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New@BETT 2012 sponsored level/type10.30-11.15Gallery Room 2#LearnLiveLD01£15LD01 10.30-11.15TBC#LearnLiveLT01£15LT01 Consultant10.30-11.30SEN Theatre#LearnLiveSN01£15SN01 11.30-12.15Apex room#LearnLiveLT02£15LT02BT11.30-12.30TBC#LearnLiveLD02FREELD02SENTBCTBC12.00-13.00TBC#LearnLiveSN02FREESN02consultant12.30-13.30Apex room#LearnLiveLT03FREELT03technologist12.45-13.45Gallery Room 2#LearnLiveLD03FREELD03McKeown13.30-14.30SEN Theatre#LearnLiveSN03£15SN03 13.45-14.30Apex room#LearnLiveLT04£15LT0414.00-14.45Gallery Room 2#LearnLiveLD04£15LD0414.45-15.45Apex room#LearnLiveLT05FREELT0515.00-16.00SEN Theatre#LearnLiveSN04FREESN0415.00-16.00Gallery Room 2#LearnLiveLD05£15LD0516.00-16.45Apex room#LearnLiveLT06£15LT06 16.30-17.30SEN Theatre#LearnLiveSN05£15SN05 16.30-17.30Gallery Room 2#LearnLiveLD06£15LD06 17.00-17.45Apex room#LearnLiveLT07£15LT07 BYTIMEROOMHASHTAGFEECODEEDUCATION LEVEL10.15-11.00Apex room#LearnLiveLT08£15LT08 Association10.15-11.00Club room#LearnLiveBU01£15BU01 Resources Further & Higher Education Resources SEN Resources Seminars subject to change.

28New@BETT 2012 sponsored 12th January 2012 continuedTRACKSESSION TITLELED BYTIMEROOMHASHTAGFEECODEEducation LeadersResearch evidence on the capacity of ICT to transform teaching and learning: a view from a BSF schoolDavid Haw, Deputy Headteacher, Oxclose Community SchoolSENMyStudyBar: a tool which helps overcome problems that students commonly experience with studying, reading and writingCraig Mill, e-inclusion advisor10.30-ICT - Learning & TeachingWhy verify e-safety teaching in schools?James Garnett, Lead ICT Project Executive (Online Safety), United Learning Trust; David Miles, Director Europe, Middle East & Africa, The Family Online Safety Institute ICT - Buying & IntegratingTBCTBC11.15-LeadersThe importance of the new technologies in the strategic leadership of schools and collegesTBC11.30-SENThe use of visual strategies to support learners of all abilities and disabilities in mixed settingsCarol Allen, Advisory Teacher for ICT and SEN, North Tyneside Local AuthorityICT - Learning & TeachingLoosening the bolts of technology to enable interactive teaching & learningSharon Tonner, Lecturer in Primary Education, University of DundeeICT - Buying & Integrating21st Century ICT in schools: sustainable implementation of visual interactive technologiesKathryn Macauley, Deputy Headmistress - Operations & Communications, The Abbey School, ReadingLeadersDelivering the promises ICT makes for school improvement and personalised learning - leadership is the missing linkMats Rosenkvist, CEO, InfoMentor; Graham Cotgreave, Learning Consultant; Dr Sveta Mayer, Research Partner ICT - Learning & TeachingUsing the web to engage parents and childrenTim Handley, Teacher, Woodlands Primary SchoolSENOnline accessibility - UK and european approaches to meeting the challengeJohn Galloway, Advisor ICT/SEN Inclusion, London Borough of Tower HamletsICT - Buying & IntegratingPedagogical improvements and value for money from ICT investment in primary and secondary schoolsSheyne Lucock, General Inspector (ICT), Barking & Dagenham LALeadersStudying the efficacy of integrated tools designed to streamline student administration across a public school systemDr. Tyrone Bynoe, Associate Professor of Education, University of the CumberlandICT - Learning & TeachingEffective instruction in the digital classroom: designing a quality framework for world class teaching and learning within the new pedagogical landscapeKaren Mahon, Global Senior Manager, Learning Sciences, DYMO/Mimio; Dr. T.V. Joe Layng, Director of Learning Sciences, DYMO/MimioICT - Buying & IntegratingCase study: building a learning community using Moodle across 21 schoolsPaul White, Learning Technology Adviser, English Schools Foundation schools in Hong KongSEN15.00-LeadersHow to manage the use of social media in schoolsLeon Cych, Social Media for Schools CIC15.00-ICT - Buying & IntegratingThe digital science lab - for less than £100Ed Walsh, Science Advisor, Cornwall Learning15.45-ICT - Learning & TeachingTBCTBC15.45-Education level key: Early Years Resources Primary School Resources Secondary School Resources