoday. Other modern buildings ofmerit that form the backdrop to theOlympic events will also beconsidered.THE ANGLO-SAXONCHRONICLE: THE OLD TESTAMENT OFENGLISH HISTORYDate:6 March 2012Venue:Foakes Memorial Hall,Great Dunmow CM6 1DGTutor:Sam NewtonTime: 10.30am-3.30pmPrice:£25 (inc. coffee & lunch)Contact:SAE please to DavidAreaCourses... across the country during winter 2011 and beyondEAST SURREYBelow: Discover medieval Moscow with Greater London AreaESSEXGREATER LONDON