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60New@BETT 2012 sponsored & furnitureEquipping for High-tech TeachingAVer Information (stand D65) will launch a range of new visualization products at BETT. The company, previously known as AverMedia, will showcase an entry-level, USB-powered visualizer, the U10, with 1.3 megapixel camera. Also new, the F30 and F50 Visualisers, include 3 and 5 MP cameras, respectively, as well as wide-angle lenses, and the ability to record 30fps video.Lapsafe (stand H39) will launch new products in its Lapsafe range of storage and charging stations for laptops, adding the UnoCart sysem for iPads, the Diplomat locker with RFID technology for tracking and management of IT assets, and a new USB charging case that will store and charge most USB devices including the Nintendo Dsi.TOPCAT is a new wireless audio system from Lightspeed Technologies (stand B85). Designed to be simple to install and operate, and at affordable cost, the system includes flush-mount ceiling speakers and a lightweight, hands-free microphone. In addition to providing quality audio throughout the classroom, the system also makes it possible to record class discussions for review and feedback.Micro Librarian Systems (stand C20) will showcase new technology to extend the use of library services throughout the school and community. A new range of mobile apps will make e-books available to pupils in school and at home, while Reading Cloud is a new online reading community designed to engage students, parents and teachers.Discovery is a new range of secure desks from Top-Tec (stand G46). The range includes teachers desks, units specifically designed for IT use, and standard classroom desks. Teacher's desks provide enhanced security for rack- and non-rack mounted equipment while still allowing for easy access and maintenance.SMART Technologies (stand B50) will launch a number of new products at BETT. They include new enhancements to the best-selling SMART Board 800 range of interactive whiteboards, including more 3D tools and lesson activities. SMART Vantage is a new management application that makes it easier for administrators to monitor and manage how whiteboards and projectors are being used, and they will be joined by a new 3D projector, and the new SMART Response interactive response system.Turning Technologies (stand E96) will feature its PresenterWare and PresenterCard products, that allow teachers full control of the TurningPoint suite of presentation and polling applications while moving freely around the classroom. New features include support for Apple devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and control of PowerPoint slideshows.Safe and secure: laptop storage and charging solutions from Lapsafe

Folio Dual Purpose Computer DesksNew at BETTPrimary School Dual Purpose Computer Desk RangeBe the fi rst to see the new range ofPRIMARY SCHOOL COMPUTER DESKS Visit us on stand A100 main