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AboveIOC Athletes' Commission ChairmanFrank Fredericks distributing ACP certificatesIOCPRESIDENTVISITSMIDDLEEASTThe IOC President, Jacques Rogge, madea visit to Jordan, Palestine and Israel inOctober. Beginning in the Jordaniancapital, Amman, the President met variousNOC members including Prince Feisal AlHussein, NOC President and IOC member,and was received by King Abdullah theSecond. The President and his delegationflew to Ramallah in the West Bank, wherethey visited a refugee camp beforemeeting the President of the PalestinianOlympic Committee, Jibril Rajoub, and thePalestinian Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad.In Israel, the IOC President held "veryconstructive" talks with the IsraeliPresident, Shimon Peres. A number ofissues were raised during their meeting,including concerns over the freemovement of Palestinian athletes andofficials. Mr Peres offered his constructivecooperation to find solutions.The delegation also met withmembers of the Israeli NOC, including itsPresident, Zvi Varshaviak. Since themeetings, the IOC has announced thatrepresentatives of the Palestinian andIsraeli NOCs will meet in Lausanne laterthis year to tackle the issue under theleadership of the IOC.And following a telephoneconversation between the IOC Presidentand Israeli Prime Minister BenjaminNetanyahu, it has been agreed that thePrime Minister will be kept updated on thediscussions. 14OLYMPIC REVIEWFollowing its meeting in Acapulco inOctober, the IOC Executive Board (EB)announced that it is looking favourably atthe inclusion of women's Ski Jumping, SkiHalfpipe, Ski Slopestyle, SnowboardSlopestyle, Biathlon Mixed Team Relay,Figure Skating Team Event and Luge TeamRelay in the programme of the Sochi2014 Olympic Winter Games. However,before taking a final decision, the EB saidit would like to consider the outcome ofthe respective World Championships,which will take place during the winterseason in 2011.The IOC Olympic ProgrammeCommission analysed the requests putforward by the International SportsFederations based on established criteria,and submitted its findings to the EB. Thekey positive factors included whether thechanges would increase universality,gender equity and youth appeal, and ingeneral add value to the Games. Otherconsiderations included the cost ofinfrastructure, and the impact on theoverall quota and the number of events.The EB also confirmed that the sportsprogramme of the 2018 Olympic WinterGames, which will be presented to the IOCSession for approval, would be the sameas the one in Sochi, with seven sports. Furthermore, the EB chose ColoradoSprings, USA, as host of the nextInternational Athletes' Forum to be held inOctober 2011. Led by the IOC's Athletes'Commission, the event will bring togethersportsmen and women from all continentsas well as from International Federations todiscuss the current matters affecting theircareer and lives after their years of high-level competition. It was also agreed thatLos Angeles, USA, will organise the 5thIOC World Conference on Women andSport in February 2012.ROUND-UP:EXECUTIVEBOARDMEETINGATHLETECAREERPROGRAMMEThe word needs to be spread more about thethree letters "ACP". This was one of the mainconclusions of the 5th IOC Athlete CareerProgramme (ACP) Forum held in Lausanne inOctober. The event brought together athletes andrepresentatives of NOCs, Adecco and the IOC fortwo days in order to improve the implementationof the programme across the globe. Launched in2005, the ACP aims to support elite athletes tosuccessfully manage training, competition as wellas the challenges and opportunities of day-to-daylife. It focuses on three fields: Education, Life Skillsand Employment.Twenty-seven NOCs in all continents havealready been actively cooperating with Adecco toimplement the ACP in their countries. And withmore than 6,800 athletes having benefitted fromthe service already, the ACP is becoming asuccess story. However, reaching out to as manyathletes and potential employers as possible willremain a challenge for all stakeholders involved.Sergei Aschwanden, bronze medallist in judoin Beijing in 2008 and currently a student ofsports sciences and business in Switzerland, gavehis view of how the ACP could best meet athletes'expectations. "It is about making them aware thatthere is a life beyond their sporting career andthat there is the ACP to assist them in shapingtheir futures. In a positive environment, theathletes will learn how to deal with socialpressures, how to manage their time and how toplan ahead. And this is exactly what many of themare expecting from sAbove President Rogge meets Israeliuch a tailored programme." President Shimon Peres LeftPresidentRogge with Palestinian Prime MinisterSalam Fayyad

