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22OLYMPIC REVIEWwww.olympic.orgMUSEUMNEWSFROM 23 JUNETO 14 OCT 2007IVAN GOOD:SAILING THEWORLD Exhibition celebrating theInternational SailingFederation's 100thanniversary and the 32ndAmerica's Cup.IN THE PHILATELYAREA FROM 1STJUNE UNTIL 30SEPT 200795 YEARS OFOLYMPICSTAMPS FROMSTOCKHOLM1912 TO 2007 Over the last three years, the Olympic Museumhas reached out beyond its borders and set up arange of programmes in other countries. It isinvolved in two main types of internationalactivity: one is lending items on a long-term basisto other institutions, for example the BarcelonaOlympic Museum, and the other is acceptingcommissions to collaborate on joint exhibitionsand cultural or educational ventures. This makesit possible to rationalise the costs of internationalprojects and to pool resources and skills toenrich the content. The Olympic Museum has collaborated onthe following three major commissions:The Olympic Games are all this and more:commissioned for the 117th Olympic Session in2005, this exhibition on the Olympic Movement iscurrently touring schools in Singapore to makepupils aware of the values embodied by theOlympic spirit.Olympic Dream:this exhibition has beenorganised in honour of the 25th anniversary ofthe Prince of Asturias Prize in Gijón, Spain.One World, One Dream - IOC OlympicTreasure Exhibition China Tourwill be hosted by15 Chinese towns between August 2007 andAugust 2008. Based on three themes - Chineseheroes, the Olympic Games and the history of theSummer Games - this event will be part of the2008 Olympic Games cultural programme.Joint projects include:Sailing the world:devised in collaboration withLa Caixa and the International Sailing Frederation(ISAF), the exhibition will be held at the OlympicMuseum from 20 Sept 2007 to 27 Jan 2008.Olympic Stars:La Maison des JeuxOlympiques in Albertville and Turin's NationalMountains Museum teamed up with the OlympicMuseum to produce an exhibition on the linksbetween sport and the cinema.BelowThe Olympic Museum, picturedexhibiting in Singapore in 2005, is currentlytouring schools in the cityTHEOLYMPIC MUSEUMONTOURTRIPLEMEDAL WINNERVISITSTHEOLYMPICMUSEUMIVANGOOD:SAILINGTHE WORLDDavid Peter Hemery is a gold,silver and bronze medallist.At the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, this talentedBritish athlete, resident in theUS, became Olympic championin the 400m hurdles. Althoughunable to retain the title four years later in Munich, he still came away with an honourablebronze medal. As a member of the British team, he completed his collection with a silver medal for the 4 x 400m relay. Ivan Good, official painter to the Belgian navy, isso passionate about boats that he paints themeverywhere, in every possible and imaginablesetting. His yachts can be found in fields,gardens, urban streets and on the roofs ofhouses. Oil tankers bask in the desert andtrawlers harvest the corn fields. In this year of the America's Cup, which is also the centenary of the International SailingFederation (ISAF), the artist has produced a series of 30 paintings devoted to this key event for sailing enthusiasts and prestigiousyachts. These canvases portray the challengesfeaturing historic vessels like Shamrockand more recent ones such asStars & StripesandAmerica 3 as well as the 2007 defendingchampion and challengers.The artist's many devotees include IOCPresident Jacques Rogge, Princess Astrid ofBelgium, the astrophysicist Hubert Reeves andyachting champion Eric Tabarly. CALENDARUNTIL 2 SEPT2007THE MINDMAKES ACHAMPION From a childhood dream tothe accomplishment of theperfect movement, theathlete's path is strewnwith pitfalls and obstacles,which require considerablemental powers toovercome.

CLASSICOLYMPICIMAGESLONDON1908ROWINGA busy crowd gathers on the water'sedge at Henley-on-Thames duringthe rowing at the 1908 Games. Fourrowing events were contested withHungary and Norway competing forthe first time, along with six othernations, though the hostsdominated, winning all the goldmedals on offer. Photo: IOC