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16OLYMPIC REVIEWwww.olympic.orgMARKETINGNEWSIOC President Jacques Roggetook an eventful turn as "18thman" on board the Team New Zealand(ETNZ) boat in Valencia (Spain) at the end ofApril. Invited by ETNZ skipper and OmegaAmbassador Dean Barker, Rogge had aclose-up look at the thrilling world ofAmerica's Cup-class sailing. Following hisexciting afternoon on the boat, he said: "Fora sailor like me, to be on such a boat it islike a violinist playing a Stradivarius."Welcoming Rogge to Valencia wasOmega President Stephen Urquhart, who accompanied him on a visit to the ETNZbase, where Team Director Grant Daltonintroduced Rogge to skipper Dean Barkerand the team. After briefing his guests onthe day's event, Dalton invited Rogge toboard the ETNZ boat as official "18th man"for the afternoon's sailing.President Rogge concluded his day ofsailing at the historic Mercado de Colon, inthe centre of Valencia, to inaugurate theOmega "Time for Challenges" exhibitionwith Urquhart. The exhibition illustrates thebrand's long-standing engagement with the "pioneering spirit". Omega has been the Official Timekeeperfor the Olympic Games since Los Angelesin 1932 and has delivered the official resultsat 22 Olympic Games to date. As OfficialTimekeeper, Omega assures the accuracy ofscoring and competition results, andensures that results are delivered promptlyto the public at the venues and throughbroadcast, print and online media toaudiences around the world. BelowJacques Rogge with Team NewZealand skipper Dean BarkerTEAMNEW ZEALAND'S18THMANSAMSUNGSIGNSUP THROUGHTO2016Samsung has become theseventh TOP (The OlympicPartnership) sponsor to sign up for theseventh period of the TOP programme,which includes the Vancouver 2010 and theLondon 2012 Olympic Games. It is also thesecond sponsor, joining Coca-Cola, to havealready signed up for the TOP VIII, whichincludes the 2014 and 2016 OlympicGames. The partnership between the IOCand Samsung, which began in 1997, wasextended for a further eight years during an"electronic" signing ceremony with IOCPresident Jacques Rogge, and Samsung'sChairman, Kun-hee Lee, in Beijing at the end of April.IOC President Jacques Rogge welcomedSamsung's continued commitment to theOlympic Movement: "The IOC is absolutelydelighted to announce the extension of itspartnership with Samsung. Their globalreach, expertise and cutting edge wirelesscommunications systems have provedessential over the last decade in the efficientstaging of the Olympic Games. Samsung'slong-term dedication to the OlympicMovement helps ensure the future of the Games, as well as promoting theOlympic values."Jong Yong Yun, Senior Vice Chairmanand Chief Executive Officer of SamsungElectronics Co. Ltd. said: "Samsung ishonoured to continue to support the OlympicGames for another eight years. We stronglybelieve that the sponsorship will not onlyenhance our brand image but also helppromote our corporate values that celebratepeace, encourage friendly competition andpromote unity among people of all cultures." IOC Marketing Commission ChairmanGerhard Heiberg commented: "Ourpartnership with Samsung through to the2016 Summer Games demonstrates thestrength of the Olympic marketingprogramme. The knowledge and expertiseour TOP partners offer an OrganisingCommittee are invaluable, and the OlympicMovement as a whole benefits from theirlong-term support. Quite simply, staging theOlympic Games would not be possiblewithout our partners across the globe."The world-wide TOP Partners currentlyconfirmed for Vancouver 2010 and London2012 are Coca-Cola, Atos Origin, GE,McDonalds, Omega, Samsung and Visa.Samsung have extended their partnershipuntil 2016 and Coca-Cola's partnershipcontinues through to 2020.AboveGerhard Heiberg, IOC MarketingCommission Chairman, signs thesponsorship agreement in the presence of Jong Yong Yun, Senior Vice Chairmanand CEO of Samsung

www.olympic.orgOLYMPIC REVIEW17The Organising Committee for the Beijing 2008Olympic Games (BOCOG) has announced theroute and design of the Olympic Torch for theBeijing Olympic Games at a ceremony held inthe China Millennium Monument in Beijing. Therelay is expected to last 130 days and cover adistance of 137,000 kilometres, passing throughfive continents and visiting some of the principalpoints of the ancient Silk Road. With its theme,"Journey of Harmony", and its slogan "Light thePassion", the 2008 Olympic Torch Relay will bean opportunity for BOCOG to share its Olympicmessage with the world. Present at the launchIOC President Jacques Rogge said: "Whenpeople follow the flame along theOlympic Torch Relay route they arealways touched bythe magic ofOlympism. There is a unique party atmospherewherever the Olympic flame passes, with crowdsgreeting the torchbearers with enthusiasticcheers." He continued: "The entire experienceleaves all those who have enjoyed it with aspecial memory. I have no doubt the Beijing2008 Olympic Torch Relay will leave manyextraordinary memories and create new dreamsfor people around the world."Also unveiled at the ceremony was theOlympic Torch that will be used to transport theflame across the globe from Olympia to theNational Stadium in Beijing. The design of theTorch takes into accountChinese artistic heritage andtechnological expertise. The design of the aluminumTorch featurestraditional scrolls and a traditional Chinesedesign called "Lucky Cloud". It stands 72centimetres high and weighs 985 grammes. For more information on the Beijing 2008Olympic Torch Relay and the Torch, visit the Olympic Torch Relay website TORCHRELAY ROUTEThe IOC will be workingwith global advertisingagency United on thedevelopment of a newworldwide campaign dueto be launched later thisyear. The main objectiveis to present the Olympic values of Excellence,Friendship and Respect toa youth audience aroundthe world. The campaignis one of a number of initiatives that the IOC iscurrently considering aspart of an overall strategy of engaging andinspiring young peopleand future Olympic athletes. The creativecontent will be communicated using TV,print and new media, aswell as events in whichyoung people are invitedto participate. PresidentRogge said: "Engagingthe youth audience inboth the Olympic Gamesand values is essential toensuring the future of theOlympic Movement. Thepromotional campaign isan important part of awider approach by theIOC to communicate,engage and inspire a newgeneration of Olympicfans and participants."The IOC will work withpartners in the OlympicMovement, includingNOCs, IFs, TOP partnersand broadcasters to maximise the opportunities presentedas part of the campaign. IOCSELECTSAGENCYGAMESNEWS