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OLYMPIC REVIEW19As part of the promotionof women's participationin sport, at the end ofSeptember theArgentinean NOC organ-ised an InternationalWomen and SportSeminar in the city ofRosario. Over 120 par-ticipants - male andfemale - attended thisseminar, including fourOlympians: VaninaSanchez Beron, JuliaGarisoain, CeciliaCarranza Saroli andLorena Corengia. Themain speaker wasNicole Hoevertsz, amember of the IOC andits Women and SportCommission.The Australian andItalian NOCs signed apartnership agreementduring the ANOC meet-ings in October. Signedby the two NOCPresidents, John Coatesand Gianni Petrucci, itmeans Australia'sOlympic athletes can bebased in Italy or else-where in Europe to trainahead of the 2012Games in London. TheAustralian Institute ofSport is also expected tosign an agreement withits Italian counterpart,the CONI Institute, toexchange sports sci-ence, sports medicine,high performance andcoaching expertise. The awards ceremony for the 2010 Women andSport trophies of the Malaysian NOC, whosePresident is IOC member Prince Tunku Imran, washeld at the end of September at the NOC's sportscomplex, in the presence of the Minister ofWomen, Family and Community Development,Dato' Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, and the Chair of theNOC's Women and Sports Commission, Low BengChoo. The 2010 winners are: Christina Chee ShinLian (leadership trophy), Normala Abd Rashid(trophy for development of sport in thecommunity), Lucy Read (trophy for grassrootssports development), Jamhariah Jaafar (trophy forwomen sports journalism), Mr and Mrs Wong LoyChoy, parents of female badminton player WongMew Choo, (partnership trophy) and Choo Kon Lee(overall). The IOC Women and Sport AchievementDiploma went to Zaiton Othman, winner of theNOC's 2009 award and ranked third in the IOC2010 Women and Sport Award for Asia.BelowWong Mew Choo in actionThe US Olympic Committee, the University ofDelaware and Olympic Solidarity have launched thethird edition of the International CoachingEnrichment Certification Programme (ICECP).Twenty-two coaches from the five continents,representing 10 sports, are taking part in thisprogramme which began on 3 October at theUniversity of Delaware and will end on 3 May 2011at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne. The subjectsaddressed include sports nutrition, sports medicine,injury management and prevention, sportspsychology and physiology, sports administration,and training methods. Some 22 countries wererepresented in the programme. More informationcan be found at andwww.TeamUSA.orgMALAYSIAWOMEN ANDSPORT AWARDSCOACHINGPROGRAMMEOLYMPICSOLIDARITY INECUADORHEALTHYEATINGFifteen Ecuadorean athletes will receive OlympicSolidarity scholarships to help them prepare andqualify for the 2012 Games in London. An officialceremony was held at the Ecuadorean NOCheadquarters in the presence of NOC PresidentDanilo Carrera and 12 of the 15 athletes. They willreceive these scholarships until 31 August 2012.The athletes selected are weightlifters DavidArroyo, Julio César Arteaga, Alexandra Escobarand Seledina Nieve; boxers Carlos Gónogora andJulio César Castillo; judokas Diana Villavicencioand Israel Verdugo; wrestler Yohan Blanco; athletesRolando Saquipay, Diego Ferrín and Byron Piedra;cyclist Fausto Endara; tennis player RobertoQuiroz; and triathlete Elizabeth Bravo.AboveEcuador's Roberto Quiroz (left) celebrateswinning the men's junior US Open doubles The Spanish NOC recently hosted the third "NOCBreakfast", the theme of which was healthy eating.Olympic athletes Isabel Fernández (judo) andRafael Trujillo (sailing) spoke, emphasising theimportance of correct eating for any athlete. NOCPresident Alejandro Blanco congratulated theNutrition Commission and announced the creationof a university chair of good habits for the nearfuture. Info at www.coe.esNEWS INBRIEF