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New@BETT 2012 sponsored school administration system that gives headteachers improved management services and communication with staff and parents, services for LEA managers working with primary schools, and access to the Google Apps Education Edition of online document applications.eSchools (stand M49) will follow its Primary School integrated management system with the launch of a version for secondary schools. Designed to help teachers, students, parents and office staff in all areas of secondary school life, the system integrates teaching, learning and reporting. Also new is an iPhone or Android phone app that provides acces to the system from anywhere at any time.Boardworks (stand A31) will showcase MyWorks, a new online homework and assessment package that provides self-marking quizzes accessible from any Internet-connected computer. Results can be viewed by the teacher, pupil and parent. As part of the scheme, an Ebacc Suite is also available for students working to the English Baccalaureate certificate.Frog Trade (stand M50) will showcase its new school improvement tool, a free online tool accessible from within the Frog system, that helps leaders evaluate technology use and work to action plans to achieve is a new product from Just2Easy (stand N65). The online system lets teachers create web-based teaching resources with minimal training. Subscription and non-subscription services, custom content, forms, widgets and Google Apps can be created and deployed for instant access. Also new is j2e5, an HTML5 page creator.Making its BETT debut, MailFinder (stand SW15) will launch a new application of the same name that aims to simplify the lives of teachers by making it simple to communicate with any and all of a pupil's teachers. The software automatically identifies the relevant staff and makes it simple to send email to each.Schools looking for sustainable solutions should visit Big Green Book (stand W60), which will launch a new Sustainability Guide and Directory in May 2012. The book will include a 'how to' guide as well as a directory of companies offering sustainable services, categorized by region.Life, the universe and everything: MyWorks from Boardworks It's Learning (stand D50) will unveil an upgrade to its learning platform at BETT. The redesigned colours, icons, menus, tabs and background images have all been transformed to improve the learning experience and also offer the ability to provide an icon-only based interface that is more suited to Primary level users. Also new is an Apps Library, which delivers instant access to content providers including Encyclopaedia Britannica, J2e, Education City and Espresso. Users can have this content fully integrated into their courses through the new interface.SHORTS

56New@BETT 2012 sponsored engagementReaching Beyond the School GateGroupcall (stand E46) will demonstrate how Emerge, the newest addition to its portfolio of communication products for education, will integrate with Messenger, the company's popular system for parental communication. Emerge delivers up-to-date information from a school's MIS system on an anytime-anywhere basis to a teacher equipped with any WiFi or 3G iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Integration of the two programs will let teachers communicate with parents in real time.Scholabo (stand I-N7) is a new online paperless communication system designed to connect schools, teachers and parents. Scholabo makes school to home communications available to parents anytime, anywhere, from quick updates, email reminders, uploading and sharing documents and newsletters, checking homework assignments, managing school and classroom events, to private documents such as reports..Oxford Owl is a newly expanded website from Oxford University Press (stand F110), designed to help parents with childrens learning at home. Originally launched to help with reading up to the age of 7, the site now incorporates maths resources and extends the age range up to 11 years.Oakford (stand D155a) will showcase Parent Portal, a parental engagement solution that extracts data such as attendance and assessment reports from the school MIS system and presents it to parents in an accessible form. ParentMail (stand A16) will launch a portable iPad version of its eponymous software, which will allow teachers to communicate with parents and the school from remote locations such as a field trip, as well as to handle registration and electronic payments.RM (stand D60) will show the latest version of its Learning Platform, which has been reconfigured to allow parents to log on at home and access information such as learner feedback, exam results, forthcoming events and advice on how to help with homework. Parents can also use an electronic 'note' tool that lets them communicate with teachers.Contact Group (stand A31) will be showcasing its portfolio of automatic notification systems, including a new version of its Call Parent solution that lets schools send emails and text letters directly to parents. Other systems on show will include Truancy Call, Text Someone, Term Time Tracker and e-Mentoring.First-time exhibitor Epraise (stand IN-8) will showcase a new online praise and rewards system that not only motivates pupils but also allows parents to access and share achievements. Schools can also widen the scheme by setting up charitable contribution schemes and prize draws.Parent power: Scholabo keeps parents in touch with all aspects of school life and activities.