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www.olympic.orgOLYMPIC REVIEW19The Chinese city of Shanghai (below) will hostthe 14th World Swimming Championships in2011, in accordance with the decision taken on24 March by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) Bureau, meeting in Melbourne.The 13th edition of these Championships will be held in Rome (Italy) from 19 July to 2 August 2009. FINA also announced that a total of 393doping controls were performed during the 12thFINA World Championships held from 17 March to 1 April 2007 in Melbourne(Australia). Some 304 urine tests and 89 EPO detection tests were performed on 233 athletes of 40 nationalities. No positive caseswere detected.Meanwhile, meeting in Mombasa (Kenya) onthe occasion of the World Cross CountryChampionships, the International Association ofAthletics Federations (IAAF) Council awarded the organisation of the 2011 WorldChampionships to Daegu (Korea), and those in2013 to Moscow (Russian Federation).AboveThe IAAF World Championships will behosted by Daegu and Moscow in 2011 and2013 respectively, while Shanghai will hostFINA's 2011 World Swimming ChampionshipsFEDERATIONSAWARD WORLDCHAMPIONSHIPSBASKETBALLWITHOUT BORDERSAbove and below Chinese youngstersenjoying the sport of basketballThe 2007 edition of the "Basketball withoutBorders" programme of the InternationalBasketball Federation (FIBA), in cooperationwith the NBA (National Basketball Association),will be held this summer in Shanghai (People'sRepublic of China), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Paris(France) and Johannesburg (South Africa). Launched in 2001, this programme, which isin fact a training camp, brings together topyoung players (19 or under) chosen by FIBAand their national basketball federations. Topromote friendship, understanding andeducation through sport, the players are dividedinto teams without regard to race or nationality. The camp trainers and staff are current orformer NBA players and coaches. More detailscan be found on FISA SHORTLISTThe International RowingFederation (FISA) hasrevealed the names of thefive finalists for theThomas Keller medal. Theyare: Jean-ChristopheRolland (France), MikeMcKay (Australia),Constantina Burcica(Romania), Rob Waddell(New Zealand, below), andKatrin Rutschow-Stomporowski (Germany).The winner will receive themedal on 15 July 2007 atthe final of the RowingWorld Cup in Lucerne(Switzerland). Details onwww.worldrowing.comNEW FIEMEMBERThe International FencingFederation (FIE) ExecutiveCommittee has affiliatedthe Botswana federation,the 17th federation fromthe African continent tojoin the FIE. The FIE nowhas 122 members. Thisaffiliation is in theframework of the fencingdevelopment programmein Africa, which was set up several years ago bythe FIE. NEWSINBRIEFIFNEWS

PARALYMPICGAMESPROGRAMMEFINALISEDThe final session of the46th InternationalParalympic Committee (IPC)Governing Board (GB)concluded after three daysof meetings in Beijing.BOCOG presented its latestupdates for the Beijing 2008 ParalympicGames in various areas, including Accessibility,Transport, Accommodation, Ticketing andVenue Services.During a venue tour, the GB membersexamined the progress being made by BOCOGfor key venues, including the Main Stadium(Bird's Nest), the Aquatic Centre (Water Cube)and the Paralympic Village. "I am very delighted with the past days ofmeetings. The Governing Board had somefruitful discussions on various topics. We areparticularly impressed with the excitingprogress being made for the Beijing 2008Paralympic Games and we are confident thatthese will be marvellous Games in 2008," saidIPC President Sir Philip Craven.At the meeting, the GB received updateson the work of various IPC StandingCommittees and Councils, was informed on theprogress of the IPC Classification Code andInternational Standards, was debriefed on theTorino 2006 Winter Paralympics via videoconference from the Torino 2006 OrganisingCommittee (ComParto), as well as adopted anew Development Policy. The GB also approved membership relationissues, including the granting of provisionalmembership, received an update on thebudget 2007 as well as approved theframework of the budget for the Financial Year2008-2009, which will be the basis fordeveloping a more detailed budget to beapproved by the IPC General Assembly inNovember 2007. Furthermore, in compliance with the newIPC Sports Governance and ManagementInitiative, Chairpersons for IPC Sports TechnicalCommittees (STCs) were appointed and thefurther selection process for other positionswithin the STCs was endorsed.20OLYMPIC REVIEWwww.olympic.orgNOC NEWSThe Canadian Olympic Committee has awardedthe IOC 2006 "Sport and Community" trophy toClara Hughes. The five-times Olympic medallisthas been awarded this distinction for heroutstanding contribution and commitment topromoting and assisting the development ofsport at both national and international level. Incollaboration with the humanitarian organisationRight to Play, Hughes has collected more than430,000 Canadian dollars to assist in thedevelopment of children and young peoplethrough sport in the most disadvantaged areas of the world.The Dutch NOC has awarded the Trophy toHarrie Postma, the director and founder of theYouth Sport Fund for the Netherlands. NOCmember Mavis Carrillo presented thetrophy to him in the presence ofmembers of the association.Launched in 1996, the main aimof this fund is to help youngpeople without financialmeans to participate in sportsactivities. (More informationon "Sport andCommunity" Trophy wasalso awarded in PuertoRico to JoaquínMartínez Rousset, 89,a veteran journalist,writer and sportsleader. Still active within the NOC,as advisor to the President HéctorCardona, Martínez Rousset startedhis career in 1947 at the sports deskof the former daily El Mundo. Among hisnumerous activities within the Puerto RicanOlympic Movement, he was President of theFencing Federation and Vice-President of theTrack and Field and Softball Federations. The Algerian NOC awarded the 2007 IOC"Sport and promotion of Olympism" trophy to theMinster for National Education, BoubakeurBenzouzid, in recognition of his contribution todeveloping Olympic education programmes, and through these, promoting and spreading the Olympic ideals, on the school curriculum. NOC President Mustapha Berrafhanded over the trophy, in the presence of theformer Minister, Abdelhamid Aouchiche, thePresident of the International MediterraneanGames Committee, Amar Addadi, the women'snational handball team (who are the Africanvice-champions), and numerous personalitiesfrom Algerian sport. BelowClara Hughes received the IOC 2006"Sport and Community"trophy from theCanadian NOCIOC2006"SPORT ANDCOMMUNITY"TROPHYHONGKONGTRIPTo celebratethe 2008Games inBeijing, the10thanniversaryof the SpecialAdministrative Region ofHong Kong and the 90thanniversary of the Bank ofChina, Hong Kong Limited("BOCHK"), the NOC ofHong Kong, China, theHong Kong Olympians andMeritorious Athletes'Commission successfullyorganised the 90 YoungAthletes Olympic Tour("The Tour") - TalentedYoung Hong Kong AthletesBeijing Olympics ExchangeTour. The delegation wasled by NOC President andIOC member Timothy Fok(above), and included fourleading athletes (WongKam Po, Ho Ka Lai,Michael Tse and Yung KaYan), seven officials and 90young athletes aged from10 to 20 representing 22summer Olympic sports.Their programme includeda visit to numerous venuesfor the 2008 Games,including the NationalStadium and the NationalAquatics Centre, as well aslandmarks like theForbidden City, TiananmenSquare and the Great Wall.During a visit to theChinese NOC, the youngparticipants discussedexperiences and putquestions to the nationalweightlifting coach andathletes.