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The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) andProcter and Gamble (P&G) have becomethe latest members of The OlympicPartners (TOP) Programme. Dow becomesan official Worldwide Olympic Partner andthe official Chemistry company for theOlympic Movement through to 2020,including for the London 2012 OlympicGames, Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Gamesand Rio 2016 Olympic Games (as well asfor the 2018 Olympic Winter Games andthe 2020 Olympic Games, for which thehost cities have yet to be elected). P&G will become an official Olympicworldwide partner in the "personal careand household products" category throughto 2020, including for the London 2012Olympic Games, Sochi 2014 OlympicWinter Games and the Rio 2016 OlympicGames (as well as for the 2018 OlympicWinter Games and the 2020 OlympicGames). Both Dow and P&G will alsopartner the IOC and the National OlympicCommittees around the world.IOC President Jacques Rogge said,"We are delighted to welcome Dow andProcter & Gamble to the TOP Programme.As a global leader in the chemical industry and an innovator in sustainability,Dow will not only provide critical financialsupport to the Olympic Movement, but also bring industry-leading expertise andinnovation to the Games themselves. "P&G's global reach and consumerinsight will be a real boost in our efforts to communicate the Olympic values to a worldwide audience, and its financialsupport over the next decade will benefitthe entire Olympic Movement, including the athletes themselves."The Dow Chemical Company Chairmanand CEO Andrew Liveris said, "With ourlong-standing commitment to globalsustainability, innovation, scientificexcellence and addressing worldchallenges, we believe Dow is perfectlymatched to the vision of the OlympicMovement, which is about peace, progressand the world coming together to celebrateour common humanity."P&G Global Marketing and BrandBuilding Officer, Marc Pritchard said: "Thispartnership will allow us to continue buildingour business around the globe by offering allof our brands an opportunity to leverage themarketing power of the Olympic Movement. "But, this is about more than just asponsorship. We will utilise this partnershipto further deliver on our purpose-inspiredgrowth strategy to improve more lives, more completely around the world with a focus on making life better for athletes,mums and their families." IOC Marketing Commission ChairmanGerhard Heiberg added, "We already haveeight partners through to 2016 and fivepartners through to 2020. In its 25th year,the TOP programme continues to grow and develop, and the long-term supportprovided by our partners is essential for the strength and stability of the entireOlympic Movement."AboveDow are unveiled as a TOPpartner BelowP&G invited leadingOlympians and their mothers to helpcelebrate their TOP launch ANDWHOSTRENGTHENPARTNERSHIPTWONEWPARTNERS JOINTOPPROGRAMMEThe IOC and the World Health Organisation (WHO)are to step up their collaboration and streamlinetheir efforts to promote physical activity across theglobe after IOC President Jacques Rogge andWHO Director-General Margaret Chan signed aMemorandum of Understanding between the twoorganisations. The document named physicalinactivity as one of the most important risk factorsfor non-communicable diseases, and outlines thejoint way forward for the five years to come."The IOC and the WHO are both eager topromote healthy lifestyles and grassroots sportsworldwide, and the agreement is an importantstep to better form synergies between our variousinitiatives in this field," said Jacques Rogge. Whilst it is the IOC's goal to enable access tosport for everybody, physical inactivity is a key riskfactor for non-communicable diseases, such asdiabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity,which cause millions of deaths worldwide everyyear. As the leading authority for health within theUnited Nations system, the WHO is responsible for providing global strategies for health matters. An IOC-WHO working group will now pool thetwo networks and work on developing commonadvocacy and field projects for a five-year periodto start with. BelowWHO Director-General Margaret Chanand IOC President Jacques RoggeOLYMPIC REVIEW13

