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OLYMPIC REVIEW21Ching-Kuo Wu was re-elected for fouryears as President ofthe International BoxingAssociation (AIBA) atthe AIBA Congress inAlmaty (Kazakhstan).This is his second termof office as AIBAPresident. At the InternationalEquestrian Federation(FEI) General Assemblyin Taipei (ChineseTaipei), Princess HayaAl Hussein was re-elected, for a secondfour-year term of office,as FEI President. Meeting inHerzogenaurach(Germany), theInternational HandballFederation (IHF) Council awarded theorganisation of the2013 Men's WorldChampionships toSpain, and the Women'sedition to Serbia.Blanca Manchon and Tom Slingsby have beennamed as ISAF World Sailors of the Year 2010. Manchón was nominated for the third time andhad her family and friends with her at the Awardsceremony in Athens. "This is really fantastic," shesaid. "As this is my third nomination for the ISAFWorld Sailor of the Year Award we were all hopingthis would be it. and here I am! I cannot believeit. I worked very hard to get here but I'm young -only 23 years old - so I hope I continue to domany things and maybe I will see you again heresomeday." Slingsby could not make it to Athens for theceremony due to electrical storms over Sydneythat grounded international flights. He wassurprised when his phone call to "discuss lasersailing", turned into a live announcement fromHRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark,announcing that he had won the 2010 ISAF WorldSailor of the Year Award. "Wow, thank you!" saidSlingsby. "I just remember sitting on the rocks inSydney harbour watching the Olympics. Iremember seeing people like Ben Ainslie andRobert Scheidt winning, two former winners of theAward, and thinking, "I want that, that's reallywhat I want to do. To be considered among themtoday is really an incredibly big honour."The Awards have been held every year since1994 and past winners include Peter Blake (NZL),Ellen MacArthur (GBR), Robert Scheidt (BRA) andRussell Coutts (SUI). In 2009 the Awards werepresented to Torben Grael (BRA) and AnnaTunnicliffe (USA).BelowBlanca Manchon and Tom Slingsby -IAAF World Sailors of the Year 2010More than 40 participantsrepresenting 29 countriesbelonging to the InternationalSkiing Federation (FIS) Aid andPromotion Programme tookpart in the 9th FIS Leaders'Seminar in Bratislava (Slovakia).Opened by FIS President GianFranco Kasper, who is also anIOC member, and by FISSecretary General Sarah Lewis,this seminar was entitled "Howto Upgrade a National SkiAssociation". On the agendawere case studies presented bysix national associations ontheir experiences and bestpractices.ISAFATHLETES OFTHEYEARFISSEMINARWOMEN'SBASKETBALLBOXERS OFTHE YEAR Russia's Artur Beterbiev and Ireland's Katie Taylorhave been named Best Boxers of the Year by theInternational Boxing Association (AIBA).Azerbaijan's Shaban Shahpalangov scooped theBest Youth Boxer prize. The awards werepresented at a ceremony organised during theAIBA Congress in Almaty (Kazakhstan) on 2November. Artur Beterbiev is the reigning worldand European champion and also won the 2008AIBA World Cup. Katie Taylor has been namedBest Boxer for the second consecutive time andis the 2010 world champion.BelowRussia's Artur BeterbievThe International Basketball Federation (FIBA)held an inaugural Women's BasketballConference on 2 and 3 October in Karlovy Vary(Czech Republic), alongside the Women's WorldChampionships. Representatives of 49 nationalfederations on the five continents attended. Atthe end of the Conference, a declaration wasunanimously adopted underlining the need to useevery FIBA opportunity to promote and improvewomen's participation in basketball.NEWS INBRIEF

Meeting in Prague(Czech Republic), the InternationalTimekeepers Federation(FIC) brought togetherdelegates from 35 affili-ated countries. As wellas a report on the activi-ties of the ManagementCommittee, presentedby FIC President MicheleBonante, the Congresslaunched a specialisedtraining programme for2011/2012, aiming tofacilitate direct contactsbetween timekeepersfrom throughout theworld and to promoteexchanges of experi-ence and best practice.The next Congress willtake place in London in 2012.NEWS INBRIEFJames Tomkins, legendary Australian rower and stroke of the famous "Oarsome Foursome",has been awarded the 2010 Thomas Kellermedal by the International Rowing Federation.The 18-carat gold Medal, which is the sport ofrowing's highest distinction, was presented toTomkins on behalf of the Keller family by Denis Oswald, President of FISA. Tomkins was a member of Australia's coxless four which took two Olympic gold medals in 1992and 1996 and World Champion titles in 1990 and 1991. Tomkins is the second member of this crew to receive this prestigious awardafter Mike McKay who was awarded the medal in 2007. Tomkins also rowed in thecoxless pair with Drew Ginn, winning gold inAthens in 2004."It's an incredible honour," said Tomkins"When you have a look at all the prestigiousnames on the list of past winners, youunderstand what a great honour it is."LeftJames Tomkins (front) on the way to gold at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games28 October is an important date in the history of judo as it is the birth date of the founder ofjudo, Jigoro Kano. On the occasion of the JudoWorld Championship by Team, held in Antalya(Turkey), the International Judo Federation (FIJ)announced that, on 28 October 2011, on theeve of the Open Judo World Championship inTyumen (Russia) the first "World Judo Day" willbe organised simultaneously throughout theworld. The theme of this Day will be "respect".For more information visit www.ijf.orgRight"Respect" will be the theme of the first"World Judo Day" next yearAUSTRALIANROWERHONOUREDBYFISAWORLDJUDODAY TOBEHELDIN OCTOBER201122OLYMPIC REVIEW21STSPORTELTAKESPLACEThe 21st SPORTEL symposium took place from 11 to 14 October in Monaco, under thehigh patronage of IOC member Prince Albert II,and the patronage of the IOC. This 2010 edition offered two symposia: "Women in Sport.The influence of women: a chance for sport?"and "What are the economic consequences ofthe current crisis on the financing of sport, what lessons can be learned and what are the alternatives?" A round table on "Online sports betting, what are the stakes for sport?"was also organised. In addition, in the framework of this 2010 edition, the "GeorgesBertellotti Golden Podium" jury honoured thebest sports slow motion sequences and imagesof 2010. The IOC Prize was awarded to "Lassila Gold"by Liam Berkery (Nine Network Australia). Duringthese Golden Podiums, the Peace and SportOrganisation unveiled the winning photograph ofthe Peace and Sport Image of the Year. Theaward was given to India's Rohan Bopanna andPakistan's Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi, two tennisplayers united for peace. See the Golden Podiumwinners at and thewinning image at India's Rohan Bopanna and Pakistan'sAisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi were given a specialpeace award at the SPORTEL symposium