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44OLYMPIC REVIEWone basketball hoop. It includes three periods of fiveminutes each. The winner is the first team to score33 points, or the team that is leading the game at the end of the fifteen minutes of play. Boxingwill feature men's events. Therewill be 11 different weight categories,ranging from 48kg to the 91kg+ division.Canoe-Kayakwill feature four events formen and two for women. Both will race in head-to-head sprints and obstacleslaloms in the kayak category. The men will alsocompete in the same events in canoes.The Cyclingcompetition will involveteams. Each team consists of three menand one woman. The three men arerequired to compete in one discipline each (BMX,MTB and Time Trial), while the woman has tocompete in all three disciplines. All male riders alsohave to compete in the Road Race.In Equestrian, only the jumping events willtake place (team and individual). TheOrganising Committee will provide theHammer throwSINGAPORE 2010

OLYMPIC REVIEW45SPORTS AND VENUESSingapore IndoorStadiumhorses, which will be assigned to riders by draw. Forthe team event, there will be six teams representingeach FEI regional zone. Fencingwill feature individual competitionsin the foil, epée and sabre for men andwomen, and a mixed team competition.Footballwill consist of a six-teamcompetition, representing all continents, for both men and women.Gymnasticsis split into artistic andrhythmic, as in the Olympic Games. Theartistic competition will feature eightindividual men's events and six individual women'sevents. The rhythmic competition consists of twoevents - individual and team - for women.Handballis a six-team tournament,representing all continents, for men and for women.Hockeyis the same as football andhandball - a six-team competition,representing all continents for both menand women. There are a total of eight weight categories for both men and women in theJudocompetition. There is also a mixedteam event.The Modern Pentathloncompetitionconsists of four of the five modernpentathlon disciplines: fencing, swimming,running and shooting. The fifth discipline, riding, willnot be competed at Singapore 2010. The run-shootformat will be competed.Both the men and women will compete intwo events in Rowing- single sculls and pairs.The Sailingcompetition comprises fourevents, with men and women sailing ineither the one person dinghy or thewindsurfing.In Shooting, the men and women willcompete in both air rifle and air pistol. Table tenniswill consist of men's singles, women's singles and a mixed teamcompetition.Taekwondowill see athletes competing infive weight categories per gender.There will be both men's singles anddoubles and women's singles and doublesin the Tennistournament.The Triathloncompetition format forindividual competitions includes a 750mswim in open water, a 20km cycle ride anda 5km run. The 4 x mixed team relay competitionincludes a 250m swim in open water, a 7km cycleride and a 1.7km run. Volleyballis a six-team men's andwomen's competition.Weightliftingsees men competing in sixweight categories, while women willcompete in five weight categories. Thecombined results of the Snatch and the Clean & Jerkwill produce the champion of each weight category.The Wrestlingcompetition will see mencompete in Greco-Roman (five weightcategories) and freestyle (five weightcategories) and women in freestyle (four weightcategories). ?