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www.olympic.orgOLYMPIC REVIEW49long been Russia's most popular summer destination forbeach and mountain devotees.Beginning in 2002, the Government of the RussianFederation began working with the Russian OlympicCommittee to plan for and establish an urgently neededwinter sports centre in Sochi in the mountain district ofKrasnaya Polyana. With no existing international-qualityalpine, ski jumping or sliding facilities in the country, thispressing need became a national priority. Concurrently, the city of Sochi initiated the "Greater Sochi Area Town Planning and Investment Concept" of 2002.This plan addressed the long-term goals of modernising and expanding the city's tourism infrastructure to establishSochi as an international tourist destination. The Sochi 2014 bid has helped to align the interests ofthe city, the region and the nation to create the "FederalTarget Programme for the Development of Sochi as aMountain Climate Resort 2006-2014" (FTP). The FTP identifies US$12 billion of programmedinvestments, guaranteed by the federal government, toprovide for the development and funding for all venue, environmental, transport, technology, accommodationand many other projects necessary for the 2014 WinterGames and the long-term advancement of Sochi. Sochi is already advanced in the planning andimplementation of the FTP:?The "Games Delivery Authority" has already beenestablished. The Directorate for the Development of Sochi,under the direction of the Ministry for EconomicDevelopment and Trade now functions to ensure delivery ofall FTP projects;?The FTP projects are defined and budgets allocated; and?The first calls for tenders have already been issued.The Sochi 2014 bid provides a new gateway for wintersport, enhancing the IOC's goal of "placing sport at theservice of the harmonious development of man." ?

50OLYMPIC REVIEW2014CANDIDATECITYMOTIVATION FOR SELECTINGKEY INFRASTRUCTURESochi's legacy will establish Russia's first international-quality training and competition facilities for alpine,sliding and ski jumping. The facilities in Sochi willinspire the youth of the nation and energise the growthof winter sports, serving not only Russian athletes butalso those of an entire region.Sochi 2014 will provide the Olympic Movementwith a "once-in-a-lifetime" Winter Games experience.The Sochi Olympic Park offers an innovative solution.Situated on the warm Black Sea coast in an areadesignated for significant development, the SochiOlympic Park includes all 5 "ice" venues, the OlympicStadium, the Main Media Centre (MMC), the OlympicVillage, Olympic Family hotels and the IOC hotel. It hasbeen designed by experienced Olympic planners tooffer athletes and officials, the IOC, the media, thesponsors and spectators extraordinary convenienceand opportunity to enjoy the Games.The Olympic Village and the MMC are located within the security perimeter of the OlympicPark, offering transport directly to the venues without additional security checks, or a 10-minute walk to the furthest venue. The compact scale providesexceptional, unprecedented efficiency andconvenience, along with a more affordable Games experience for NOCs and InternationalFederations, who will enjoy central offices with side-by-side venues.The mountain venues, only 49 km away from thecoastal cluster, are located in the mountain region ofKrasnaya Polyana, or "Red Meadow". The mountainvenues are also tightly clustered, affording all membersof the Olympic Family short travel times.All key Olympic infrastructure locations have beenselected to ensure maximum sustainability and legacyafter the Games by addressing existing sport, tourismand commercial infrastructure needs.Both the FTP and the 2014 Bid Committeerecognise Sochi's unique value as one of Russia's mostpristine environmental areas, including national parksand a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Numerous FTPprojects focus on environmental issues, and Sochi2014 is utilising both ISO 14001-compliant and EMASenvironmental standards as guidelines in all itsplanning, specifically focusing on "reduction, re-use,and re-cycle" processes. Environmental impact will beminimized and the most advanced green buildingtechniques and materials will be used, as mandated bygovernment decree in the FTP. Sochi's newinfrastructure will also be constructed with the highestaccessibility standards, serving as a model for the restof Russia. In close consultation with internationalexperts, new facilities and transportation solutions willbe established and existing infrastructure will bemodified to create a world-class resort destination thataccommodates the needs of guests with disabilities.To provide a more measurable expression of itsvision for the Games, Sochi 2014 has established aseries of Pledges to confirm its commitments to theIOC and to all the other constituent groups thatparticipate in the Games. These Pledges form the fullarticulation of Sochi's vow to stage outstanding XXIIOlympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic WinterRightA map showing theproposedlocations of the venues in2014 OlympicWinter GamesCandidate CitySochiGames in 2014. The full text of each Pledge ispresented in the Prefaces of Volume 1, Volume 2and Volume 3 of our Candidature File.The concept of "fair play" lies at the very heartof Olympism. The IOC and the Olympic Movementare aggressively pursuing a course of action toprevent the use of performance enhancingsubstances in sport. Russia is fully committed to a"drug-free" 2014 Winter Games. The RussianAnti-Doping Agency and the Russian Olympic andParalympic Committees have completed theWADA Code Compliance questionnaire. Map Aprovides a complete depiction of the Sochi 2014project, showing how this vision of the Games willbe achieved. ?