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OLYMPIC REVIEW17Athletics World PlanThe InternationalAssociation of AthleticsFederations (IAAF) hasannounced that, as partof its "Athletics WorldPlan", the activitieslinked to the "Kids'Athletics'' and "School and Youth" programmes havecriss-crossed the globe,from Australia to theArabian Peninsula, fromSpain to Russia andfrom Haiti to Algeria,Egypt and Uganda. Theobjective of this plan isto introduce athletics in school programmesworldwide and to raiseawareness, particularlyin the 9-15 age group.Visit formore information.WADA ConferenceThe World Anti-DopingAgency (WADA) is call-ing on cities interestedin organising the fourthWorld Conference onDoping in Sport at theend of 2013. ThisConference will be theculmination of the nextreview of the WorldAnti-Doping Code,which WADA will launchin 2012. The deadlinefor proposals is 27August 2010. The hostcity will be selected bythe WADA FoundationBoard on 21 Novemberthis year.Barcelona has been confirmed as the sixthand new venue for theBasketball WorldChampionship to beplayed in Spain in 2014.This decision was takenby the Central Board ofthe InternationalBasketball Federation(FIBA) meeting in SanJuan (Puerto Rico).Another Board decisionwas to award the Under-19 World Championshipsin 2011 to Latvia (men)and Chile (women). LeftBarcelona will hostthe 2014 BasketballWorld ChampionshipBARCELONATO HOSTFIBAEVENTSPORTTOPUSHUNMILLENNIUMDEVELOPMENTWCFELECTSFIRST FEMALEPRESIDENTANTI- DOPINGCAMPAIGNSports officials and UN representatives met inLausanne to assess how sport can best be usedto make progress in the fields of humandevelopment, youth empowerment, genderequality, health and peace-building. The OlympicMovement's development goals largely matchwith the eight UN Millennium DevelopmentGoals. These range from halving extremepoverty to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS andproviding universal primary education, by thetarget date of 2015, and form a blueprintagreed to by all the world's countries and all theworld's leading development institutions. Theaim is to maximise the impact of variousactivities through new partnerships. Forinstance, the Forum brings together several UN Country Teams and National OlympicCommittees (NOCs) from developing countriesto encourage new initiatives at national level.Below Sport can be used to assist genderequality and other important issuesAt its General Assembly inCortina d'Ampezzo (Italy),the World CurlingFederation (WCF) electedits first female President,in the person of KateCaithness. She succeedsLes Harrison. Vice-President of the IF since2006, Caithness hasstrongly contributed to thedevelopment of wheelchaircurling, which played anessential role in the sportbeing included on theprogramme of theParalympic Winter Gamesin Turin in 2006. The International IceHockey Federation (IIHF),in partnership with theWorld Anti-DopingAgency (WADA), hasdeveloped a new educa-tion and awareness-rais-ing campaign for playersunder 20. The logo ofthis campaign is a greenpuck with the motto "Sayno!", which encouragesplayers to refuse anyprohibited substance.The launch of this cam-paign coincided with theWorld Championships in Germany.NEWS INBRIEF