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New@BETT 2012 sponsored level/type13.30-14.30Gallery Room 2#LearnLiveLD15£15LD15 SENTBCTBC13.30-14.30SEN Theatre#LearnLiveSN13TBCSN1314.30-15.15Club room#LearnLiveBU12£15BU12TBCTBC14.30-15.30TBC#LearnLiveLT19TBCLT1915.00-16.00Gallery Room 2#LearnLiveLD16£15LD1615.00-16.00SEN Theatre#LearnLiveSN14£15SN14 15.30-16.15Club room#LearnLiveBU13£15BU13 15.45-16.45Apex room#LearnLiveLT20FREELT2016.30-17.15Club room#LearnLiveBU14£15BU14 16.30-17.30Gallery Room 2#LearnLiveLD17£15LD17 16.30-17.30SEN Theatre#LearnLiveSN15£15SN15 Fellow17.00-17.45Apex room#LearnLiveLT21£15LT21 BYTIMEROOMHASHTAGFEECODEEducation level/type10.15-11.00Club room#LearnLiveBU15£15BU15 10.30-11.15Apex room#LearnLiveBU16£15BU16 10.30-11.15Gallery Room 2#LearnLiveBU17£15BU17 SWGfL10.30-11.30SEN Theatre#LearnLiveBU18£15BU18 Resources Further & Higher Education Resources SEN Resources Seminars subject to change.

36New@BETT 2012 sponsored 14th January 2012 continuedTRACKSESSION TITLELED BYTIMEROOMHASHTAGFEECODEEducation ICT - Buying & IntegratingSwinging across the chasm of technology adoption: making sure your organisation gets maximun impact from its ICT investmentSteve Warburton, Lead Consultant, Releasing SuccessICT - Learning & TeachingRepresenting your information and data: Improving staff access to knowledgeFraser Rackham, Data Manager (Associate Staff Governor), Grey Court SchoolICT - Learning & TeachingThe school of the future - immersive learning with touch screen desktop computers and interactive open source technologies.Darren Murphy, Head of ICT, The Hall SchoolSENCyberbullying - effects and consequences on young people, teachers and schoolsCharlotte Aynsley, Director of Practice, BeatbullyingICT - Buying & IntegratingTeaching live - using Twitter in the classroomEmma Chandler, Teacher of Cultural Studies, Emerson Park SchoolICT - Learning & TeachingCreating online spaces to promote high performanceDr. Sarah Dauncey, E-Learning Consultant, Rural LearningICT - Learning & TeachingEmbedding ICT across the curriculum in primary schoolsDave Smith, ICT Advisor, London Borough of Havering; Miles Berry, Subject Leader ICT Education, Roehampton UniversityICT - Buying & IntegratingBanning mobile phones from the lecture theatre - the case againstKevin Brunton, Disability Needs Assessor/Disability IT Co-ordinator, London Metropolitan UniversityICT - Learning & TeachingMission: Explore - creative curriculum design through fieldworkAlan Parkinson, Secondary Curriculum Development Leader, Geographical AssociationICT - Learning & TeachingCollaborations - working without walls, learning without limits - exploring new digital learning dialoguesJan Webb, Class teacher/ICT coordinator, Weston Village Primary SchoolSENUsing SMS to engage reluctant readers with text - a small project describedCarol Rainbow, ICT Consultant, Oxfordshire LAICT - Buying & IntegratingEmbedding the use of social networks into the curriculumBeth Smith, College Librarian, Catmose CollegeICT - Learning & TeachingAccessing learning - using assistive technology to support students with PMLDLaura Holmes and colleagues from the Assistive Technology Centre, Ty Gwyn Special SchoolICT - Learning & TeachingMaths remediation - a multi-sensory approachSarah Wedderburn, SEN teacher and lecturer, UnicornmathsICT - Buying & IntegratingFunctionality for Functional Skills - the Skills In-Sight Initial Assessment Toolkit for blind and partially sighted learners.Sue Grewcock, Project Manager, Action for Blind PeopleSENBeyond interventions- the use of coaching to raise attainment with the hard to reach: a sustainable approach.John Draper, Headteacher, Swaythling Primary SchoolSecure your place at a Learn Live seminar of your choice for just £15 + VAT at When you have registered, you will receive an email confirming your booking and containing the details. Your booked sessions will be listed on your badge at the show, so please bring your badge number so you are able to print your badge at the entrance. Education level key: Early Years Resources Primary School Resources Secondary School Resources