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LOCOG has announced its plans to recruit up to 70,000 volunteers or "GamesMakers" for the London Games. It isexpected to be the biggest volunteerrecruitment campaign in the post-warperiod in the UK, and LOCOG will belooking for dedicated and inspirationalpeople representative of the diversity ofLondon and the UK to apply for a widevariety of volunteer positions. Olympic TOP partner McDonald's willbe the presenting partner of the Londonvolunteer programme and will use itsexpertise in customer service and trainingand its nationwide presence to helpattract, select and train the diverse teamthat will be needed to make the 2012Games a success.Sebastian Coe, Chairman of LOCOG,said: "London 2012 needs brilliantvolunteers to help us deliver a greatOlympic and Paralympic Games. Ourvolunteers will be called Games Makers to reflect the important role they will playin staging the 2012 Games."There are two different types ofvolunteer role: specialists in areas such as medical services, sport or pressoperations; and generalists, with rolesranging from spectator assistants, uniformdistributors and ticket checking. The key dates for the process are:?27 July 2010:applications open forpre-identified applicants for specialistsport, press operations, anti-doping andmedical roles and members of a widerange of disability specialistorganisations. This is also an opportunityfor those interested in the generalistroles to find out if they have what ittakes to be a Games Maker via adedicated section on the London 2012website.?15 September 2010:applicationsopen to the public for generalist rolesand continue for specialist roles.?LOCOG also confirmed that up to1,500 of the Games Maker roles will bemade available for those under the age of 18 through the 'Young GamesMaker' programme that will be unveiledin July 2011.Above(From left) Colin Moynihan,Sebastian Coe, Boris Johnson andHugh Robertson with a group of 2012 volunteers On 14 August 2010, the Singapore Postissued a set of four stamps tocommemorate the first Youth OlympicGames (YOG). The stamps depict the twoyouthful mascots Lyo and Merly in posesfeaturing the Games' Culture andEducation Programme (CEP) andSingapore 2010 sports. Throughout the YOG, the SingaporePost ran a temporary post office in theOlympic Village, providing postal servicesfor the YOG athletes and officials. The Singapore Post also issued specialstamps in 2008 (two stamps) and 2009(four stamps) in the run-up to theSingapore YOG. What is more, some 15postal services (including France, Belgium,Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, etc.) will belaunching special commemorative stampscelebrating these 1st Youth Games. Below The commemorative YOG stamps LONDON2012ANNOUNCES VOLUNTEERPROGRAMMEYOGSTAMPSISSUEDIOCPRESIDENT VISITSNO.10DOWNINGSTREETIOC President Jacques Rogge met with the newBritish Prime Minister David Cameron at No.10Downing Street. The visit was part of a full day ofOlympic events for the President in the next Olympichost city. He started the day by addressing London2012's staff, before going on to visit the OlympicPark venues and later met the Mayor of LondonBoris Johnson.Following his meeting with Prime MinisterCameron, President Rogge said, "We had veryproductive discussions with the Prime Minister andthe Mayor about the London 2012 Games and thedevelopment of sport in the UK. It is a sign of thegovernment's commitment to the 2012 Games thatsuch a meeting was organised so early in the life ofthe new government. The Prime Minister reassuredme of the government's continued support forLondon 2012 and we are looking forward to continuing the bi-partisan approach so vital to asuccessful Games."As part of the Olympic Park visit, Rogge helpedto put in place the 2012th seat in the OlympicStadium. The President was assisted in his task bythe Chairman of the IOC's Coordination CommissionDenis Oswald, Sebastian Coe, IOC member CraigReedie and some of the children who were presentin Singapore for the 2012 vote. These seats will be where thousands of spectators will be able to watch the world's best athletes compete.AbovePresident Rogge joins Sebastian Coe toinstall the 2012th seat at the Olympic Stadium OLYMPIC REVIEW15

16OLYMPIC REVIEWMore than 100 National Olympic Committees(NOCs) participated in this year's OlympicDay. Under the concept "Move, Learn andDiscover", sporting, cultural and educationalactivities were organised on and around 23June worldwide. In Australia, more than 50 Olympianswent back to school to share their Olympicexperience with young students and speak on the positive impact of sport on their lives.The NOC of Vanuatu organised a successfulsix day Sport Festival. The more than 1500participants discovered 16 different sports,learnt about HIV prevention and the dangersof doping in sport, competed in an Olympicquiz and gave their best in an Olympic DayRun. The fun factor was also guaranteed bythe moderator who happened to be a stand-up comedian.This year, Olympic Day was also widelyused as an opportunity to spread the wordabout the first Youth Olympic Games (YOG). In Asia, Hong Kong's YOG Young Ambassador,Sherry Tsai, set up a booth to tell people inthe streets about the new event, and invitedthem to compete against Michael Phelps andRafael Nadal in the Best of Us Challenge Chivinn Chum, YoungAmbassador from Cambodia, spoke toyoungsters on the occasion of an OlympicDay Run to tell them about the many benefits inherent to sport. Over 300 events took place in more than250 communities around the United Statesattended by 270 Olympians, Paralympiansand Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls. Forinstance, two-time Olympian and President ofthe US Olympians Association, Willie Banksreturned to his childhood home of CampPendleton to speak to the young participantson the Olympic Values. In Zambia, Olympic Day was celebratedfor the first time in the brand new multi-purpose sports complex which wasinaugurated by the IOC in Lusaka in May.More than 1,000 people from the areaparticipated in a 10km Fun Run, a 5km walkrace, a tug-of-war competition, other physicalactivities for kids and an art exhibition onclimate change and sport. In partnership with its national SchoolSports Association and its Olympic Academy,the NOC of Croatia organised several sportingcompetitions, anti-doping workshops andsessions on Olympic history which attractedabout 2600 pupils and 500 teachers. The kidsthat won their sporting competition during themain event in Zagreb's Athletic Stadium on 23 June, received their medals from Olympicchampions and medalists and also had thechance to meet young athletes who hadqualified for the YOG in Singapore.Across the globe, Olympic Day is aboutgetting as many people as possible moving,discovering new sports and learning aboutthe Olympic values.OLYMPICDAY2010:MOVE,LEARNAND DISCOVERACROSSTHEGLOBE