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CULTURE AND EDUCATIONOLYMPIC REVIEW53BrazilWhy did you become a Young Ambassador?I believe the activities promote a very healthycompetition atmosphere and are based on veryimportant values, such as teamwork, strategybuilding and friendship.What do you hope to achieve in your role?I believe our role in the YOG is very importantsince I have been to an actual Olympic Gamesand have seen how some professional athleteslack the abilities and attitudes we will be helpingto develop in the young athletes going toSingapore in August.What is your favourite Olympic memory?Competing at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in the windsurfing competition.PhilippinesWhy did you become a CEP Champion? I was inspired by how the IOC and theSingapore Youth Olympic Games OrganisingCommittee (SYOGOC) wanted to incorporate theOlympic values of excellence, friendship andrespect through the Culture and EducationProgramme. In addition, I knew this was anotheropportunity for me to grow as a person andlearn something new. Lastly, I think this is reallya once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of the first Youth Olympic Games.What do you hope to achieve in your role? I want to promote CEP to the athletes and hopethat they will participate in the CEP activities,because not only is it engaging and fun, theywill also meet athletes from other cultures aswell as acquire skills that will help themintegrate their social and professional lives. What are you most looking forward to aboutthe Youth Olympic Games? To see youngathletes breaking new records and portrayingthe Olympic values.What is your favourite Olympic memory? It's got to be the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.From start to finish, China did a great job as thehost country. In addition, Michael Phelps goteight golds for swimming and Usain Bolt brokethe 100m and 200m world records!ChinaWhy did you become a Young Ambassador?I want to try my best to promote the YouthOlympic Games and the Olympic spirit in China.After the Beijing Games, almost everyone in Chinais interested in the Olympic Games. My task is tolet more people know about the new-born YOG.Another special task for me is to assist Nanjing to promote the 2nd Summer YOG in 2014. What do you hope to achieve in your role?My biggest mission is to make sure all thedelegates, especially the athletes from China, canenjoy their trip to the first Youth Olympic Games.During my visit to Singapore for the Culture andEducation Programme (CEP) Seminar, I found allthe other Young Ambassadors, CEP Champions,SYOGOC staff and volunteers so nice. All the CEPProgrammes are also amazing. I believe that theathletes will enjoy their stay in Singapore.SingaporeWhy did you become a CEP Champion? I was very excited when Singapore wasannounced as the host city of the inauguralYouth Olympic Games and I wanted to be part ofthe event ever since. In August 2009, I wasgiven the opportunity to volunteer for the Gamesand take part in the CEP and I readily took upthe challenge. It was a way for me to beinvolved in a major international sporting eventin Singapore.What do you hope to achieve in your role? I hope that by being a volunteer and a CEPChampion in the Youth Olympic Games, I canhelp make the international delegates andathletes feel at home away from home. I hope togive them a lasting and memorable experienceof the inaugural Youth Olympic Games and help do my part for Singapore.What are you most looking forward to aboutthe Youth Olympic Games? Games time of course! I can't wait to welcomeyoung people from all over the world toSingapore and share my local culture with them.As a CEP Champion, I've had the privilege ofexperiencing most of the CEP activitiesbeforehand and I wish to share this experiencewith as many people as I can.What is your favourite Olympic memory?Currently, it must be the CEP Seminar in March. I had a role to play in organising portions of the seminar and it was a very memorableexperience interacting with the Chef-de-missions, the Young Ambassadors and the localCEP Champions! But I'm sure a morememorable experience will come in August!Sixty CEP Champions from Singapore will workalongside the Young Ambassadors, helping the athletes make the most of their YouthOlympic Games experience

The Journey of theYouth Olympic Flame(JYOF) willseek to inspire youngsters around the world toembrace, embody and express the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respectith the IOC President Jacques Roggepresent, the JYOF will start its route on23 July with the lighting of the firstYouth Olympic Flame in Olympia, Greece. The Flamewill then travel to one city in each of the fivecontinents: Berlin (Germany), Dakar (Senegal), MexicoCity (Mexico), Auckland (New Zealand) and Seoul(Republic of Korea), where it will be welcomed by thepublic at various iconic sites.Each day will end with a City Celebration for all tojoin in the festivities, celebrating the world's first YouthOlympic Games. Two youth representatives from each NOC of 27 JulySINGAPORE 201054OLYMPIC REVIEW