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advertorial features53KCC Commercial ServicesStand S80Financially constrained school IT departments across the country can take advantage of a new Cloud Computing hardware and software solution from Technical Services called Ubiquitous. The organisation, part of Commercial Services, is offering education establishments the opportunity to benefit from this latest development in computing services solutions, supported by a range of specialist furniture/FF&E applications working hand-in-hand to deliver your total IT requirements as a tailor-made total solution.Being part of Kent County Council provides a strong knowledge base of the education sector to tailor a completely hosted or partially hosted service designed around the sector's specific needs. Technical Services upgrade complete systems and take the onerous and time-consuming aspects of IT care to a new level of managed service. They provide new hardware and software solutions, including cloud based and dedicated on-site servers.The advantage of a cloud based system for servers is increased data security, off-site back-up and regaining the physical space traditionally used by servers. A main benefit for the education sector is enabling schools to increase the number of computer monitors and laptop computers available to pupils while maintaining budgets.Ubiquitous Desktop Solutions® helps the sector reach its environmental goals through reduced carbon footprint. The necessity for constant power to the servers and dedicated air-conditioning systems is removed as the servers go off-site.Key benefits include longer lifecycle of hardware, reduced software licence costs, secure automated off-site back up and facilitates working remotely from other locations. Environmental benefits include increased energy efficiency: a typical Ubiquitous Sun Ray unit consumes about 20w per hour (including server power consumed), compared with 150W for the average PC - an 86% power saving!Come and see us on Stand S80 to find out more.http://education.ubiquitousdesktop.comExtending the life of your Dell ProductsIn the current economic climate it is vital for all organisations to get the maximum from their investment in IT equipment. Computers are being used for many more hours per week and are being replaced less frequently. This inevitably means that spares will be required to keep everything working. Hardware Associates has specialised in supplying Dell spare parts to organisations throughout the UK and Europe since 1997. The customer service team has built up huge product knowledge, this invariably means they can find a cost effective solution to any spares problem. Educational establishments are tough environments for IT equipment to survive in. Hardware Associates know the type of parts that will be required e.g. fans, power supplies, motherboards, optical drives, keyboards and screens. Upgrading can also significantly extend the life of IT equipment. Memory, processors and hard drives are always available from stock. Hardware Associates has noticed a trend towards individual education establishments procuring parts directly. In recognition of this the company has streamlined the buying process, accounts can be set up instantly in order to get parts shipped without delay.Hardware Associates are exhibiting for the first time at BETT. Visit stand J69 to discuss all your Dell spares requirements.Tel: 01428 707900 www.hardwarespares.comStand J69

54New@BETT 2012 sponsored the Admin BurdenRM Intelligence is a new dashboard system for the school MIS from RM (stand D60). The graphical interface lets teachers take large amounts of complex data from the MIS and presents them in easy-to-read charts and graphs. Student details, behavioural records, attendance, grades and exam results are all available in broad or detailed views.A new Management Information System from Archimedes (stand T27), designed to be highly customizable and bringing data capture, analysis and communication together in a single platform.Alfiesoft (stand A26) will launch Testbank, the follow-up to the award-winning Alfie qbank. Testbank comes in a range of editions to suit all schools and budgets, from the free version that provides online assessment from the 2007 SATs in Maths, English and Science, to the Academy edition that provides more than 8,000 questions, 300 ready-to-run tests and featuring dynamic integration with Capita SIMS. AQA (stand G65) will launch mytutor, a live and online service that provides real-time tutoring from UK-based tutors in KS2 and KS3 Maths and English. The company is recruiting tutors at BETT, offering teachers the opportunity of flexible hours and the ability to work from home, as well as training in the use of the online whiteboard. They will also receive a free enhanced CRB check and CPD certificate on completion of training.A new version of the popular Connecting Steps assessment software will be launched by BSquared (stand E80). Available in paper-based and software, the assessment range covers English, Maths, Science, ICT, PHSE & Citizenship, Geography, History, Art & Design, DT, Music, RE, PE and MFL across the P Levels and up to National Curriculum Level 5, as well as the EYFS, Milestones/Pre Entry Levels and Entry Levels 1 - 3. The system not only shows the skills achieved but also identifies the skills required to complete levels, helping teachers with planning. Additional analysis software is also available.Capita Business Services (stand D20) will have a number of new products on show. They include a new version of the Financial Management System especially for academies, the latest version of SIMS Discover for tracking achievements, behaviour and attendance, with new support for Ebacc subjects, and a new Homework Diary extension to the SIMS Learning Gateway.Cloudware (stand SW11) is a first-time exhibitor at BETT and will launch a new Cloud-based information service that uses Google Cloud services. It includes Aladdin Schools, a Tutoring anytime, anywhere: myTutor from AQA