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New@BETT 2012 sponsored for Young ScientistsEncyclopaedia Britannica (stand J5) will highlight new research that reveals new scientific misconceptions among students are slowing down lessons, and will launch a new product designed to combat the problem. Nearly a third of science teachers, Britannica says, report that they are forced to re-teach topics and untangle wrong ideas. As a result, the company is launching Britannica Pathways: Science, an online teaching resource for KS3 designed to clarify difficult scientific concepts, support independent learning, and provide access to reliable and accurate information.Genom 2.0 is a new software application for biology at KS 2, 3 and 4 from Hungarian developer E-Animations Corporation (stand SW38). Featuring 112 models in a 3D environment, the program covers the human body, animals, and plants. Usable on multiple platforms from the interactive whiteboard to mobile devices, Genom provides predefined views, keystage selection, information hotspots and more.Data Harvest (stand Q40) will launch a variety of new products for science, including a thermal infrared camera, the Moway software for teaching robotics, control, technology and electronics, and Science in Sport, a new CD offering 44 experiments linking science and sport. Also new is a pair of control sets developed in conjunction with K'NEX that work with the latter's fairground models, as well as a series of virtual 3D K'NEX simulations in software.PHYWE Systeme (stand R90) will launch a new X-ray experimentation chamber that promises to open up new possibilities for the use of x-rays in the science lab. With an emphasis on safety using unbreakable acrylic glass, the chamber features a larger experimentation chamber, improved viewing thanks to large windows on three sides, self-calibration and quick tube change technology, and an integrated, locking storage drawer.Globisens (stand Q26) will launch Labdisc, an all-in-one, wireless data logging unit with up to 12 built-in sensors. Enabling investigations in fields including environmental science, physics, biology and chemistry, the unit is available in versions suitable for all levels from primary to university, and promises to save teachers hours of setup and calibration time.Timstar Laboratory Suppliers (stand F96) will introduce its uLog Datalogging System featuring sensors that plug directly into the computer without requiring separate datalogging equipment. Controlled by software that is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, the system can be run on almost any device from desktop PCs to tablets, and data can be transferred to any other software including spreadsheets, word processors and email applications. Because the device takes power from the host computer, no batteries are required.X-Ray Vision: Experimentation chamber from PHYWE

40New@BETT 2012 sponsored and Technologies to Count OnEasimaths is a new interactive, online resource from RM (stand C60 & D60). Colourful characters, games and puzzles guide pupils through the maths national curriculum from levels 1 to 5 in a range of structured activities. Accessible via any web-enabled device, the software lets students work from the classroom or from home, and additional support materials are also available.Axlesoft (stand IN-1) is a new software company making its debut at BETT and will launch Mavis - the Maths Visualisation Software. Designed to assist secondary teachers with A Level Maths, Further Maths and Statistics, Mavis provides a range of interactive resources featuring animated graphs and diagrams in 2D and 3D, many of which are new but also including interactive versions of familiar textbook illustrations. For teachers, the Mavis Lesson Planner provides an easy way to organise resources, and new teachers can benefit from pre-prepared lesson plans.Cabrilog (stand SW45) will introduce a new range of maths notebooks for primary schools, as well as featuring its full range of Cabri software for all pupils from primary to university level.Daydream Education (stand L55) is offering BETT Show visitors £250 of free resources from the company's range of wall charts, interactive content packs and other software. Teachers can also get an exclusive preview of the new maths software to be introduced at BETT 2012.Blue Duck Education (stand H56) will showcase its range of online maths games for primary and secondary schools at the website. Drawing on experience in computer gaming, combines original and high-quality games with curriculum-compliant subjects to provide students with a challenging and inspiring learning experience. All of the games are freely available although teachers can purchase statistics and additional information.Primary Games (stand N36) will launch Maths Pack Four, the latest version of the BETT Award-winning series. The new version is available on CD or online as part of the company's website at, which features more than 600 resources linked to maths objectives.High scores: Maths at from Blue Duck EducationZulogic (stand K11) will launch a new version of Zu3D, the cross-curriculum animation studio. While making it quick and easy to create animated films, Zu3D presents a number of advanced features, including automatic chroma-keying, unlimited layers of audio and video, title effects and advanced drawing tools. It also includes an extensive library of sound effects, music, graphics, backgrounds and titles.SHORTS