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20OLYMPIC REVIEWChilean gymnastTomás GonzálezSepúlveda has beenhonoured by theInternationalGymnastics Federation(FIG), which hasawarded him the titleof "World ClassGymnast". He wasgiven this symbolictitle by Chile's onlyfemale Olympic medal-list, Marlene Ahrens(silver in the javelin inMelbourne, in 1956).The InternationalTriathlon Union (ITU)has announced thatthe city of Auckland(New Zealand) will hostthe 2012 ITU WorldChampionship seriesGrand Final. The 2011edition is scheduled to be held in Beijing(People's Republic of China).Meeting in Sochi, the58th Congress of theInternational LugeFederation (FIL) re-elected Josef Fendt as its President for a four-year term of office. IOC member OttavioCinquanta was unani-mously re-elected as President of theInternational SkatingUnion (ISU) at the ISUCongress held inBarcelona (Spain).Throughout the 16-day FEI World EquestrianGames in September in Kentucky, USA, visitorswere invited to Inspire, a photographic celebrationof equestrianism. This unique collection of 16images shows inspirational figures from theequestrian sport in surprising yet expressivesituations. In this collection of images, theequestrian athletes have been removed from thecontext the public usually sees them in, yet theirsettings incorporate subtle references to theirdisciplines. Photographers Liz Gregg, Kit Houghtonand Simon Charlton captured rarely seenmoments of playful intimacy between those withfamily ties. HRH Princess Royal and Zara Phillipsshare a joke in the tackroom of Gatcombe Parkafter a morning ride. The elegant Rodrigo andNelson Pessoa fool around on a double-seaterrocking-horse in their stables near Brussels andthe UAE's young world endurance championHussain Al Marzooqi discovers space hoppers inthe desert near Dubai with his father Ali. Otherstrong moments show FEI President HRH PrincessHaya applauding riders at the July 2010 AachenCHIO event (left). Smiling and at ease, she is inthe midst of an enthusiastic crowd, at the heart ofhorse sport. A shot of Singaporean Laurentia Tan,double bronze medallist at the Paralympic Gamesin Beijing, shows her in a glamorous eveninggown in the North Yorkshire countryside (below),offering a striking contrast to the ruggedcountryside. Provocative, contemporary andstriking, these photos will prompt discussion andinterpretation and leave no viewer indifferent.A total of 17 outstanding basketball personalitiesfrom 12 different countries were inducted into theFIBA Hall of Fame on 12th September during the2010 FIBA World Championship in Istanbul (Turkey).National icons Oscar Schmidt (Brazil), ArvydasSabonis (Lithuania), Dino Meneghin (Italy) and VladeDivac and Dragan Kicanovic(both from Serbia)were among the inductees for the 2010 Class ofthe FIBA Hall of Fame. Two of the best femaleplayers of all time, Cheryl Miller (USA) and NataliaZassoulskaya (Russia), completed the list of players. A combined 14 Olympic medals and 15FIBA World Championship medals underline theprominence of the seven players and three coachesinducted.The selected referees and contributorswere at the top of the game for decades and belong to the most decorated in their field."The 2010 Class has stardom, character andcountless merits for the promotion of our game,"said FIBA President Bob Elphinston."The inductees were and still are brilliant on and off the court." EQUESTRIANSINPICTURESFIBAINDUCTSHALL OFFAMERSMASTEROF ARTSINOLYMPICSTUDIESNEWS INBRIEFA new Master of Arts in Olympic Studies waslaunched in September 2010. This uniqueOlympic-focused two-year programme will bedelivered part-time in order to facilitate theparticipation of those in employment. Its maintarget groups are Olympic Movementprofessionals aiming to increase their Olympicknowledge in social sciences and humanities. The programme is organised by the German Sport University Cologne but delivered by aninternational partnership of prestigious Europeanuniversities, including University of Mainz,Loughborough University, Autonomous Universityof Barcelona and University of Lyon. The basic learning outcomes are to enhancethe participant's Olympic knowledge in socialsciences and humanities, to promote theirappreciation of the nature and significance ofvalues in the advocacy and practice of Olympismand to foster critical reflection on processes of continuity and transformation in the OlympicMovement and on the relationship betweenOlympism and wider social contexts. The course is taught in English andcandidates are required to hold a bachelor'sdegree or its equivalent, and have at least twoyears work experience in an environment relevantto the interests of the Olympic family and itsstakeholders ideally. The programme is managedby Stephan Wassong who holds a fullprofessorship in sport history and Olympic Studiesat the German Sport University Cologne. For more information visit or send an email to German Sport University is located in the picturesque city of Cologne