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SOCIETIES NEWSLowry inLythamSocieties NewsA snapshot of Society and Area activities across the country66NADFAS REVIEW / WINTER an effort to attract newmembers and visitors, HorshamDFAS asked the local College ofRichard Collyer if students wouldproduce a set of publicity postersas part of a competition. Few hadheard of NADFAS, so as part ofthe brief, they were encouraged toresearch the Association's aimsand its contributions to the arts.The competitors, who produceda very high standard of work, (seeabove) remained anonymous tothe judges, so imagine theSociety's delight when the winner,Felix Prater, turned out to be thegrandson of one of Horsham'sfounder members, Nettie Oliphant. The competition is now in placefor the next two years and isincluded as part of the students'Art A-level coursework, while thewinning set of three posters willdisplay the Society's lectureprogramme throughout the year.'Mr Lowry in Lytham St Annes', aYoung Arts competition organisedby Fylde DFAS, has attractedplaudits in the local press andmerited an hour-long programmeon BBC Radio Lancashire. Theproject, involving eight schools,invited Year Six pupils to producework inspired by Lowry's visits tothe Fylde Coast. A successfulsocial evening and profits fromraffles met half the costs of theproject which was co-financed byawards from both Town andBorough Council funding streams.To encourage schools to takepart, Fylde DFAS worked with aCounty Council Schools advisorand framed the competition to cutacross subject areas and align withthe national curriculum. Entriesincluded paintings, collage,sculpture, song, dance, poetry andcreative writing. Individual pupils were awardedprizes and the school with the bestportfolio, Weeton Primary, won artsmaterials and a trip to the Lowrygallery in Salford.HorshamDFAS drumsup interestAbove:The winning entry Below: The competition winner with theMayoress of Fylde, Karen Henshaw and (right)with artist StanleyWarburton REVIEW / WINTER 2011 67SOCIETIES NEWSLight Hall School in Solihull has completed anambitious art project sponsored by ArdenDFAS, which saw students designing andmaking a stained glass window (pictured right)and two ceramic murals to be installed in thelibrary of a new building.The project began in 2010 with a designcompetition for the students around threethemes - Local Nature, My Town and MySchool. The three winning students wereawarded a prize and their designs wereincorporated into the project. The theme MySchool lent itself to the stained glass, while theother two designs were used for the CeramicMosaic Murals.The project became the body of work in theArt Department for Year 10 students during theschool year. The students became totallyinvolved as they learned new skills and saw thework progressing, even staying after school -such was their enthusiasm. The finished, verysuccessful project, is a work of art, which noneof the students will ever forget.Arden sponsorslibrary windowLeft: Pam Young recieves her box ofminiature treasuresWhat do epitaphs, bells, putti, a stonecross, hassocks, a Bible, stained glassand pub cards, all carefully placed in aPooh Bear box, have in common?On a very hot summer's day, after thepresentation of the Church Record to StNicholas, Thanington, the group met andgave the box to Pam Young to celebrateher 25 years of involvement with theCanterbury Church Recorders. Every member of the group contributedan item reflecting their Recordingspecialism. Size was the criterion as thebox was barely 18cm high, 9cm wideand 5cm in depth. The Recorders said that although thegifts were in miniature, the contributionmade by Pam to Church Recording hasbeen enormous.A small tributefrom CanterburyDFAS ChurchRecorders Camberley DFAScompletes royalcommissionOn 24 July, Carol Westcott, Church RecordingGroup Leader of Camberley DFAS, presented acompleted Record to the Revd David Chillmanduring morning service on the day of thePatronal Festival of St Anne's Church, Bagshot.This 19th-century church was commissionedby HRH Duke of Connaught, third son ofQueen Victoria, and contains numerous royalartefacts. The stained glass is particularlynoteworthy. Shown above is the Duke ofConnaught's Garter Banner, damaged by a firein 2005, which has been framed and re-hungthanks to fundraising events by parishionersand a contribution from CDFAS Heritage fund.EDFAS makes historyThe St Bennet's group of the Edinburgh DFASbranch of Church Recorders recently presenteda copy of their Record to His EminenceCardinal Keith Patrick O'Brien, Archbishop of StAndrew's and Edinburgh. It is the first time theprivate chapel of a cardinal has been recorded,and it also covered the cardinal's house andextensive library.