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26New@BETT 2012 sponsored 11th January 2012TRACKSESSION TITLELED BYTIMEROOMHASHTAGFEECODEEducation LeadersWhat role should ICT play in compulsory education in the 21st century?Dr. Peter Twining, Director, Vital & Senior Lecturer, Open UniversityICT - Learning & TeachingCreating a self organized learning environment Shaz Lawrence, Professional Development Trainer, Catholic Telemedia Network (USA)SENA journey through transition - working with the under fivesEmma Kemp, Consultant10.30-ICT - Learning & TeachingICT and learning impact - feedback on the use of the Kindle, Kinect and iPod Touch in schoolsDuncan Garbett, Regional Manager, Vital; Dr. Steve Bunce, ICT CPD Leader, VitalLeadersTBCAndy Palmer, Director of Education and Skills, BT11.30-SENTBCTBC12.00-ICT - Learning & TeachingProviding a pathway to careers in engineering/science for the 21st CenturyBryan Williams, Independent education consultant12.30-LeadersTransforming and enriching learning through virtual desktopsSanjesh Sharma, Independent educational technologist12.45-SENBrilliant ideas to use ICT in the inclusive classroomAngela McGlashon; Sal McKeown13.30-ICT - Learning & TeachingTouch screens for grade 1 & 2 students: focus on movement and learning using interactive toolsJohn Klesner, Pedagogical ICT Consultant, Favrskov Muncipality (Denmark)LeadersDeveloping a multi-media centre in a small school: from vision to realityRachel Tilden Walker, Chair of Governors, Steeple Claydon Combined School; Becky Ellers, Headteacher, Steeple Claydon Combined SchoolICT - Learning & TeachingUsing screen capture to revolutionise the way we provide feedbackRussell Stannard, Principal Lecturer, Warwick UniversitySENPrimary school music teacher wanted - no experience necessary: ICT to support non-music specialists in teaching musicDr Benjaman Schögler, Creative Director, Skoog MusicLeadersBroad Community educational parternships to build the science and technology workforce of the futureNorman Lee, MindSet - Manitoba Network for Science and Technology (Canada)ICT - Learning & TeachingRethinking ICT pedagogy - how we learn about computers inside and outside schoolMiles Berry, Subject Leader ICT Education, Roehampton UniversitySENMaking textbooks accessible to allE.A. Draffan, Research Fellow, University of SouthamptonLeadersHelping schools through the process of ICT self review, strategic development and action planning: simple tools that make a differenceLydia Johnson, Educational Advisor, Essex County CouncilICT - Learning & TeachingImproving the standards of both literacy and curriculum engagement at age 11 by teaching 'e-literacy'Kate Ruttle, Deputy Head, Great Heath Primary SchoolThursday 12th January 2012TRACKSESSION TITLELED BYTIMEROOMHASHTAGHOW ICT - Learning & TeachingeTwinning - the community for schools in Europe: teachers and pupils collaborating, working and learning togetherClaus Berg, Chief Consultant, UNI-C, The Danish IT Centre for Education and ResearchICT - Buying & IntegratingSchool Library design - designed for the futureTricia Adams, Director, School Library Association10.15-Education level key: Early Years Resources Primary School Resources Secondary School Resources

New@BETT 2012 sponsored level/type10.30-11.15Gallery Room 2#LearnLiveLD01£15LD01 10.30-11.15TBC#LearnLiveLT01£15LT01 Consultant10.30-11.30SEN Theatre#LearnLiveSN01£15SN01 11.30-12.15Apex room#LearnLiveLT02£15LT02BT11.30-12.30TBC#LearnLiveLD02FREELD02SENTBCTBC12.00-13.00TBC#LearnLiveSN02FREESN02consultant12.30-13.30Apex room#LearnLiveLT03FREELT03technologist12.45-13.45Gallery Room 2#LearnLiveLD03FREELD03McKeown13.30-14.30SEN Theatre#LearnLiveSN03£15SN03 13.45-14.30Apex room#LearnLiveLT04£15LT0414.00-14.45Gallery Room 2#LearnLiveLD04£15LD0414.45-15.45Apex room#LearnLiveLT05FREELT0515.00-16.00SEN Theatre#LearnLiveSN04FREESN0415.00-16.00Gallery Room 2#LearnLiveLD05£15LD0516.00-16.45Apex room#LearnLiveLT06£15LT06 16.30-17.30SEN Theatre#LearnLiveSN05£15SN05 16.30-17.30Gallery Room 2#LearnLiveLD06£15LD06 17.00-17.45Apex room#LearnLiveLT07£15LT07 BYTIMEROOMHASHTAGFEECODEEDUCATION LEVEL10.15-11.00Apex room#LearnLiveLT08£15LT08 Association10.15-11.00Club room#LearnLiveBU01£15BU01 Resources Further & Higher Education Resources SEN Resources Seminars subject to change.