Sochi 2014On 4 July, Sochi hostedthe "Sochi, Yes!" festivalto commemorate theelection of Sochi as hostcity of the 2014 WinterGames. This event waspart of the 2014 GamesCultural Olympiad,which opened earlierthis year. Various artists,musicians, athletes and thousands of Sochi residents took part inthe celebrations, whichincluded sports eventsduring the day and agrand concert in theevening. AlexeyVoevoda, bobsleigh silver medallist at the2006 Games andbronze medallist at the2010 Games, joined theteam of Sochi 2014Ambassadors.Rio 2016The Rio 2016 GamesOrganising Committeeannounced thatGovernor Sérgio Cabralstarted the drilling workon the tunnel for MetroLine 4, which will linkthe western and south-ern zones of the city,where two of the foursports competition clus-ters will be located. Line4 will be opened in2015. The personalitiesattending includedOrganising CommitteePresident and IOC mem-ber Carlos Nuzman."Giving a Voice to Youth" will be more than justthe motto of the 7th World Conference on Sport,Education and Culture, to be held in Durban,South Africa, from 5 to 7 December 2010. During a youth session, organised within theconference, young participants at the YouthOlympic Games (YOG) that were held in Singaporein August, will talk about their personal experience at this very first edition and alsoexchange with their South African peers. Youngpeople will also be given the floor in othersessions to offer their first-hand input on learningexperiences in the fields of sport, education,culture and society.Other discussions, to take place in plenaryand parallel sessions, will focus on values-basededucation, the Cultural Olympiad, education forsustainable development and how to develop a culture of healthy lifestyles, to name just a few.The event is organised by the IOC, inpartnership with the United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and will bring together representatives from theworld of sport, universities, NGOs, governmentsand intergovernmental organisations. Visit to learn more.The IOC has awarded broadcast rights for theLondon 2012 Olympic Games to GrupoAlbavision. Grupo Albavision has acquired free-to-air television broadcast rights and radio rights in Bolivia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic,Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras,Nicaragua, Paraguay and Uruguay. In August,Grupo Albavision provided coverage on the sameplatforms in these territories for the inauguralSingapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games.IOC President Jacques Rogge said:"Following their successful coverage of the firstever Youth Olympic Games this August, we arehappy to be able to reach this agreement withGrupo Albavision to ensure free coverage of the Olympic Games in London in 2012 acrossthe region."Mr Angel Gonzalez, Chief Executive of GrupoAlbavision, said: "We are very happy to becomea part of the Olympic Family and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship." The IOC also awarded broadcast rights forthe London 2012 Olympic Games and theInnsbruck 2012 Youth Olympic Winter Games to teleSUR. teleSUR has acquired over-the-airtelevision, cable television and radio broadcastrights in Venezuela. The President of teleSUR, Andrés Izarra, said"Venezuela has significantly improved itsperformance in international sports competitions.Our national teams have gathered an audiencelike no time in our history. The National PublicBroadcasting System, through teleSUR, wants toservice the country and our athletes by bringingthe Olympic events live to every home in thenation, and is proud of its top athletes." CONFERENCETOGIVEAVOICETOYOUTH  IOCAWARDSBROADCASTRIGHTS LONDON2012: TWOYEARSTO GOMARKED27 July 2010 marked the two-years-to-go point before the opening of theLondon 2012 Olympic Games. Thisimportant milestone in London's progress wascelebrated with a number of events across the hostcity and country. From 23-25 July, the London2012 Open Weekend was organised across the UKand included over 800 "challenging" events for the public. This was followed by the launch ofLondon 2012's specialist volunteer programme, the opening of London 2012's first official shop, a number of special events in the Olympic Park,and numerous other events organised by London 2012's partners.With the main venues in London's OlympicPark on track to be completed next year, anumber of special events were held in the Park on27 July, showing the great progress that Londonhas made in its construction projects. Olympicgold medallist Sir Chris Hoy took part in a cyclingactivity within the velodrome, former NBA starJohn Amaechi was shooting hoops in thebasketball arena, Michael Johnson sprinted on a temporary track in the Olympic Stadium, andthe first group of people walked across the main access bridge between the Aquatics Centreand the Olympic Stadium.BelowMichael Johnson and local schoolchildrentest out the track at the Olympic StadiumGAMES NEWS INBRIEF14OLYMPIC REVIEW