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4OLYMPIC REVIEWwww.olympic.orgOLYMPIC REVIEWCONTENTSOFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE OLYMPIC MOVEMENTAPRIL-MAY-JUNE 200707FOREWORDBy IOC President Jacques Rogge.09EDITORIALIOC Director of Communications Giselle Davies introduces this issue's key features.10SNAPSHOTStunning images from Olympic sports, captured since the last edition of Olympic Review.15NEWSA review of the latest news and events from around the Olympic Movement.23GREAT OLYMPIC IMAGES A great image from the Olympic Games. Continues on pages 24, 60 and 78.26BEIJING COUNTDOWNLatest news and reports from the sports on the programme for the Beijing 2008 Games.28OLYMPIC VALUESThe values of excellence, friendshipand respectare the heart and soul of the Olympic Movement,writes Steven Maass.34BRINGING THE OLYMPIC VALUES TO LIFESteven Maassdescribes how the Olympic Movementputs its values into practice and, driven by key principles, demonstrates daily its commitment to promoting positive change through sport. 40VOICE FOR CHANGEWe introduce the DVD Bringing the Olympic Values to life, enclosed in this issue of Olympic Review, that highlights some of the most important, but less visible, programmes of the Olympic Movement. 43CLASS ACTWe report on a remarkable initiative that is teaching the Olympic values to 400 million schoolchildren in the 2008 Olympic Gameshost country, China. 462014 OLYMPIC WINTER GAMESProfiles of each of the three Candidate Citiesbidding to host the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. 62FAIR WIND FOR BEIJINGFocus on two Olympic Solidarity scholarship holders aiming for sailing glory in 2008.64SPORTSPROFILESWe continue the countdown to Beijing 2008by profiling five more sports - baseball, canoe/kayak, fencing, handball and modern pentathlon.74 MYGAMESAndre Agassirecalls winning gold in the men's tennis at the Atlanta 1996 Games. 77 PAST EXCERPTA review of the 1932 Los Angeles Gamesfrom Olympic Review, 75 years ago. 79OBITUARIESOlympic Review pays tribute to former Olympians and figures from the Olympic Movement.80BOOKREVIEWSOur bookworms run the rule over the latest Olympic-related publications.

OLYMPIC REVIEW5OLYMPIC REVIEWOR CONTRIBUTORSEXECUTIVEBOARDPresident Jacques RoggeVice-PresidentsGunillaLindberg, Lambis V. Nikolaou,Chiharu Igaya, Thomas BachMembersGerhard Heiberg,Denis Oswald, Mario VázquezRaña, Ottavio Cinquanta, Sergey Bubka, Zaiqing Yu,Richard L. Carrión, Ser Miang Ng,Mario Pescante, Sam RamsamyOLYMPIC REVIEWEditorial Director Giselle Davies Editorial Management TonyBurgener, Kathleen Di Giacomo,Sylvie Leuthold Production Agency Touchline Publishing Art Editor John Paul YettonFeatures Editor Glyn WilmshurstNews Editor Andy TongueSub Editors Rob Furber, SylvieVenet-TupyTranslation Alejandro Gaytan de Ayala, Dolores Vazquez,Denis Echard, Ros Schwartz ISSN: 0251-3498Printed in the UKIMAGESCover Image Getty ImagesInside IOC; Getty Images; AFP; SI Pictures; CorbisOR CONTACTDETAILSPlease send your letters to: Olympic Review, IOCDepartment ofCommunications, Château de Vidy, 1007 Lausanne,Switzerland. website:, email: olympicreview@olympic.orgtel +41 (0)21 621 6111fax +41 (0)21 621 6356Olympic Review is published by the International OlympicCommittee.The articlespublished in Olympic Reviewdo not necessarily reflect theopinion of the InternationalOlympic Committee. No articles may be reproducedwithout the permission of the IOC Department ofCommunications.SANDRAHARWITTSandra Harwitt is an American sportswriterwho covers the international tennis circuit, as well as other sports such as hockey,football, baseball, diving and sailing. She writes for the likes of The New York Times, The Miami Herald, Associated Press and Tennis LifeMagazine. For Olympic Review 63,she spoke to Andre Agassi about hismemories of winning the gold medal at the1996 Atlanta Olympic Games - a prize hetreasures above even his Grand Slamvictories.ERIC LAHMYEric Lahmy, our guest book reviewer this issue, has been a journalist at the Frenchsports newspaper L'Equipesince 1969. A swimming champion in Tunisia, his place ofbirth, he was swimming editor of L'Equipefrom 1970 to 1984. He has covered eighteditions of the Olympic Games. In 1997 hewas a winner at the Grand Prix of Sportliterature competition with his book Jean-Claude Perrinand two years later he won theInternational Swimming Hall of Fame AlSchoenfield media award.STEVENMAASSSteven Maass is a communications consultantcommitted to helping global corporations andnot-for-profit organisations identify andarticulate the messages that matter most. Inthis issue's cover story, starting on page 28, he examines how the Olympic Movementdefines its core values, brings them to lifeevery day and ensures they remain relevant for a contemporary, global society.