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SW Area Chairman Michael Jeans-Jakobssonoffers an insight into the tireless efforts of the Area's localSocieties to generate wider interest in the work of NADFASin all parts of the communitySouth West Area widens its reachAbove: Nina Gileswith judges (l-r)Martin Thomas,FRSA; Nick Bibby;Ruth Lewis and Gri Harrison Inset:Work by (l-r) KatieAndrew; PhoebeJames; Alex Ward(one of the finalists)

Approaching the end of my threeyears as Area Chairman promptsme to reflect on what I have triedto achieve. The job involves a great dealof detailed work and I have enjoyed itenormously. The regular meetings inLondon and the considerable amount ofadministration are more enjoyable thanyou might imagine, but the real work liesin visiting Societies to meet membersand in organising activities in the Area.Three aspects I was keen toconcentrate on were to encourage theformation of new Societies, to increaseinterest in Area meetings and to raisethe profile of the South West. We had a number of places in ourArea with no nearby Society, so it was areal thrill to have two Societies emergein Penzance and Okehampton, with thepossibility of a third very shortly.Our Area meetings tended to berather exclusive with concentration onbusiness and procedures. To addressthis, we have tried to widen the scopeby inviting up to four members ratherthan just the Chairmen. We have alsoendeavoured to reduce the businessside to increase opportunities fordiscussion and to have presentationsthat boost interest. We have had some great displays by our HeritageVolunteers, Church Recorders andYoung Arts Representatives and a muchbroader range of speakers. Ourexcellent venue provides a first-classbuffet at a reasonable price and wedon't charge for attendance.Finally, following the outstandingAntiques Show organised by mypredecessor, I am delighted that wehave bid successfully for the next 'out of town' National AGM in 2014 at Torquay. CONNECTING WITH THEYOUNGER GENERATIONA key Young Arts project for South WestArea over the last 12 months has beena photography and art competition forA-Level students across Cornwall, Devonand Somerset in partnership with theNational Trust. The project, headed upby South West Young Arts RepresentativeJanet Jopson and ably assisted byAngela Gilbert, now part of NADFASYoung Arts Team, was a NADFASinitiative that saw shortlisted entriesexhibited within National Trust venues. In October 2010, over 100 schools in the area were sent a poster andleaflet, which called for entries that hadbeen inspired by a visit to a NationalTrust property or grounds and thatfulfilled the title of the competition: Detail and Embellishment. From the vast number of entries, 25 finalists were selected to attend ajudging day at Buckland Abbey, nearYelverton, on 2 September. The judges,who included Richard Austin,photographer; Jeff Meyers, the editor ofPhotography Monthly, Martin Thomasfrom the National Trust regionalcommittee and art world and GriHarrison, National Chairman, namedPhoebe James from Churston GrammarSchool overall winner in thePhotographic Section for her imageinspired by Greenway. The runner-upwas Katie Andrew, a student fromNewquay Tretherras with herphotographic detail of a plant fromTrelissick. In the Fine Art category, NinaGiles and Lizzie Beresford, both fromBridgwater College, were named winnerand runner-up respectively for work thathad been inspired by a visit toBarrington Court. For Nina, taking part in thecompetition had a great impact on herapproach to art. She commented:"NADFAS has given me a much greaterinsight into the world of the arts. Thiscompetition has made me realise that Ican submit my own style of work ratherthan merely trying to anticipate what willbe liked by judges, which has given mea lot more faith in my artwork." Following finals day, an exhibition ofthe outstanding 25 short-listed entriestravelled to three National Trustproperties in the South West - Trerice,near Newquay, Greenway nearDartmouth and Killerton House, nearExeter - throughout the autumn. Theexhibition attracted a lot of coverage inthe local press, which in turn was anexcellent tool for generating coverage ofNADFAS and its work within the arts. The project has been received withgreat enthusiasm and many of theschools involved are already hoping foranother instalment. Bridgwater's Head ofArt, Mark Bunce, said: "The studentsare really delighted to be involved - theykeep asking when the next competitionwill be!" We welcome updates from memberswho would like to share details ofexciting projects and initiatives that havebeen taking place in their Area. Pleaseemail JanetJopson (far left)next to MichaelJeans-Jakobsson,is pictured withother NADFASmembers, localdignitaries andstudent InezWilliams at thelaunch of theTrerice exhibitionBelow left:NADFASChairman ofYoung ArtsDenise Topolski(centre), whostands betweenThe Duke ofSomerset andPhoebe James,joins localstudents at theGreenwayexhibition launchSOUTH WEST AREA REVIEW / WINTER 201165