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OLYMPIC REVIEW79OBITUARIESBOHUMILNEMECEKThe Czech Republic's Olympicboxing champion Bohumil Nemecekdied recently at the age of 72. Hewon a gold medal (super lightweightcategory) at the Rome Games in1960. Seven years later he becameEuropean champion. WAYNECOLLETTUS athlete Wayne Collett, the 400msilver medallist at the 1972 Gamesin Munich has died. Born on 20October 1949 in Los Angeles,Collett was a leading member of theUniversity of California, Los Angeles(UCLA) athletics team between1968 and 1971, during which timehe excelled in the 440 yards, milerelay and 440 yards hurdles.NATALIA LAVROVARussian gymnast Natalia Lavrovadied on 23 April in a car accidentnear Penza Oblast (Russia), her hometown. Aged 25, she was Olympicchampion in the team competition atthe Sydney Games in 2000 and the Athens Games in 2004.The Polish NOC has announced the death ofits President, Piotr Nurowski, in the planecrash that also killed the President of theRepublic, Lech Kaczynski, on 10 April inSmolensk (Russian Federation). Aged 65, PiotrNurowski had also been a member of theExecutive Committee of the European OlympicCommittees (EOC) since 2005. The IOCPresident expressed his condolences to PiotrNurowski's family, the NOC and the IOCmember in Poland.PIOTRNUROWSKIPOLISH NOC PRESIDENTKILLED IN PLANE CRASHThe first French Olympic swimmingchampion, Jean Boiteux, died on 11 April atthe age of 76. He won the gold medal inthe 400m freestyle in Helsinki in 1952, alsosetting a world record (4 mins 30.7 secs).After ending his sports career in 1956,having won 15 French championship titles,Boiteux became a coach, regional technicaladviser in Aquitaine and President of theGirondins Club in Bordeaux.JEAN BOITEUXFIRST FRENCHMAN TOWIN AN OLYMPIC GOLDSWIMMING MEDAL

Three French ISOH members, MoniqueBerlioux, Serge Laget and Eric Lahmy havecombined their historical knowledge toproduce portraits of 249 famous Frenchsportsmen and women. They come in all sizes: from leaders in sport to professionals and amateurs;but each and every one a famous person in their sport and in their era. It is quite easy to name a few of them well known tous as Olympic historians, like Géorges "Géo" André, who took part in four Olympic Games, pronounced theOlympic oath in 1924 at the Games in Paris and won anOlympic silver medal in the decathlon in Stockholm in1912 and a bronze medal in Antwerp as a member of theFrench team for the 4x400m relay. But there are many more, like Jacques Anquetil, whowas relatively unknown as an Olympian although he won a bronze medal in Helsinki in 1952 as a member of theFrench road cycling team, but who went on to gain fameas a professional cyclist and winner of the Tour de France.Following the alphabet, we also find Count Jean deBeaumont, IOC member and President of the FrenchOlympic Committee (1970-1982); Monique Berlioux, who as a back-stroke swimmer participated in the Olympic Games in London in 1948 and was later a director of the IOC; Louis Blériot, famous aviator; LouisonBobet, three-time winner of the Tour de France; JeanBoiteux, winner of the Olympic gold medal in the 400mfree style at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki; JeanBouin (right), competitor in long distance running againstPaavo Nurmi; the figure skating couple Pierre Brunet andAndrée Joly, Olympic gold medal winners in 1928 and1932; the famous boxers Georges Carpentier and MarcelCerdan and (of course) the most famous Olympian of all: Pierre de Coubertin himself. It would be easy to complete the whole alphabet, but I leave that to the interested reader. For each of the 249 athletes, their dates and places of birth are listed.Photographs are in black and white. The authors have done a magnificent job in bringingthose French sportsmen and women their well deserved moment of glory.80OLYMPIC REVIEWCONQUERORS OF TIMELynn McConnell, published by SportsBooks,2009 ISBN 9781899807888, 239 pages, in English. Former sports journalist and prolific writer, New