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OLYMPIC REVIEW39 REFLECTIONS FRANK FREDERICKS " I'm excited to welcome two new members to the IOC Athletes' Commission. Angela ( Ruggiero) will bring a lot of energy. It's always nice to have someone from the US, as it's a very important group of athletes and we need to make sure they're informed about everything. Adam ( Pengilly) is from Great Britain, where the next Olympic Games will be, so I think he can help us a lot in the run- up to 2012, also with the knowledge and excitement that he will bring to the IOC Athletes' Commission. It will be great to have him on board. " I've heard only good things about the Games. Athletes are happy, and if they're happy, then I'm happy - plus you'll see the performances coming as well. I've enjoyed the ice hockey, the short- track speed skating and the bobsleigh. " The atmosphere has been incredible. The way the Canadians have come out to enjoy the Games is amazing. We have two Villages, and there are a smaller number of athletes in the winter sports, but overall the Summer and Winter Games are the same. Obviously, the weather is warmer in the summer, but overall it's most important that the athletes are happy." CHAIRMAN, IOC ATHLETES' COMMISSION ADAM PENGILLY " It's been a great Games. I think the people of Canada have been very welcoming and I think the volunteers have been amazing as well - they can't do enough to help and it's been exciting to spend time with them. For me personally it's been slightly disappointing from a competitive point of view. I didn't race as well as I should have, so that's a bit of a disappointment, but being elected to the Athletes' Commission certainly makes up for it. Anyone that wanders around the city will just be wide- eyed by the buzz of it." GREAT BRITAIN, NEWLY ELECTED TO IOC ATHLETES' COMMISSION ANGELA RUGGIERO " It is a tremendous honour to be voted by my fellow Olympians to become a member of the IOC Athletes' Commission, and I want to thank everyone who has put their faith and trust in me. I will do all I can to be a good ambassador of the Olympic Movement and represent athlete issues not just from North America, but from around the world. " I am very excited about this important responsibility and am honoured to be among such high- esteemed Olympians and leaders in the worldwide Olympic Movement. To receive this kind of an honour and play in the gold medal game with my team- mates is the pinnacle of my career as an Olympian." USA, NEWLY ELECTED TO IOC ATHLETES' COMMISSION

REFLECTIONS BRITTNEY FORSLUND " It was an amazing, amazing experience to be a part of the Opening Ceremony - something that is a once- in- a- lifetime opportunity. We had lots of support and made lots of friends - it was awesome and couldn't have gone better. I was more excited than nervous. There was one point though, when we were waiting to go on, that the nerves hit a little bit, but as soon as I took that first step on the stage, it was gone and it was just pure excitement. I felt like I could feel the support of not just the crowd that was there, but the whole of Canada. It felt like they were all behind us and it really felt like we were performing to the whole world - it was a very good feeling. After my section had finished, I left BC Place to watch the rest of the Ceremony on TV, like the lighting of the flame. That was exciting because that was entirely secret, so no- one knew what was going to happen. " I initially had two auditions for the show and then I heard that I was accepted in September. As we got closer, the excitement began to build with each and every rehearsal, and we were all getting more and more excited. It's just so awesome to be part of the Olympic Games. You can definitely feel the energy in the city - just walking around downtown and seeing everyone having such a good time." DANCER, OPENING CEREMONY RITA SCHEPOK " It's been great being involved - we get to meet a lot of people and I guess we're considered to be ' the face of the Games', so to speak. I've held a couple of different positions and it's been fun and fresh everyday - I've had a really good time. The application process began over a year ago - just online, on a whim, I thought it would be a good thing to be a part of and it went from there. I found out my posting in August. " Initially I'd requested to be involved in the snowboarding because that sport is dear to me, but in the end I got given hockey. I realised that the hockey venue is actually the best place to be because it has the most energy and people get really excited about the Canadian team, so I was ecstatic. The atmosphere in Vancouver has been awesome. The biggest thing I've seen is that everybody is so friendly - everyone I encounter, from all different countries. " Even when I'm not dressed as a volunteer, everyone all over the city has been so welcoming and open. They're always smiling too, even when they have to wait in line- ups to get in. The hockey has been great and the atmosphere has been infectious, even when it's not the Canadian team playing. I even noticed at the USA game that there were a few Canadians cheering for them!" VOLUNTEER FROM TORONTO, CANADA