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52NADFAS REVIEW / WINTER old head on young shouldersThanks to a Patricia Fay Memorial Fund grant, a talented graduate with a passion for antique furniture iswell on his way to an exciting career in restorationNADFAS's Grants Committeestrives to support initiatives thatshare the Association's principlesand furthers learning within the arts. The Patricia Fay Memorial Fund makes it possible for NADFAS to help a vastarray of candidates in various arts-related fields. One such example is Bucks NewUniversity student Yohei Sakurai, who received a grant to aid his studiesfor a BA (Hons) in FurnitureConservation, Restoration andDecorative Arts.Having studied furniture design in his native Japan at Osaka University,Sakurai came to Europe in 2005 fuelledby his love of antique furniture and adesire to learn more about Westernantiques and decorative arts. It waswhile completing a Decorative ArtsCourse at Brera Academy in Milan thathe developed an interest in furniturerestoration, choosing to then go on andstudy in the UK. Sakurai speaks enthusiastically of the Bucks New University course,describing how: "I studied many thingsin relation to furniture conservation and restoration, including the skillsassociated with furniture making,construction restoration, marquetryGRANT GIVINGtechnique, gilding, surface treatmentrestoration and upholstery.Consequently, I would like to specialise in upholstery and gilding inthe future."After beginning the course in itssecond year thanks to his previousexperience, Sakurai proved himself to be exceptional at a number of specialistskills, re-upholstering, carving andgilding a Louis XIV-style giltwood fauteuil (see right) and also masteringBoulle marquetry and piece woodmarquetry techniques to createbeautifully intricate objects. Towards the end of the course,Sakurai's university received a grantfrom the Patricia Fay Memorial Fund,and the talented Sakurai was advised byhis tutor to apply for financial assistancetowards his final project. When speakingof his studies, Sakurai's passion for hissubject matter is clearly visible."Upholstery has many different workingprocesses and ways of thinking,depending on the chair style and period. For this reason, upholstery workalways presents new discoveries, and itis this that keeps me highly motivated inmy studies."Sakurai received £500 through theuniversity grant, which he used topurchase an 18th-century Venetiancandlestick for use on his final project."The purchase of this Italian piece wasimportant to me as it meant I could buildon my earlier experience of furniturerestoration." After painstakingly restoringthe candle to its former glory, he setabout using his newly acquired skills tocreate a replica that bears a masterfulresemblance to the original because, asSakurai explains, "ordinary candlestickscome as part of a set". Now graduated, the Japanese student is keen to introduce authenticWestern antiques to Japanese buyersand one of his goals is to organise aEuropean antiques exhibition in hishome country. For more information on the grant-giving guidelines and applicantcriteria, visit the NADFAS website Sakuraiwith his re-upholsteredLouis XIV-stylegiltwood fauteuil Left: Boullemarquetry madefrom pewter