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6NADFAS REVIEW / WINTER celebration of the Queen'sDiamond Jubilee there are a seriesof National Events taking place atsome of the royal residencesincluding Kensington Palace on21 June and Buckingham Palaceon 26 September, as well asother exciting opportunitiesoutside of London.Look out fordetails in future editions of theReviewand on FOR 201208 February:Concert atLincoln's Inn Chapel, 4.00pm29 March: Windsor Castle, dayand early evening programme 30 March:Concert at Queen'sChapel of the Savoy 2.00pm12 April: National Chairman's Event'Hepworth Wakefield' (pictured).See page 8 for full details.Wide range of National Events for 2012National NewsNational Association headlines and updates, plus news of events and projects from around the UKTrustee Boardnow recruitingThe NADFAS Board of Trustees isnow accepting applications frommembers wishing to stand in theupcoming elections in April. This year the Trustee Board isparticularly looking for memberswith an understanding ofInformation Technology systems,commercial experience; particularlywith a range of financial or legalissues at a senior level and/orspecific skills in audit and riskmanagement, as well as broadexperience of good governance inbusiness, public sector or not-for-profit organisations. For moreinsight into the rewarding role of aNADFAS Trustee, and for details ofhow to apply, see page 38. Thedeadline for completed nominationforms is 22 February 2012.Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt tweets NADFAS praisesNADFAS National Chairman GriHarrison, Chief Executive David Belland Heritage Volunteer ChairmanJuanita Sharman recently met withCulture Secretary Jeremy Hunt todiscuss the Association'sworthwhile work. Hunt laterexpressed his enthusiasm for NADFAS via the power of Twitter.NADFAS's presence on socialmedia sites and online is increasing,articles can be found at: www.twitter/NADFASor search 'NADFAS' onwww.facebook.comRight: David Bell, Gri Harrison,Jeremy Hunt and JuanitaSharman after their meetingJeremy_HuntJeremy HuntMet @NADFAS today. Heard about#arts education & #heritageconservation programmes. Greatexample of the power ofvolunteering in the arts Join the conversation REVIEW / WINTER 2011 7NEWSFrom November 2011 toMarch 2012, Minervawill beembarking on a visionarymulti-million pound upgrade.As well as retaining itscountry-house style ambiencefor just 350 passengers, thenew specification will feature23 per cent balcony suites, thecreation of spacious new publicareas, an upgrade of en-suitepassenger cabin facilities andimproved manoeuvrability andenvironmental performance.While Swan Hellenic sincerelyregrets any disruption this hascaused, the company stressedthat this is excellent news forthe future of the ship and islooking forward to introducingthe 'all-new' Minervawhen shereturns in March 2012. Elsewhere, NADFAS travelaffiliate Voyages of Discoveryhas unveiled a new fleet -Voyager. Formerly Alexandervon Humboldt, she has beenextensively upgraded and willbe joining the ever-popularDiscoveryin November 2012to provide an even widerchoice of close-cruisingitineraries to destinationsworldwide. Discoveryis alsoset to undergo an extensiveprogramme of upgradesduring an extended dry dockperiod. This will includecomplete refurbishment ofsome of the teak decking,public areas and cabins, plusdeveloping other dining areas.Meanwhile, Hebridean IslandCruises has announced a newRhine and Danube RiverCruises programme on boardthe Royal Crown river vessel.The ship has been selectedon account of her intimatesize and the on-boardambience indicative of a smallprivate yacht.Above: Explore withHebridean Island CruisesBelow: Swan Hellenic'sMinerva is getting an upgradeNADFAS travel affiliates get makeoverHow to take agood photoMany members have already takenadvantage of courses from NADFAS Houseoffering tips on how to take good photos foruse in the Reviewand local and nationalmedia, and there will be more of these nextyear. In the meantime, the following pointerswill help readers to ensure their photographscan be included in the Review.Whatever digital camera you have, always use your camera on the settingthat gives the largest size picture at thehighest quality.Selecting the best quality at the outset,the lowest ISO speed if available, andframing as close as possible should give afile size of at least 4-5Mb.A file must be at least 1Mb in size forNADFAS Reviewto be able to reproduceit at sufficient quality. Creating a printedimage that isn't blurry requires more pixelsthan when viewing it on a computerscreen, which is why the file size needs tobe as large as possible.