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THE WALLACE COLLECTIONDate:19 March 2012THE FRICK COLLECTIONDate:23 April 2012Venue:Birmingham City LibraryTheatre, Chamberlain Square,Birmingham Tutor:Hilary WilliamsTime: 10.30am-3.30/4pmPrice:£23.50 per day (inc. coffeeon arrival but not lunch.Facilities are available to eat apacked lunch and there arenumerous cafes nearby)Contact:Maureen McRoberts, 3The Abbotsford, Barrack Street,Warwick CV34 4TH Tel: 01926495 696. Please include acheque payable to NADFASWest Midlands Area and a SAE. Application forms also availablefrom WORLD OF OTTOMANART: CERAMICS, TEXTILESAND MINIATURESDate:17 March 2012Venue:Clockhouse, Milford,Surrey GU8 5EZEDUCATION: COURSESOne of the dates published in theautumn Reviewfor the courseWomen in Art: practioners,performers, and women behindthe sceneswas incorrect. Thecorrect details are:WOMEN IN ART - SUBJECT,MUSE & MODELDate:17 February 2012Tutor:Lynne GibsonWOMEN ARTISTS FROM THE16TH TO THE 20TH CENTURIESDate:13 March 2012Tutor:Pamela HalfordWOMEN OF THE THEATREDate:2 April 2012Tutor:Frances HughesVenue:Oxford University Dept.of Continuing Education, RewleyHouse, 1 Wellington Square,Oxford OX1 2JATime: 10.30am-3.30pm Cost: £27 per study day or £75for all 3 study days (inc. coffee)Contact:Joy McWhirter Tel:01235 520232, AROUND BRITAIN IN 12 HOURSVenue:The Ark, Turners HillCost: £25 per day (inc. lunch)Contact:Lyn Main Tel: 01306743185 lynmain4@btinternet.comThis study series takes in all cornersof Britain, covering the diversity anduniqueness of British Art.LOOKING AT ART ANDARCHITECTURE OF IRELANDDate:23 January 2012Tutor:Tom DuncanSETTING THE SCENE -ENGLISH AND WELSHARTISTS AND LANDSCAPEDate:27 FebruaryTutor:Jo WaltonTHE UNIQUENESS OFSCOTTISH PAINTING 1880 TOTHE PRESENT DAYDate:30 MarchTutor:Vivien HeffernanNew Series: Private CollectionsEveline Eaton has beeninvited to become a memberof the Board of Trustees ofthe Dresden Trust, a charitywhich aims to promotereligious understanding andbelief and to help rebuild theFrauenkirche in Dresden as amemorial to all those whodied in air raids during theSecond World War.Judy Rudoe's recent bookJewellery in the Age ofQueen Victoria: A Mirror tothe World(co-authored withCharlotte Gere and publishedby the British Museum Press)has won the prestigiousWilliam MB Berger prize forBritish Art History, which isawarded annually to anoutstanding book forexhibition catalogue. Thebook uncovers whatVictorian jewellery meant tothe people who wore it andencompasses jewellery fromEurope and America. Thebook's first run has almostsold out and is currentlybeing reprinted.LECTURERSNEWS22NADFAS REVIEW / WINTER Explore the intricacies of textile design in The World of Ottoman Art(West Surrey Area)Tutor:Jane AngeliniTime:10am-1pmPrice:£17 (inc. coffee andhomemade cakes)Contact:Liz Coult, Cherry Trees, Mark Way, Godalming,Surrey GU7 Entering the World of Ottoman Art is somewhat like entering a rich furnishing store and leafing through pattern books full of intricate design, carpets,silks, embroideries and ceramics.The colours, designs and textures are designed to please the senses. We look atglazed Iznik ceramic, Turkishcarpets, sumptuous silks, turbans and kaftans and the'perfect pictures' -the art of the court miniaturists, whocreated delightful miniaturepaintings full of frankness, vitalityand vigour.SUSSEXWEST SURREYWEST MIDLANDSSOUTH MERCIA