The IOC honoured broadcasters for theiroutstanding coverage of the Vancouver2010 Olympic Winter Games at thebiennial Olympic Golden Rings ceremony inLausanne. This year, 42 film clips from 13countries were judged by an internationaljury, with the winners receiving their prizesat The Olympic Museum in the presence ofIOC President Jacques Rogge. Members ofthe IOC Radio and Television Commissionwere also in attendance, along withrepresentatives from the rights-holdingbroadcasters, the Organising Committeesfor the Olympic Games in Vancouver,London and Sochi, International Federationsand the city of Lausanne.Gold, silver and bronze trophies wereawarded in four categories: Best OlympicFeature, Best Athlete Profile, Best OlympicProgramme, and Best Sports Coverage bythe Host Broadcaster. NBC was the big win-ner of the evening, striking gold in The BestOlympic Feature category for "Discovery,"the broadcaster's introduction to theVancouver Games on the night of theOpening Ceremony, before taking top hon-ours in the Best Athlete Profile category fora piece on Norwegian Alpine skiier AkselLund Svindal. China's CCTV won the TheBest Olympic Programme category for theircoverage of pair figure skaters Shen Xueand Zhao Hongbo, while "Ice Hockey" wasnamed Best Sports Coverage by HostBroadcaster OBSV.Created in 1976, the Olympic GoldenRings is a prestigious international contestthrough which the IOC seeks to promoteand recognise excellence in televisionbroadcasting of the Olympic Games. Thecontest is organised every two years, onthe occasion of the Summer and WinterGames, under the aegis of the IOC Radioand Television Commission.BelowPresident Rogge addresses theguests at the ceremony in Lausanne SUMMARY OF AWARDS (Title/ Director/ Producer)The Best Sports Coverage by the HostBroadcasting Organisation (OBSV):Gold:Ice Hockey/Brian Douglas/PaulHemming, John Szpala (CTV)Silver: Alpine/ Brian Douglas, UrsulaRomero/ Beni Giger (SGR)Bronze: Cross Country/ Henry Mok,Kalevi Uusivuori/ Tapani Parm (YLE)The Best Olympic FeatureGold:NBC "Discovery"/ DickEbersol, Mark Levy, BrianBrownSilver:Nine Network Australia "Last Man Standing"/Paul O'Doherty/Alex RollsBronze:Eurosport "Olympic Magazine"/Christian SeychalThe Best Athlete ProfileGold:NBC "Aksel LundSvindal"/Dick Ebersol, MarkLevy, Phil Parrish, Matt AllenSilver:ZDF "Alexandre Bilodeau"/Susanne Simon/ Anke ScholtenBronze:Record TV Network Brazil"Domingo Espetacular"/ Isabella Gubert,Julio Frascino/ Douglas TavolaroThe Best OlympicProgrammeGold:CCTV China "ShenXue and Zhao Hongbo"/Jiang Heping, Fang Gang, Yu Jie, Yu Bu/Ran MengmingSilver:NBC "XXI Olympic WinterGames"/Dick Ebersol, David Neal/ Bucky GuntsBronze:Nine Network Australia "OlympicWinter Games"/ Steve Crawley, LesleyTapsall, Tim Cleary, Alex Rolls/ShaneStreet, Gary Newnham'VANCOUVER2010' GOLDENRINGSCEREMONYSPORTANDENVIRONMENTCONFERENCE The IOC, in partnership with the United NationsEnvironment Programme (UNEP) and the QatarOlympic Committee, will hold the 9th WorldConference on Sport and the Environment from30 April to 1 May 2011 in Doha, Qatar. Under thetheme "Playing for a Greener Future", theConference will assess the Movement'senvironmental success stories; reflect on futurechallenges; and explore opportunities tomainstream the environment in the world of sport. Some of the questions to be discussed are:"How can the Olympic Movement contribute tothe achievement of the Millennium DevelopmentGoals which also relate to environmentalsustainability?", "How can sporting role modelsconvey environmental messages at nationallevel?" and "Which inspiring solutions to globalenvironmental issues can be offered by the world of sport?". A highlight will be the presentation of the2011 IOC Sport and Environment Awards, whichrecognise outstanding initiatives in the field ofsustainable sport and environment. The deadlinefor nominations is 31 January 2011. TheConference comes at a strategic moment, justahead of the Rio+20 Earth Summit in 2012( and the OlympicGames in London, which have sustainability atthe heart of their preparations. It will bringtogether representatives from the sportscommunity, environmental organisations,universities, governments, intergovernmentalorganisations and the business world.Please visit to learn more.AboveThe Richmond Oval in Vancouver wasdesigned with environmental concerns in mindOLYMPIC REVIEW15