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OLYMPIC REVIEW51CULTURE AND EDUCATIONFlorian KoglerYoung AmbassadorThe IOC Young Reporters programme, meanwhile, is providing 26 young journalists from around theworld with the opportunity to travel to Singapore toreport on the YOG, where they will live in the YouthOlympic Village alongside the athletes and be givenspecialised media training from senior sportsjournalists. Working alongside the Young Ambassadors, 60CEP Championshave also been chosen fromSingapore, who will encourage athletes to get involvedin CEP activities during the Games. The CEP Champions will facilitate the CEP gamestime for those NOC athletes who don't have a YoungAmbassador. Theyare Culture and EducationProgramme representatives. ?Trinidad and Tobago Why did you become a Young Ambassador?It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Firstly, thechance to represent my country at the YouthOlympic Games and secondly to spread myphilosophy of fun, while fulfilling my vision toencourage change in young people's attitudestowards education and each other through sport.Presently, sedentary lifestyles are prevalent in our local society. I consider the introduction of theYouth Olympic Games to be a timely catalyst to aid in the lifestyle choices among the youth.What do you hope to achieve in your role?I hope to encourage young athletes and non-athletes alike to strive towards becomingambassadors themselves. I would also like toencourage them to become more involved in sport, not only as athletesbut also in other capacities such as young reporters. I would like to give support to Trinidad and Tobago's Olympic Academy in thepromotion of the Olympic values, fostering a start to rebuilding healthyand harmonious lifestyles among the youth in our society.What are you most looking forward to about the Youth Olympic Games?The meeting of different cultures and the exchange of informationamong athletes will be an amazing experience, as individuals ofdifferent races and ethnicities coming from different social andeconomic backgrounds interact. I also look forward to promotingthe CEP among the athletes who do not have an ambassador from their own country."For me, sport is a way of life, a wayofthinking and a way of acting" Arts and CultureA celebration of youth, cultures andfriendships made at the Games,through music, dance and art in the Youth Olympic Village.Chat with ChampionsParticipants will meet withOlympians and global leaders toshare their personal experience and inspirational stories.Discovery ActivityInteractive exhibitions and workshops about the history ofOlympism, health and nutritionalmatters, careers in sport, andlearning about key global issues.World Culture VillageLocated in the Youth Olympic Village, it will host cultural boothsfeaturing each of the participatingNational Olympic Committees.Island AdventureParticipants go through confidence-building courses, take part in wateractivities, and overcome physicalchallenges, to develop friendshipand respect based on one ofSingapore's islands.Community ProjectsThrough Community Projects such as circus acts or drumming,participants will get to make friendswith the local beneficiaries, learnabout social responsibility and beencouraged to contribute back totheir own communities.Exploration JourneyA green adventure in the half-dayExploration Journeys to HortPark and Marina Barrage, two ofSingapore's environment-themedattractions.

SINGAPORE 201052OLYMPIC REVIEWGermanyWhy did you become a Young Ambassador?Being a Young Ambassador at the first YouthOlympic Games is a once-in-a-lifetime chanceand a great honour for me. It offers me thechance to promote the Olympic values:excellence, friendship and respect. The nationaland international network I built up during the fiveyears of volunteer work in sports is a goodfoundation for this challenge. Because of myexperience in international youth work I am ableto support the young participants and help themovercome the barriers of culture and language.After meeting the other Young Ambassadors andthe CEP Champions in Singapore in March, it isdifficult to wait for the Youth Olympic Games tostart and to continue the great work weexperienced in March!What do you hope to achieve in your role?I want to give a piece of advice to all the youngpeople out there: GET INVOLVED!!! There will notbe any change if nobody asks for a change. TheYouth Olympic Games are going to be what youmake of them.What are you most looking forward to about the Youth Olympic Games?On 24 July, I will be taking part in the celebrationheld for the torch relay in Berlin. I will be meetingall the German athletes who have qualified forthe Youth Olympic Games to spark their interestin the CEP. During the Youth Olympic Games, Iwant to pass on my enthusiasm, especially to theathletes of my NOC, but also to all the otherathletes. I would like to be the contact person forany concern they have and to help them enjoythis experience. SingaporeWhy did you become a YoungAmbassador?To help make the Youth Olympic Games a great experience for the participants, not onlythrough sports, but also cultural education andfriendship. I became a Young Ambassadorbecause I believe that sports shape us intobetter citizens of the world through values thatare portrayed while competing, and that is what I hope to embrace.What do you hope to achieve in your role?I hope to touch the lives of as many youngathletes and visitors to Singapore during the Youth Olympic Games as possible. I also want to share the cultural diversity of Singapore with them - Singapore is a melting pot wherepeople have a deep sense of respect for eachother. I also hope to inspire and encourage youngpeople to join me in pursuing their Olympic dreamthrough the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore,where they will in turn touch the lives of otheryoung people around the world.What are you most looking forward to about the Youth Olympic Games?Making friends with athletes and visitors frommany different countries, as well as learningabout and understanding each other's Olympicand cultural values. In addition, I look forward tocreating a lasting impression on our visitors aboutSingapore and how we have in some wayinfluenced their memories during their short staywith us through the many cultural and educationalactivities planned for them.What is your favourite Olympic memory?My Olympic memory is one that occupies myheart and mind each time I train in the water as a national sailor in Singapore. It reminds me of adream yet to be filled but one that drives me inpursuit of sporting excellence. This pursuit has ledme to represent Singapore at several worldchampionships and regional games like the AsianGames. I hope to realise this Olympic dream in 2012 or 2016.AustraliaWhy did you become a Young Ambassador?Primarily to share my passion for sport with asmany people as possible. I feel that I can deliverthis with a great level of authenticity because I live and breathe it every day. Come Games-time,I hope the athletes feel that they can share theirjourney with me - their joy and theirdisappointment - and that I can reassure themwhen the Olympic environment can feel like a pressure cooker. What do you hope to achieve in your role?At a time when people are becoming moresedentary, if I can deliver the message of the YouthOlympic Games to more young Australians, andinspire them to get outside and play a game, anygame, to pick up a bat, or kick a ball, I will behappy. Even in the most unlikely of circumstances,sport brings people together, countries together. It also delivers a powerful message - theimportance and joy of living an active life. What are you most looking forward to about the Youth Olympic Games?I love exploring other cultures (food particularly!),and sport provides us with this opportunity. Irealise how lucky I was to compete in an OlympicGames in China - a place so culturally differentfrom Australia. It's one thing to visit a country as a tourist, but to live there and operate in acompletely different environment gives us such a greater level of understanding and appreciation.What is your favourite Olympic memory?My background in Olympic sport is as an athlete. I won a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing OlympicGames, in sailing, in the 470 women's class with my partner Tessa Parkinson. As with anyathlete who makes it to an Olympic Games, weendured a pretty tough ride. In retrospect though,it is the journey that I cherish the most; and as a team, our resilience and determination that I am most proud of.