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by43New@BETT 2012 sponsored the World to the ClassroomVocab Express (stand U44) will launch a new national competition for students of modern foreign languages to take place in spring 2012. The free, week-long Vocab Express National Language Championship will encourage students and schools to pit themselves against their peers in the UK and Ireland in languages including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, Urdu and Latin. Individuals will compete online to test their vocabulary, scoring points for their own and their school's position in leaderboards that will be updated in real time. A tiered system of awards will recognise the achievements of small, medium and large schools.UK2U Education (stand SW68) will highlight Langeroo Poland, a new version of the language software with supporting website for Polish students learning English as a Foreign Language. A Chinese version for Taiwan is close to completion, and there are plans to develop a Welsh version for teaching Welsh in primary schools in Wales.Herff Jones Education (stand F121) will demonstrate StrataLogica, a new web-based resource, powered by the Google Earth API, that combines the company's 100-year expertise in maps, globes and atlases in a content-rich, interactive application. Being web-based, StrataLogica is available on any web-enabled device, including PCs, laptops or interactive whiteboards and allows students to share and collaborate with others around the world.EU4Schools (stand IN-15) is a new resource for schools that can be used as the basis for a standalone course, or as a module within other courses, as well as being applicable to a number of curriculum subjects. Consisting of a range of guided projects and online activities, the host website includes information, specially-written texts and images, as well as a list of resources and other websites designed to develop research and communication skills.Playing History is a new 3D adventure game from Serious Games Interactive (stand S57). Using animated characters and colourful graphics in a 3D virtual world, the game aims to focus on the role of the individual and their challenges in world history and the living conditions in different historical periods. Nominated for a BETT Award 2012, Playing History is now available with two modules, the Slave Trade, and The Plague.Channel 4 Learning (stand C30) will demonstrate News Hub, the latest addition to the Clipbank cross-curricular learning service. Featuring extensive news resources for KS 3 and 4, the service includes a Daily News Blast arriving each day by 8am, weekly news bites to summarise events that include modern foreign language versions; and English GCSE Spoken Language resources.Serious but fun: Playing History from Serious Games Interactive

44New@BETT 2012 sponsored yearsDeveloping Pre-school and PrimaryEarly Years World is a new subscription service for nurseries and childminders from Sherston Software (stand B56). Featuring a collection of mini-adventures and interactive activities, Early Years World allows children from 2 to 5 years to build IT skills, maths, problem-solving and phonics. It is available both on- and offline.StoryPhones (stand V35) will introduce a range of new titles and resources, including audio stories supporting the Bug Club Reading Scheme published by Pearson. Also new are language resources from Language Nut, the full range of Ros Bayley's Beat Baby Raps from Lawrence Educational, and songs from Jolly Phonics. The company will also showcase a new range of Content Collections covering eight themes including Non-Fiction, Books for Boys, and Letters and Sounds.In addition to Bug Club, Pearson (stand B40 & C40) will demonstrate The Zone, a series of apps, games and resources for primary maths. Support for iPad and iPhone promise to help engage pupils and parents in learning maths at home.Rising Stars (stand B25) will showcase Switched On ICT, a new scheme from primary schools that provides a range of technologies and tools that are free to schools. Designed to develop ICT skills as part of the wider curriculum, the scheme encourages pupils and teachers to engage in activities such as blogging, wiki creation and animation.Pora Ora (stand T16) will introduce new games and activities for the eponymous Online World, which launched at BETT 2011. Other enhancements include extended social networking through the site, and a new internet safety quest that children need to complete in order to unlock advanced functions, learning online safety as they progress.Visitors can see and experience a new digital resource for primary schools from Oddizzi (stand P47). Content includes an interactive world map, written materials, thousands of images and videos, and games designed support teaching of geography, literacy, art, MFL, PHSEE, citizenship, and multicultural topics.TTS Group (stand P22) will launch a host of educational devices, brightly coloured and with controls ideal for small hands. Many are rechargeable, eliminating the cost of battery replacement. Among the range are the See 'N' Speak magnifier with digital audio recording, rechargeable stopwatches, the Bee-Bot programmable robot, and for young scientists a range of devices including the Vein-Viewer microscope.Q&D Multimedia (stand B39) will highlight the latest developments to, the dedicated early years subscription service that won last year's BETT Award for Early Years and Primary Digital Content. The site now holds more than 120 educational games, and a new one is added every month.Fun-filled learning: the world of Pora Ora