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ROYAL PHOTOS26NADFAS REVIEW / WINTER her visit to Vindolanda Roman Fort,Hadrian's Wall, in May 1998, bendingdown to stroke a dog as she tours thesite. This dog, however, is Watney, a dorgibred by Her Majesty two years previouslyand passed to a friend living near Hexham,and what we are actually seeing is ahappy reunion between the two. The number of visits overseasundertaken by the Queen during her 60-year reign is unprecedented - in her SilverJubilee year alone, it was estimated thatthe Queen travelled 56,000 miles.Accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh,she visited Western Samoa, Australia,New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, Tasmania,Papua New Guinea, Canada and the WestIndies. Joining the royal couple on thesetours were the photographers, alwayshungry for a new image.To mark the 50th anniversary of theQueen's Accession in 2002, a GoldenJubilee Portfolio of photographic portraitsof Her Majesty was commissioned. Tenprominent photographers from Britain andthe Commonwealth were invited tophotograph the Queen, including JohnSwannell, Rankin, Polly Borland and thelate Lord Lichfield - who, for the first timein official royal photography, used digitaltechnology to create his portrait. PollyBorland's portrait of the Queen is includedin this Diamond Jubilee exhibition. It is aAbove:AtBadmintonHorse Trials,20 April 1968Inset:Wearing a Maori cloakduring her visit to NewZealand inFebruary 1977DIAMOND JUBILEECELEBRATIONSOther Royal Collection exhibitionscelebrating the Queen's DiamondJubilee throughout the UK in 2012include:Royal Treasures: A Diamond JubileeCelebrationThe Queen's Gallery, Palace ofHolyroodhouse16 March - 16 September 2012An exhibition of 100 outstanding works selected from the RoyalCollection.Tickets: 0131 556 5100Diamonds: A Jubilee CelebrationThe Summer Opening of Buckingham PalaceAugust and September 2012A spectacular exhibition showing themany ways in which diamonds havebeen used by British monarchs over thelast 200 years.Tickets: 020 7766 7300Ten Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci: A Diamond Jubilee Celebration Various locations throughout 2012Ten of Leonardo da Vinci's finestdrawings in the Royal Collection will tourto five venues across the UK. For more information on all theseexhibitions, Photos (l-r): © Anwar Hussein; John Scott, © Alpha Press REVIEW / WINTER 201127ROYAL PHOTOSstriking head-and-shoulders portrait setagainst a golden background to symbolisethe Golden Jubilee. Taken at BuckinghamPalace in December 2001, it is a record ofthe Queen in a contemporary context. It isinteresting to compare this with thephotograph of Queen Victoria taken in1887, the year of her Golden Jubilee. Thatportrait, attributed to John Thomson,portrays the Queen as she was - anelderly woman. Unlike the Borlandphotograph, there is nothing in the pictureto suggest 'Golden', nor indeed 'Queen'.This exhibition provides an eloquenttestimony to our enduring fascination withand affection for our Monarch, whethershe is photographed 'off duty' with mudon her shoes, or 'on duty' at the openingof Parliament, wearing George IV'sDiamond Diadem. The Queen: Sixty Photographs for SixtyYears; Windsor Castle; 4 Feb 2012 -Jan 2013. Contact: 020 7766 7304; details of a National Event atWindsor Castle, see page 8This page,clockwise fromtop right:The Queen andThe Duke ofEdinburgh withPresident John FKennedy and hiswife Jacquelinein 1961; reunitedin 1998 withWatney, a dorgibred by HerMajesty twoyears previously;1982 -visit tothe SolomonIslands; 1954 -preparing toinspect theGuard of Honouroutside OldhamTown Hall; at theState Opening ofParliament in2006; QueenVictoria in 1887;Golden Jubileeportrait of the Queen from 20024Photos, (clockwise from top right): © Press Association; Helen Smith © Hexham Courant; John Shelley, © Rex Features; © Hirst, Kidd and Rennie Ltd; © Ian Jones; Attributed to John Thomson; © Polly Borland/Camera Press