ZealanderLynn McConnell authors a captivating, meticulouslyresearched story. Centering on New Zealand athlete JackLovelock, Olympic 1,500m champion at the Berlin Games in1936, the book charts the period between 1932 and 1936 -the golden age of milers and middle-distance runners. Basedon her research into the major races of the time, McConnelloffers a series of portraits of track legends from GlennCunningham, American holder of the 1,500m world record,to Sydney Wooderson, also a record-breaking distancerunner, Luigi Beccali, 1932 Olympic gold medal winner andJerry Cornes, who won silver in the same race. This bookrevisits the sporting careers and competitiveness of theseathletes and takes a look at what they went on to dofollowing their retirement from professional sport. More thanjust a simple history of a sporting discipline in its heyday, this work pays homage to extraordinary personalities whocompeted not just for the glory of their respective countries,but also for a pure and simple love of running.DE CHAMONIX AVANCOUVER: UN SIECLED'OLYMPISME D'HIVEREric MONNIN; foreword by JacquesRogge, President of the International Olympic Committee,published by Désiris, 2010. ISBN 9782915418385, 216 pages, in French.Every four years since 1924, the Olympic Winter Games have presented athletes with the perfect opportunity to write their best performances into the history books. And this is the subject of this book charting the history of the Winter Games by Eric Monnin, a French physicaleducation teacher at the Technical University BelfortMontbeliard and former judo champion. He describes the key place of the Winter Games in the internationalsporting world, from the very first edition in Chamonix,France, in 1924, to the most recent in Vancouver in 2010.While the author takes an historical look at the Games, he does not neglect the emotional aspect, which goes hand in hand with the understanding of any sportingcompetition. Monnin's book is a real page-turner and readers will be gripped by the highs and the lowsexperienced by the athletes over the years. Magnificentlydocumented with archive images from the InternationalOlympic Committee, De Chamonix à Vancouver: un siècle d'Olympisme d'hiveris a must-read for anyone who is interested in or passionate about the Olympic Winter Games. SPORTS INJURYPREVENTION Edited by Roald Bahr and Lars Engebretsen,published by Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, 2009.ISBN 9781405162449, 238 pages, in English. The Handbooks of Sports Medicine and Scienceseries waslaunched in 1992 with the aim of providing information tomedical doctors and healthcare professionals concerning thehealth and welfare of athletes participating in the differentOlympic sports. Each volume is written in a clear andinformative style that also makes the information useful tocoaches and athletes. The Handbook of Sports Injury Preventionis a practical guide that addresses all aspects of injuryprevention in Olympic sports. Focusing on reducing injurypotential, the handbook is organised by the regions of thehuman body. The contributing authors identify the risk factorsfor specific injuries in each sport, the typical injurymechanisms, and the risks associated with training. RoaldBahr, MD PhD, is leading sports medicine physician fromNorway. Lars Engebretsen, MD PhD, is the Head of ScientificActivities for the IOC Medical Commission. The 32 contributingauthors are all experienced and internationally respected in the world sports medicine community.Selection proposed by the IOC Library, 1, Quai d'Ouchy, P.O. Box 1001, Lausanne, Switzerland. Tel. +41 (0)21 621 66 11. Fax +41(0)21 621 67 18. Visit the website (loans service, on-line catalogue, list of new acquisitions, lists of themed bibliographies).BY MONIQUE BERLIOUX, WITH SUPPORT FROM SERGE LAGET AND ERIC LAHMY;PUBLISHED BY ATLANTICA-SÉGUIER, PAYS-BASQUE: 18 ALLÉE MARIE POLITZER,64200 BIARRITZ, FRANCE; ISBN: 978-2-7588-0003-3; 269 PAGES IN FRENCH;PRICE: ?29:00; REVIEWED BY TONY BIJKERK.GLOIRESDUSPORT