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www.olympic.orgOLYMPIC REVIEW33OLYMPIC VALUESit works with Olympic Games' Organising Committeesto help ensure the development of environmentallysustainable venues and practices. In streamlining the way it discusses the Olympicvalues, the Olympic Movement has not diluted themeaning of the concepts that Coubertin so eloquently promoted more than 100 years ago. Rather, the Movement has simplified the articulation of those values, focused on those that take intoaccount the specificity of the sporting environment, andstrived to place them in a contemporary context. As aneducational reformer with great skill in getting his pointacross, Coubertin would have expected nothing less.The values of excellence, friendship and respectare the foundation upon which the OlympicMovement blends sport, culture and education for thebetterment of human beings and humankind. Theyencompass the moral and ethical standards that arethe basis of all Olympic Movement strategies andactions. They promote a concept of quality based oneffort, not results. They encourage us to be the bestwe can be, achieving our personal dreams. Above all,they inspire us to nurture human and personalconnections and to become true world citizens. TheOlympic Games and the broader Olympic Movementshow us the best of humanity and remind us of the part we can play.The Olympic values have always mattered. Andthey always will. They give the Olympic Movement itsuniversal character, its respected presence and itsdistinctive success. They also are what give the world hope for a better future. ?BelowTheOlympic flag iscarried into theStadium duringthe OpeningCeremony at theAthens Games

www.olympic.orgIt is one thing to talk about the Olympic values. It is quite another thing to live them every day.Showing that its values are meaningful throughdirect and socially responsible action is what theOlympic Movement does best. Today the Olympic Movement is focused onpromoting women in sport, protecting athletes,promoting development through sport, promotingsustainable development, respecting the OlympicTruce, promoting culture and Olympic education, and,of course, organising the Olympic Games. Collectively,these goals demonstrate the Olympic Movement'ssocial responsibility and its deep commitment topromoting positive change through sport. VALUES + PRINCIPLES =ACTIONThe Olympic values of excellence, friendship andrespect underpin all of the actions that the OlympicMovement undertakes in achieving its mission. Whilst these values are not specifically referenced in the Olympic Charter, they can certainlybe seen in the Charter's Fundamental Principles ofOlympism and the role that the IOC plays in thepromotion of Olympism. They are the values thatpeople across the world, young and old, rich andpoor, believe in and strongly associate with theOlympic Games. This can be summarised asuniversality, humanism, non-discrimination, solidarity,sustainability and the ongoing promotion of thealliance between sport, education and culture (see sidebar, page 39). The values represent that which is of utmostimportance to the Olympic Movement. The principles,on the other hand, can be considered the OlympicMovement's "code of best practice", which ensuresthe values are represented in the Movement'sactions. As such, the principles form the bridge thatconnects the Olympic values to the programmes that drive Olympism. The values and principles arefurther distinguished by their scope and applicability. Whereas the Olympic values can be ?34OLYMPIC REVIEWOLYMPIC VALUESBRINGINGTHE VALUESTOLIFESTEVEN MAASS ASSESSES HOW THE OLYMPIC MOVEMENT PUTS ITS VALUES INTO PRACTICE AND, DRIVEN BY ITS KEY PRINCIPLES, DEMONSTRATESDAILY A COMMITMENT TO PROMOTING POSITIVE CHANGE THROUGH SPORTRightThe Olympic Rings light up Stadio Olimpicoduring the spectacular Opening Ceremony of theTorino 2006 Olympic Winter Games