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34New@BETT 2012 sponsored 13th January 2012 continuedTRACKSESSION TITLELED BYTIMEROOMHASHTAGFEECODEEducation LeadersExploiting information technology in education - the leaders' perspectiveMike Briscoe, Director, IET Associates; Hannah Jones, Founder & Director, Connecting LearningSENTBCTBC13.30-ICT - Buying & IntegratingFlexible learning in higher education - using LMS as supportAtle Kristensen, Advisor ICT and Education, University of Nordland (Norway)ICT - Learning & TeachingTBCTBC14.30-LeadersMotivating students for science, technology, engineering and maths educationAlexa Joyce, Senior Corporate Development Manager, European SchoolnetSENMaking the best use of ICT to support dyslexic learnersVictoria Crivelli, Senior Specialist Teacher, (SEN, Dyslexia & ICT) & Team Training Manager, Childrens' Services WorcesterhireICT - Buying & IntegratingVideo conferencing for learning: saving money and timeMina Patel, Chair, UK VC Partnerships Group & Consultant for; Suzanne Ship, Head Teacher, Engayne Primary School; Dave Smith, ICT Advisor, London Borough of Havering; Tim Boundy, Schools Content Co-ordinator, JANET; Larry Gallery, Membership Development & K-12 Program Manager NYSERNET; Roger Bloxham, Consultant; Lynda Burgess, Education Manager, Education Alberta; Minna Helynen, Educational Developer and Trainer, City of TampereICT - Learning & TeachingTree of Knowledge - Achieving FLOW in the classroom!Gavin Oattes, Managing Director, Tree of KnowledgeICT - Buying & IntegratingGetting IT for FreeRob Ellis, eLearning Consultant, @icttalk; Barbara Cram, eLearning Consultant, Southern eLearning AssociatesLeadersSafe and sound: school leaders' experiences of four key areas of e-safetyMike Briscoe, Director, IET Associates; Paul Shoesmith, Director, IET Associates; Hannah Jones, Founder & Director, Connecting LearningSENConsidering Accessibility when designing learning materials for Free Virtual Learning Environments such as MOODLE.Darren Hirst, Lecturer Foundation Learning/ Accessible Technology Lead, Chesterfield CollegeICT - Learning & TeachingEnhancing learning and teaching with online videoTheo Kuechel, Naace Fellow17.00-Saturday 14th January 2012TRACKSESSION TITLELED BYTIMEROOMHASHTAGFEECODEEducation ICT - Buying & IntegratingValue for money: not simply a question of procuring the right services at the best priceMike Briscoe, Director, IET Associates; Hannah Jones, Founder & Director, Connecting Learning; Paul Shoesmith, Director, IET AssociatesICT - Learning & TeachingLearning Platforms - alive and teeming with ideas for 2012Alex Rees, School Improvement Adviser, London Borough of RedbridgeICT - Learning & TeachingEffective teacher buy-in to IWB implementationAdina Popa, Technology Resource Teacher/Staff Developer, Loudoun County Public Schools (USA); Tammie Mihet, lead trainer for schoolwide technology implementation SENAre UK schools healthy when it comes to online safety?David Wright, eSafety Consultant, SWGfL10.30-Education level key: Early Years Resources Primary School Resources Secondary School Resources