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OLYMPIC REVIEW81Berlioux, the former IOC Director. The project was widelymodified and went very much further than just the worksof the Grand Prix winners. The anthology was finallypublished in December 2006 and had gained weight, asit brought together some 377 different extracts.The anthology opens with Thomas Bauer'sinteresting and scrupulous recollection of the beginningsand development of the association. It is followed by atestimony by Bernard Villard, who was a member (andsecretary) of the Écrivains Sportifs for over 50 years. Tothe winners of the Grand Prix de Littérature Sportive, theeditors have added many novelists and journalists whoshowed their enthusiasm for sport, among them Joseph-Henry Rosny and Antoine Blondin, the humorous andtalented eulogist of the Tour of France and the OlympicGames. They have also integrated historic authors whoseencounters with sport are more or less anecdotal, suchas Victor Hugo, Honoré de Balzac, François-René deChateaubriand, André Gide or François Rabelais. Thecollective effort made by the sports writers - includingEuropean diving champion Nicole Pellissard - allows usto perceive the quality and substance coming out ofFrench literature, and makes this publication a success.The reviewer participated in the development of thisAnthology and one of his pieces has been included in it.GIMP: WHEN LIFE DEALSYOU A CRAPPY HAND,YOU CAN FOLD - OR YOUCAN PLAYBy: Mark Zupan and Tim Swanson.Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers, 2006. ISBN 0-06-112758-X, 276 pages, in English.Mark Zupan, currently captain of the Americanparalympic rugby team, tells the moving story of his life,describing his career as a high-school soccer player untilthe tragic accident that left him a tetraplegic at the ageof 18. With tremendous courage, Zupan writes about theperiod when his life was turned upside-down: all hecould think about was being able to walk again, then hesank into despair and loneliness. He goes on to describehow sport, friendship and love enabled him to start livingagain and be like everyone else. In 2004, "his" team won the bronze medal at the Athens Paralympic Games.In 2005, he appeared in the documentary filmMurderball. And finally, he declares that, paradoxically,this accident was one of the best things that everhappened to him, a tremendous lesson for us all.

82OLYMPIC REVIEWwww.olympic.orgOLYMPICREVIEWOLYMPIC GAMESAND THEENVIRONMENTOur cover story focuseson how the IOC helps to provide sustainable development legacies andimproved environmentalpolicies and practiceswhen the Olympic Games are granted to ahost city.OLYMPIC GAMESIN PICTURESOlympic Reviewshowcases previouslyunseen classic images ofpast editions of the Gamesrecently unearthed by theIOC image department.SUBSCRIPTIONSNEXTISSUEOlympic Review has a cover price of 10 Swiss Francs per issue (notincluding postage). To subscribe to the magazine, please tick the language version you would prefer to receive (French/English/Spanish)and choose one of the three payment methods. FRENCHENGLISHSPANISHPlease send the subscription form below to: Olympic ReviewSubscriptions, Château de Vidy, c. p. 356, 1007 Lausanne, Switzerland Fax + 41 21 621 6356FIRST NAMELAST NAMEORGANISATIONADDRESSPOST/ZIP CODECOUNTRYEMAILI would like to subscribe to Olympic Review for one year.Please tick one of the boxes below to indicate your mailing address.Subscription for one year is50 CHF - Mailing Address in EUROPE70 CHF - Mailing Address in REST OF WORLDThe subscription fee will be sent by (please tick one box):Bank transfer to the IOC account 243-312883.03Q, to UBS SA, 1002 Lausanne (BIC : UBSWCHZH80A - IBAN CH41 0024 3243 3128 8303 Q);International postal mandate in Swiss Francs addressed to the Olympic Museum Lausanne, Publications service, P.O. Box 1121, 1001Lausanne, Switzerland.Visa credit card only (please indicate the cardholder, card number andexpiry date below and post to the address above).CARD HOLDERVISA CARD NO EXPIRY DATESIGNATURE ?