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an emotional march to the gold medal match, losing5-0 to Bolivia but winning the hearts of the Haitianpublic, who are still struggling to come to terms withthe earthquake that devastated the island in January. "Being at the Games has been an amazingexperience," said Haiti captain Daniel Gedeon. "I thinkeveryone in Haiti is excited by what we've achieved."By the end of the Games, there were 14 worldjunior records broken in Singapore, underlining thequality of the sporting competition, while almost half of the 205 participating NOCs had enjoyed medalsuccess, including a first Olympic gold medal forVietnam and a first Olympic medal for Jordan. Show jumper Dalma Rushdi H Malhas also madeheadlines by becoming the first Saudi Arabian womanto compete in an Olympic event, before claiming thebronze medal in the individual jumping discipline."I'm very happy that I got the chance to competeand change the way it's been. I hope that this will be a door that will open many other possibilities for allother Saudi girls," she said afterwards. "Being the firstfemale from Saudi Arabia makes me happy but themedal is what I am happier about."The sports themselves were the focus of muchattention as well, with new disciplines that wereintroduced especially for Singapore 2010 - such as 3-on-3 basketball, head-to-head canoe-kayak races and a combined team event in cycling, amongst others -catching the imaginations of both fans and athletes. The adapted basketball format, where the winner wasthe first team to 33 points and teams consisted of onlythree players, also proved a hit with President Rogge.RightTeam-building as part of the CEPBelowThe newdiscipline, 3-on-3street basketball,was a huge hit32OLYMPIC REVIEWYOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES

festivals in the village.Social media networks brought the excitement ofthe Games to young people around the world as theIOC reached out on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. Morethan half of the 3.6 million fans across the OlympicFacebook platforms are between the ages of 13 and24. The Singapore 2010 and Youth Olympic Gamespages now have more than 100,000 "fans". Videos onthe Youth Olympic Games Channel were viewed overseven million times, and at one point it was the thirdmost watched YouTube channel worldwide.The athletes participating in Singapore 2010 werejoined by 29 Young Reporters, who actively providedcontent to the international media, while 30 YoungAmbassadors supported and mentored their nationaldelegations. Over 40 Athlete Role Models from theInternational Federations and International OlympicCommittee also offered advice and tips to the athletesin and around the Athletes' Village.British diver Tom Daley was in the unique positionof having already competed in the Beijing 2008Olympic Games before he arrived in Singapore for theYOG, meaning he was well placed to talk about thedifferences between the two events."I thought it was a great idea to mix the educationalong with the competition and it is very much like anOlympic Games," he said. "The way that this has beentargeted to a younger audience has made it a reallycool and fun event."The 16-year-old also revealed that the YOG werelikely to help young athletes prepare for the possibilityof one day competing in the Olympic Games."It is a very exciting event," he said. "I like theformat very much, you know it's an extrapolation ofhow basketball was played in the inner cities andbackyards. The rules are clear, there is suspense andobviously the players love it."Other innovations included the introduction ofevents featuring mixed-gender and mixed-NOC teams,such as triathlon relays, archery, table tennis, fencingand swimming relays, to name but a few, which addeda completely new element to the sporting competitionand proved particularly popular with the athletes."It was a neat experience," said American GregMassialas, who won bronze in the mixed-NOC teamfencing event. "It's cool to compete as Team USA, buton the other hand you get to know other athletesbetter through this competition, make new friends and really embrace the Olympic spirit."Sport was far from the only focus of attention inSingapore, however. The Youth Olympic Games alsofeatured a unique Culture and Education Programme(CEP) that ran alongside the sporting competition,giving all participants the chance to interact with eachother and learn more about different cultures, as wellas topics such as Olympism, the environment, health,career planning and social responsibility. Theprogramme also offered athletes the opportunity tospeak to inspirational mentors, including both currentand former Olympians, as part of the Chat withChampions sessions, which proved particularly popularin the Youth Olympic Village. It was the manner inwhich all 50 CEP activities were embraced by theathletes, however, that ensured that the programmewas deemed a resounding success."We tried to develop events and experiences thatdid not feel like a school or college environment,"said Patrick Stalder of the IOC's Youth OlympicGames department. "We didn't want this to betraditional education because we knew we had toengage athletes in a different way -learning by doingand sharing. Education is not just bringing in newideas from the outside but ensuring the athletes aresharing things among themselves."Reigning Olympic pole vault champion YelenaIsinbaeva was in Singapore as a YOG Ambassador andrevealed how impressed she was with the event aftertaking part in a Chat with Champions evening, whilealso highlighting how pleased she was to pass on heradvice to aspiring athletes. "First of all, I am happy I can help young athletes,"she said. "It's kind of an inspiration when I see thepassion in their eyes -a hungry feeling, they just don'tknow what is coming. This inspired me and I hope itinspires them too. I hope they take these experiencesback to their friends at home."Fellow ambassadors Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps also played a part in Singapore with personalvideo messages played for the athletes at the Openingand Closing Ceremonies and during the evening"This experience in Singapore will help so manyathletes make that extra step and go onto the worldstage on a senior level. I would have loved to have had this opportunity before Beijing. To have a YouthOlympic Games, with multi sports, a massive villageand things like that would have helped me know whatit was going to be like at the Olympic Games."The positive reactions of athletes and fans from allover the world highlight just what a success theinaugural YOG were, with President Rogge indicatingthat the response had even taken him by surprise."The Youth Olympic Games vastly exceeded myhighest expectations," he said. "One of the greatest successes of the Games washow the athletes embraced the Culture and EducationProgramme. It was a huge success, greater thananything we had imagined. "The list of things that exceeded expectations isextensive, which is why Singapore ranks right up therein terms of the best Olympic Games I have everattended," he continued. "These were very intimate Games and the athletesfelt they had become members of a family."Indeed, when a spectacular Closing Ceremonybrought the inaugural YOG to an emotional close, itwas clear that Rogge's baby - and the 3,600 athletesthat took part - had become fully grown members of the Olympic family. As the IOC President said to theassembled athletes as the Youth Olympic Flame wasextinguished: "Years from now, when you reflect onyour sports career, you will be able to say 'I was in Singapore, where it all began'." ?OLYMPIC REVIEW33YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES"THE YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMESVASTLY EXCEEDED MY HIGHEST EXPECTATIONS. ONEOF THE GREATESTSUCCESSES WAS HOW THE ATHLETESEMBRACED THE CULTURE AND EDUCATION PROGRAMME. THESEWERE VERY INTIMATEGAMES AND THE ATHLETES FELT THEYHAD BECOME MEM-BERS OF A FAMILY"IOC PRESIDENTJACQUES ROGGERightThe mixed-relays inseveral sports added a newdimension to the YOG